How to Ship a Dirt Bike? [A Complete Guide]

How to Ship a Dirt Bike

The transfer of dirt bikes from one destination to another can be a rigorous process. And it requires you to learn the pros and cons of the process to make the shipment of your dirt bike hassle-free. However, dirt bike shipment is a lot different from regular motorcycle shipments.

Dirt bike requires much more intense care in terms of packaging and carrying, so it’s better to have an overall knowledge of how the shipment works. That’s why in this article, I will guide you to an in-depth discussion on dirt bike shipping so that the shipment doesn’t seem complex to you. So, let’s start without any further ado:

6 Things To Consider While Shipping A Dirt Bike: Know Them Details

Here are some essential things that you have to consider while shipping your dirt bike:

1. Paperwork And Information:

Necessary documents allow you to know the condition of your bike and make the bike shipping hassle-free. Today, professional shipping agencies are there to make your papers ready, so you needn’t worry about all the rules and regulations but ensure that they are correctly done. 

2. Insurance:

I highly recommend you to conduct your preferred insurance company to find out the offer they are eager to disclose regarding any kind of damage that occurred to your dirt bike. You better learn the details of the coverage to negotiate later. 

3. Detach Accessories:

It’s better to detach the accessories before entering the carriage. Otherwise, you will not be able to accuse the shipment authorities of any loss or damage to your bike parts. So, it’s better to separate all the parts into pieces. 

4. Check It First Hand:

A thorough inspection is required to find out whether your bike is completely okay to start its journey. Before the bike finds itself in an exclusive package system, you need to see if any drawbacks are found (e.g. scratch, dip, etc.), whether it operates free flow or not (smoothly running, all mechanical matters are okay).

5. Proof Of Condition: 

After it has reached your preferred shipping agency, be sure to receive a photograph or a video of your bike’s condition via email so that you get to inspect your bike. Hence, if you find any scratch or machinery fault, sort it out before it’s packed.

6. Packaging:

It’s important to pack your bike in a unique method so that it remains scratch and damage-free until you get to receive the bike. After it has reached your preferred shipping company, be sure to receive a photograph of your bike via email so that you get to inspect the condition of your bike, and ensure that it’s okay for the all-important journey.

Types Of Dirt Bike Transportation: Choose To Ship Your Dirt Bike

Here I am going to discuss the options that are available to choose for dirt bike shipment transportation

  • Transportation Methods

All the shipment products around the world are shipped in any of the three ways: Land, water, and air. I assume that your bike will reach you by any of the above-mentioned options. 

So better I discuss each of the modes to a larger extent.  

  • Land Shipment:

This is a go-to option when transferring your bike across landlocked regions. Trucks, vans, or trains are your go-to option when shipping your dirt bike through the land. 

Less expensiveHighest securityExtraordinary packagingLess riskTime-consuming shipmentHidden charges
  • Air Freight Shipment:

If time is your concern, you need the bike to be delivered in the shortest possible time. We suggest you opt for the air freight shipping method.

Fastest possible deliveryIntense safety measurementExclusive packaging methodImmensely reliableSans physical hurdlesRisk-free shipmentExpensiveExtensive paperworkIntense shipping restrictions
  • Waterways Shipping:

Large water vehicles like ships are one of the best options for long-distance transportation from one country to another. However, it takes longer for port transitions, and natural reasons like storms, fog, cyclones, etc. can delay the shipment service.  

Standard costingExclusive packaging methodHighly reliableLess riskDelay in shipment Transition hassle

Finally, these are the three go-to options for you. However, we recommend you pay heed to the pros and cons of the modes and make your preference, keeping in mind the duration, costing, and service quality. 

  • Shipping Via An Agency:

Dirt-bike shipment can be made by yourself or by third parties who are professionals in the business. It’s a polite reminder that taking all the onus upon yourself is not impossible if you are shipping locally with a minimal distance to be covered. However, it isn’t that easy and requires lots of hassle both in terms of carrying and expense.

Professional third parties can be a good solution and reduce your onus on a large scale.  Several renowned freight companies are the best in the business and provide extraordinary shipping services. 

