How To Start A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike? [A Complete Guide]

How To Start-A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike

Starting your 2 stroke dirt bike can be tedious if you don’t know the exact steps to do it. Additional problems like cold engines, unused or warmed ones can add more trouble. Also as a newbie, it might be a little tougher to get through the steps. 

So, if you’re a beginner having problems with starting your dirt bike, you can always count on me. Having experience of several years, I have found some of the easiest ways to start a dirt bike without many complications. 

Today I am going to share with you the fastest & 3 easiest ways to start your 2 stroke dirt bike. Following these, you will be able to start your 2 stroke bike without any trouble. 

3 Easy Steps To Start Your 2 Stroke Dirt Bike: Begin With Ease

When you’re about to start your 2 stroke dirt bike, you may find it a heavy task to do. Starting a  dirt bike isn’t like a regular bike where you put the keys and tada! Your bike is on. To start a dirt bike, you need to work on a lot of things, such as kicking your bike, placing the choke, turning the throttles, etc. 

Hence, below I am going to tell you the exact way to start your 2 stroke dirt bike step by step:

Step-1: Work With The Choke:

Turn on the gas at first. Then you need to choke your bike. To turn up the choke, go to the middle of your bike and get down. You will see the petcock. Pull it up to turn on the fuel.

Now, the next thing you need to do is pull down the choke to start it. The reason your bike needs choking is to pass less air to the carburetor and more fuel to the cylinder. Choking ensures that limited air passes to the carburetor resulting in a warm pressure in your bike. It eventually helps to warm your bike faster. 

Point to be noted as long as your choke is on, you’re not allowed to pull up the throttle. You can turn on your throttle only after the choke is off.

Step 2: Kick up your bike:

After you’ve turned on the choke, you need to start kicking your bike. Make a position as you’re about to ride on your bike. Place your hands on the handlebars and gently put your right leg on the Kickstarter. Place your other leg on the ground. 

Next, put all your body weight on the Kickstarter and stand on it. Remember to place your feet on the top end of the Kickstarter and kick it down stoutly. Don’t jump on it. Use your body weight and push it down. 

While doing this, always try to place your feet at the top end of the starter. The more accurately you place, the easier it will be. 

Step 3: Turn On The Throttle:-

After kicking it a few times, your bike will immediately start with its sizzling sound!

Once you’ve warmed it perfectly, put back the choke. Turn on the throttle to pass gas to the cylinder. Put your hands on the bars and take your position to start riding.

Now you’re all ready to go!

3 Tips To Start A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike:

Here are my personal 3 tips that will help you to start a 2 stroke dirt bike quickly:

Tip-1: If your bike is already warmed up or you’ve used it just recently, you need to do one more thing. Whenever you kickstart your dirt bike, twirl your handles a little bit. It will pass a little bit of gas and will start up faster.

Tip-2: If your bike has been in storage for months, no worries at all. Just do the exact things mentioned above but all you need to do is kick your bike several times than regular

Tip-3: After turning up the choke, start working on the kicks. Even if you kick a few times & your bike doesn’t start, keep kicking. Eventually, it will start.

How To Make Your 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Start Easier? 

2 stroke dirt bikes are comparably easier to start than 4 stroke bikes as 2 strokes have lower compression levels.

Here are a few steps you can follow to ease the starting of your 2 stroke bike:

  1. Mix up the engine gas by riding your bike forward, backward, and side to side.
  2. Turn on your gas and choke.
  3. Ride on your bike.
  4. Gradually start your kickstart so that your engine turns over properly.
  5. Up your liver. Place your foot on it gently. Press it a little.
  6. Then give full kicks to the lever using your body weight. 

How To Start A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike After It’s Been Sitting In Storage For Months?

It might be a little bit harder to start your dirt bike if it’s been away from usage for a longer period. The reason might be dirty gas which is refusing to combust in the engine.

So here are a few steps you can use to start your 2 strokes after it’s been in sitting for a while:

  • First, drain the gas that’s in the carb float bowl. You can use a quick drain screw. But make sure to keep off the gas valve.
  • You can loosen the carb clamps. Also, rotate your carbs. Bring out the float bowl. Spray its jets with a carb cleaner jet.

If none of this works and the bike is still standing in one place, the ultimate way is to take off the carb. Take out all the carb jets and soak them in a jet cleaner.

What’s The Problem With Cold & Warm Start Of A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike?

