How To Stud Dirt Bike Tires? [Most Functional Methods]

Stud Dirt Bike Tires

A body needs water to function in the same way a dirt bike needs tires to run. When it comes to the part on how to stud your dirt bike tires, it gets a little different. 

From learning to speeding up your bike, you want to do many things with it. Studded tires are no exception. I started riding dirt bikes as a hobby when I was young. Recently I hear many bikers face problems about it. So it isn’t a new case to me, and I will tell you the most functional ways you can do it by yourself. 

I came up with some methods so you don’t have to worry about how to stud your tires. You will know the methods, and that will be available and very functional for your bike.

3 Simple Steps To Stud Dirt Bike Tires: Functional Ways To Insert It

As you have gained a brief knowledge of what is important to know, our next step is to access the methods of how we can install studs.

Step-1: Tools You Need To Stud Your Tires:

Quality matters over everything. So, to complete a procedure you need some qualitative tools. The tools are:

  • A good quality grip stud according to your tire’s knob
  • Stud gun to insert
  • Socket adapter 
  • Socket 

Step-2: Inserting Studs

First of all, you have to pick studs that are suitable for your tire’s knob. Then set the socket in the socket adapter. Then, using the stud gun, insert the studs at a slight 10º  angle. This will help the stud to sit perfectly. 

Step-3: Control Of Stud Gun

Keep one thing in mind when installing, you must do it carefully because a slight modification may damage the tires. Attaching a stud is a simple process if you do it carefully. While it may seem a bit professional, it’s not. You can do it yourself.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Stud Dirt Bike Tires?

Being a freestyler myself, I suggest you know a few key features before jumping into anything. It cannot be practical because knowing something before doing it is beneficial. So you need to know a few basics before you stud your tires.

What exactly stud is? This question arises more or less in every dirt biker’s mind. Let me give you a quick overview. It’s just a screw that is lifted off the tread of tires. To give it more traction so it can run biting the ground. Which makes the tire grippier. 

Dirt bikes are meant to run off roads. Those who don’t ride in winter, don’t care much about studded tires. But those who are excited to ride in winter, care a lot about studded tires. You should keep in mind why you should do this as it is necessary on icy roads. On icy roads, tire friction automatically decreases and as a result, the bike loses traction control. That is one of the main reasons why individuals use studded tires. 

Remember that there are many different types of tires. Each of them varies from the other, and therefore it is important to know that only studdable winter tires can have studs installed. If you insert studs on different types of tires without matching the knobs, that will not be functional

Things To Keep In Mind After You Stud Your Dirt Bike Tires:

You have studded your tires after applying all the methods and techniques that you’ve learned and all. But to keep something good and sturdy, you must follow some rules. You can’t go real clumsy with it. Otherwise, it will damage the bike and tire. 

The very first thing I must tell you to keep in mind is, you should never use low pressure on studded tires because it creates less friction. On average, you must keep it at 30 psi. It will allow you to make it roll perfectly. 

Suppose, you’re throttling up your dirt bike in winter while having no control over the throttle. What could that do? Not only will it damage your bike but also it will harm the tires. So exercise throttle control if you are not good at it. It will bring you good results. 

Don’t be too aggressive with your bike always. I know dirt bikes are meant to get abused, but that doesn’t mean you should always. Another thing to look at, it does not over-stud your tire. You can have an accident if you do so. What it does is it makes your tire over-controlled and that is harmful. 200-215 studs per tire is a good option. 

Dirt bikes are of many types. For different kinds of dirt bikes, there are different kinds of tires. So your tires may vary from others. That’s why if you put in the wrong studs, it will be a loss for you. Nonetheless, being on the safe side is always beneficial.

Not only that, if you think about safety, it is always first. Nobody wants to be in a position where they are injured. That is how it should be done. Accordingly, these are the things you must strictly look at for your good.

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What Type Of Screws To Use For Studded Tires?

self-tapping screws: putting some studs into racing tires

As I said earlier, there are variations of tires in the world of dirt bikes. There is a reason behind it because every dirt biker is not the same. There are freestylers, endure, motocross, supercross, etc. Variation of tires is because of the different types of dirt bikers around the world. 

Just like the tires, there is also a variation of screws. Screws are made for different purposes. For the specific purpose in tires, the screws that are implied here are also different. You really cannot use furniture screws on dirt bike tires. 

People don’t want anything bad for their bikes. So getting a good fine thread screw is preferred for its rigidity. As long as you are using a good product you must follow the regulations too. Only by using good quality, you can get a good outcome from your tires. Otherwise, it will do damage. 

How Do You Put Studs On A Dirt Bike Tire?

As an experienced rider for many years, I made this article as a manual on how you can stud your tires. A manual is for everyone who can be careful and do it accordingly. Here as you already have noticed I described some important things to look at before you are going to apply them. 

Besides all of that, a manual is for everyone. Unfortunately, not everybody can do it accordingly. In this case, I will advise you to go to a local bike shop. Since they do this every day they will stud your tires perfectly. 