  • Container Shipment:

I suggest you contact a professional shipping agency for your bike to be shipped. It unleashes quite a few advantages for the safety of your dirt bike that are highly precious. Professional shipping agencies hire efficient staff who protect and package your bike with their utmost care.  A few of the services they provide to ensure safety are given below:

Catalysts That Impact The Service And Cost Of The Shipment

Estimation of the shipping expenses depends on a few criteria:

  • Surrounded Vs Open-Air Shipping:

Surrounded shipping can incorporate less number of dirt bikes and have an intense packaging method compared to the uncovered exterior shipping system; otherwise, known as open-air shipping. This ultimately results in affecting the cost. Surrounded shipping is approximately twice more expensive as open shipping. It’s also to be noted that surrounded shipping is more reliable and possesses less risk than open shipping. 

  • Crated vs Uncrated:

Crating your item ensures the best security and least risk so that you can be relieved of any kind of damage or scratch occurring, but it additionally influences the shipment cost. 

  • Distance:

The distance between the shipping origin and last stoppage determines the cost of the shipment. Additionally, if you are shipping your bike locally, say, for instance between the states of the USA, the cost is bound to be lower than that of shipping from one country to another.

  • Type of shipping:

The method you are opting for literally works as a catalyst to calculate the overall cost. Door-to-door shipping needs to cover more mileage, hence turns out to be more expensive than terminal to terminal shipping. The dirt bike shipment cost was also impacted by the overall size and weight of the dirt bike. 

  • Agency Cost:

It’s important to note that the shipping cost varies from agency to agency. Here comes the significance of experience, which can ultimately result in lowering the shipping cost. Professional and renowned shipping agencies know the secrets to reducing the shipment cost and are more reliable compared to the news agencies. 

How Much Does A Dirt Bike Shipment Cost?

Generally, the shipment cost is $0.5 for each mile the vehicle covers. However, it fluctuates differently for domestic and overseas shipments. 

On a standard note, the shipment cost of a dirt bike across states in a country stands between  $50 to $1000. Overseas shipment cost rises depending on the mileage covered. The more mileage to be covered by the cargo, the cost gets overwhelming. Depending on the distance, we can estimate a cost between $300 to $4000 (the mileage starting from 150 to 3500 miles.)

Shipment TypeMileage CoveredEstimated Cost
Inter-regional shipmentUp to 150 miles$ 50 to $ 300
Inter-regional shipment150 to 3500 miles$ 300 to $ 1000
Overseas shippingMore than 3500 miles$ 1000 to $ 4000

How Long Does It Take For The Dirt Bike Shipment?

Depending on a few factors, an estimated but not guaranteed schedule can be made for your bike delivery. However, it is estimated that a dirt bike shipment can usually take 7 to 28 days. The delivery timing is hugely impacted by the following factors:

Distance between the origin and reach the location: The further the destination is, the more time it takes to deliver the product. 

Shipment carriages: Typically, air freights are the fastest delivery mode compared to land and water carriages. Water carriages take much more time due to the transition regulations on several ports. 

Natural occurrence: Delivery can be delayed by any natural occurrences like a storm, fogs, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can A Dirt Bike Be Sent To Another State?

The steps to transfer your dirt bike to another state are written below:

First: Get a No objection Certificate from your local authority,

Second: Follow the shipment procedures,

Third: Pay the road tax,

Fourth: Verify your dirt bike and register it with the authorities.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Dirt Bike Across The States In The USA?

It depends on the distance covered by the product. Generally, something between $180 to $300 is charged for crossing every thousand miles. But it can vary from state to state. So, it’s better to contact the state’s customs office before shipping a dirt bike.

What Is The Estimated Shipping Cost To Ship A Dirt Bike Abroad?

It largely depends on the distance covered across countries. Often the shipment is delayed due to bad weather or transit checking.  Apart from the distance and delay the packaging also plays a vital role in determining the overall cost. However, the shipment cost waves between $1,000 and $4,000 for mileage up to 3500 miles. 

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, we recommend you take assistance from a professional shipping agency to avoid all the hassles rather than going on your own. Afterward, when it comes to making a preference, you have to go through the article and find all the necessary steps to be taken for your bike shipment. 

You decide to choose the shipping mode considering the quality of the service provided by each of the modes, the cost, and the duration each of the modes takes to complete the shipment. 

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