While working with a cold start, jetting is a big factor. Cold air brings a mass change to the air-fuel ratio. So do a quick adjustment in the air screw or replace your jet with a bigger one. Also, you should use a choke that functions properly with cold engines.

The problem with a hot 2 stroke engine is poor jetting. A band-aid fix can help you with this. A band-aid keeps the throttle wide open resulting in passing more air in the engine which will help you to start a hot 2 stroke engine. 

How To Kickstart A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike?

The kick starter is on the right side of your bike. It’s a manual process you need to do to start your 2 stroke bike. 

To kickstart a dirt bike:

  • On your petcock to flow the fuel to the engine.
  • Turn on the bike.
  • Pull up the choke valve so that more fuel flows to the engine. It’s more necessary for a cold start. 
  • For a 4 stroke engine, crank the throttle. Then twist the throttle towards your body & place it back.
  • Pull the starter. Keep your middle foot on the foot lever. 
  • Give a gentle pressure on the lever.
  • After feeling the most resistance, give a real kick. Push seriously. 

4 Tips To Kick Start Your 2 Stroke Dirt Bike:

Below I will share my personal experience about how to kick start your 2 stroke dirt bike:

Tip 1: While kick-starting your bike, at one point you will get the most compression. It will be when your motor will reach the top of TDC. So finding out your TDC is the best option for any quick start.

Tip 2: Keep up your kickstand.

Tip 3: Place your engine in a spacey place to emit gas easily.

Tip 4: Take safety measures before riding your bike.

How To Start A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Without A Kick Start?

In this case, you can push start your bike. But it’s only for emergencies. This is not the best option plus it’s not even practical to do so. Suppose, your bike gets stuck in the mud, then it’s impossible to push start it.

Therefore, kick start is a necessity to start your 2 stroke dirt bike. Moreover,  when you kick start, make sure to follow the exact way I’ve told you. It will make both Kickstarter and your bike start easier for you. 

What To Do When Your 2 Stroke Dirt Bike’s Engine Doesn’t Start?

There can be various reasons why your 2 stroke engine isn’t starting. The warm, cold, or unused engine is a few of those. Be it whatever the reason, now all you need is your bike to start. So here are a few ways to start your 2 stroke’s engine when having problems:

  • Use the bump-start method. Tell someone to push your bike while you ride on your bike. Pull in the clutch. Shift the bike to second gear when your bike gas starts to flood out.
  • Replace any wet plugs. Buy new ones.
  • If there’s any dry plug, it simply means gas isn’t going to the combustion chamber. Clean your engine thoroughly and then check out the carbs.
  • Another reason for the dry plug is worn-out piston rings. The ultimate way is to replace them.
  • Check the spark of the plug. Blue spark is good but yellow spark is bad. If you see a yellowish spark, use new plugs.

What Makes A 2 Stroke Bike Hard To Start? (Know The Reasons)

Among various reasons behind 2 strokes starting difficulty, some common facts make a 2 stroke harder to start:

  •  Air filter problem. If you have an issue with the air filter, it might be a cause behind your 2 stroke engine’s complicacy. It might result in premature engine wear out. If you find a problem with the air filter, it’s necessary to change it out.
  •  A wet spark plug is another big cause. If your spark plug dries, don’t worry. But if you find it wet or have moisture around it, you better replace it as soon as possible.
  •  Another problem with an engine starting is fuel. Old fuel can gum the carbs. Sometimes moisture can be created in fuel resulting in jams in carburetor jets. Or if you find something white in the fuel, it means water is mixed up with your bike’s fuel. So all you need to do is change your fuel.

How To Start A Flooded 2 Stroke Dirt Bike?

Flooding in the bike happens when any of the chokes remains open for a long time. Therefore more fuel passes to the combustion chamber and results in a flooded engine. 

To start a flooded 2 stroke bike:

  •  Find the spark plug and remove it. Usually, a spark plug is placed near the engine.
  • Stop the engine’s choke & pull on the starting cord. Repeat this a few times.
  • Excess fuel will come out from the spark plug.
  • Clean the spark plug. Put it back in its place. 

Final Words:

I hope this article has helped you to know how to start your 2 stroke bike without making a fuss. Starting your bike from now on won’t be a matter of concern that I guess!

If you have more queries on this topic, the comment section is always open for you. Leave a comment below on which problems you’re facing with your starting and I will get back to you soon. 

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