But I must say some things that studded tires are not as heavy demanding as they used to be. You can get a ready-made studded tire by yourself which is also good. They are a bit expensive. After all, it’s your bike and the choice is yours. That is what I think you should know.

What Is The Advantage If You Stud Your Dirt Bike Tires?

That’s the kind of question which comes in the first place. Before anyone is going to stud their tires, they must know about it. Without knowing what you are attempting is risky. 

To make your tire as grippy as possible in winter people stud their tires. In winter roads get slippery as hell. So what stud does is when they are inserted, they run by biting the ground. That is exactly the reason why gearheads do this. It becomes safe and rigidity increases as well. 

Now comes the part advantage. Every single thing in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to look at the advantages of it, you’ll find a few. As I said before, a studded tire runs like biting the road. It is exactly what it sounds like. Icy snowy roads in winter get slippery and due to that, the traction of the tire loses. 

The studs enter the surface of the ice to make a grip between the tire and the road. This helps the rider to balance easily. Not only that it also helps by reducing the risk of accidents. As a result, this becomes a good advantage.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Studded Tires?

Here comes a very good question about the disadvantages of studs. Pros and cons are in everything. If one has its pros, it also has its cons. Similarly, it is here too. 

The problem is studded tires are meant for icy roads in winter. It gets a bit messy in the summertime. Which describes it as just for a season only. Bikers use this type of tire because of its handling which is beneficial. But that comes to an end when the icy roads are no longer there. 

Another thing you should know from my riding experience is that it is costly to buy new dirt bike tires. These kinds of tires should be maintained by controlling the throttle. Being too aggressive with it will cost you. 

Tires that are studded also create a disturbance. The screws that are used in them make it scream. It creates clattering on the road which is often complainable. Although dirt bikes are noisy in the first place, they make it more. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of studded tires. 

One more thing that is very disturbing is you really can’t ride on normal roads with studded tires. Because of the screws, it can’t balance with the dry road. 

Can You Take Studs Out Of Dirt Bike Tires?

The simple answer to this question is you can remove the spikes from dirt bike tires. Cross bike tires are designed to absorb intense pressure. They are very well built and precisely for off-roading. That’s why if you nail the tires, you can easily remove them later when they’re not needed.

Studding tires is an easy process. If you are a person who rides in all seasons, you should be more concerned about this. Because someone who always rides their dirt bike also needs to be aware of their seasonal conditions. You’ll crush the ice in the winter, but in the summer you’ll be a bit worried about the prisoners of your dirt bike. What will you do to get rid of the situation? Well, let me give you some tips.

There are many types of stud to insert into the tires of your dirt bike. These types of tires are very strong and durable. To remove the studs after one season, you must purchase removable studs which you can find online. It will take time and be much easier too. Also, many studs can be taken out simply by using the stud gun. Therefore, it is not a problem to worry about at all.

What Size Tire Studs Do You Need?

Studs are of many sizes and shapes. Each of them is used for its specific uses. The size of the studs of your dirt bike mainly depends on your tire treads. Treads of your tire are the main thing to keep an eye on. Here is the thing, treads are of many different sizes too. You cannot put a large size stud in your tire without knowing its tread depth. It can easily make a hole in your tire. 

There are many sizes and shapes of studs. Each of them is used for its specific purposes. The stud size of your cross bike depends mainly on the tread of your tire. The tread pattern of your tire is the most important thing to keep in mind. eye. Here is the point, the treads also come in a lot of different sizes. You can’t put a big pin in your tire without knowing its tread depth. It can easily punch a hole in your tire.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the pin should not be excessively lifted from the treads. You see,  treads are designed to maintain tire balance and control. You plug an external drive into it, so it’s important to check its balance. It should only be placed where the pinhead is raised.

Do Studded Dirt Bike Tires Wear Faster?

It depends on the tire you are using. In general, any type of nail treatment is carried out mainly for winter riding. Studs are made for cruising in winter. If you use it in the summer, it will drain over time. Due to the heat, more heat, no ice, it empties much faster than in winter.

If you only use studs for the winter, it lasts more than 2 seasons. It depends on your usage. For example, if you use it aggressively by accelerating your vehicle, it won’t last as long as expected.

Also, you need to remove it from your nails in the summer. Another important thing is that it is much more likely to make more sounds. Experts say that if you’ve been using your dirt bike for a long time and haven’t changed your tires,  you shouldn’t bolt-on that tire.

To stud you should buy a new tire as it is being recommended by the professionals. Therefore, you can make it last longer. Otherwise, it may bring you problems that you don’t want to deal with. But be sure to choose the right choice for yours.

Final Verdict

Finally, after knowing all the ins and outs of how to stud your dirt bike tires, this will help because it was helpful to me as well. The process of studs will no longer be a problem for you. I have tried to provide all the experiences I have had.

Later, everything depends on you with the information provided above. Although I helped my best, you can also give your valuable advice with valuable questions in the comment section. 

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