How To True A Dirt Bike Wheel? [Best Guideline]

How To True A Dirt Bike Wheel

Truing a dirt bike wheel is very important for the sake of safe riding. But most of the riders ignore this fact of the lack of proper knowledge. However, today, I will tell you some hidden secrets about how to true a dirt bike wheel. A dirt bike wheel may malfunction for the time being. Because, in most cases, people can’t set up a dirt bike wheel properly.

Fortunately, I complied with this guideline on truing a worthless bike wheel to provide you with a simple solution. I have a long experience of working as a dirt bike mechanic. That’s why I am the right person who can show you the right and easiest way of truing your dirt bike wheel.  So, keep reading between the lines.

6 Simple Steps To True A Dirt Bike Wheel: The Easiest Way 

Just follow my 6 simple steps to true your dirt bike wheel within a short time:

Step-1: Tools You Need To True Your Dirt Bike Wheel

You will need some specific instruments before starting the process as usual. Make sure everything that you need. You can easily do the job by understanding our hidden following steps. They are:

  • A well-structured/ Balanced Truing stand;
  • Well, Spoke Wrench;
  • Spoke Torque Wrench;
  • Tracing stand with pointer;
  •  Ribbon;
  • Dial as Indicator/ pointer (Diameter);
  • Your Patience (overall).


Step-2: Set Up Truing Stand

I recommend setting up a truing stand perfect for your best performance in doing the job. There are several options where you can place an axis. Now rotate it in place and hold it by bearing. The Truing Stand allows you to observe in two ways the angle at which the wheel moves. Then it is a matter of patience to adjust the spokes to get the wheel. This is the step that you are going to use.

First, look at the hub: how much the wheel moves up and downs. You can see it from behind. Second, let’s bring the wheel to the stand. Now you don’t have to make this super tight. 

Once set up properly with the stand, make sure your spokes are a little loose. So, read this to get results. You should do it as usual. Here, you can only notice a general feeling of how defective it is.

After that, you need to keep the wheel in a constant position and take some kind of pointing device. Here, you need an indicator to identify them. Tighten the indicator with the wheel. Here, people usually cannot identify the spot lines correctly.

To do this, you can use a marker pen to point it out. So, mark your starting point and remember it. This will let you know if the rim is moving one way or the other or running around. So, all you have to do is mount this hub, and then you can start the next process. 

Step-3: Fix The Rim And Movement

A truing wheel will depend on your keen observation when finding high spots. Here, an issue may seem to move the wheel left or right. Is the rim out of balance? Move the wheel repeatedly. Don’t be worried. It may take some time to find the problems with the spokes.

You would get some side-by-side movement out of it and also see a little up and down. The first thing that we want to draw your attention to is the movement in this truing stand side by side. Look at the indicator bar to find out where the high and low spots are.

The process shows you why a full-size wheel does not line up with the rim. It is a problem. Now, find out what all these points and solutions are going to be and how they can be adjusted. 

Step-4: Straight The Spokes:

Get it as close as you can to the truth. Make sure that all these spokes have your torque so that it does not loosen and damage. Take a quick look and get an overall idea of what is going on. If it is needed, you need to lose a few contrasting spokes to run smoothly.

Now, you will straighten it fairly and quickly. Tighten the loose spot as usual. If your wheel is turning to the right or you want to correct the spokes coming from the left side of the hub here, bring it back to the center and straighten it. The rim usually has 32 to 36 spokes, which typically means 8/9, evenly multiple by 4.

Step-5: Fix  The Defective Area

Start tightening evenly with every four spokes from a couple of spokes. Use their action from pair to pair, second to second spokes evenly and perfectly. Go to the opposite side of the wheel in the same way after finishing one side. Move the wheel again and again and see where the problem is.

Now, make them perfectly tight and loosening, depending on which spokes are loose or stiff. Minimize the gap between the spokes by tightening the spokes around the rim. To do so, turn them on the right. It is enough to make 6 to 8 turn changes in the nipple. 

Therefore, the highest spot point is here. How many loose spokes are there? Point out or Mark them. The even number as the wheel goes out of balance from side to side tightens them, and corrects them.

As a result, you would guess there is a minor difference between the pointer and the edge of the hub. Next, you will find a brief gap here. If you feel your spokes are loose enough, you can push the problem with both hands on the rim.

Note that this does not affect the balance of the wheel. The best way to tighten the wheel is to use a spoke torque wrench. It will do a great job.

Step-6: Re-check The Spokes

Then, you can re-check the spoke just by hitting with the finger. It will make a sound like Ting, Ting. You can tighten the spoke, based on the sound if necessary. It will provide you with an excellent result.

Now we will draw your attention to up and down movements. You will get a brief wobble up and down there. You will find dips in the bottom right.

So, let’s mark exactly where the pointer bar is pointing. Now lower the bar to the bottom of the rim, lower it again and slide it. So, even if it’s not a ton of up and down movement, you will find something you want to correct.   

Now, tighten the spokes coming from both sides of the hub in the right place. It would bring the rim close to the hub and will fix the faulty areas. I hope you enjoyed this series of Truing Rims. You will feel confident to build your wheel. The above para has presented vital information, and it can save you some cash.

Dirt Bike Wheel Rim Truing Tips: Follow Them During Wheel Truing 

To find fault with the rim, you must pull it, and tighten at least three spokes evenly around the side of the rim. If it needs moving too much, loosen the opposite side of the spokes as possible as you tighten the tension side spokes. This step will help keep the tension in all the spokes and help remove the rim. 

If all the spokes in the affected area are not evenly tightened or loosened, the run-out will not be effective from the side. Here, the indicator can move closer to adjust the roundness of the rim. Move the rim slowly, making the changes until the gap and the pointer edge move around the rim. Then it will be fine. 

Related Questions:

Why Are You Truing A Dirt Bike Wheel?

Everyone likes to ride his bike season after season, damaging no parts. So, it becomes essential to true your bike wheel for the time being. It helps to keep your bike smooth, straight, safe, and warranty-free. Reinforcing the deformed parts of the rim to tighten the wheels of the dirt wheel involves tightening and loosening the spokes to adjust the rim. You can often do this at home with some practice/exercise.

Is It Essential To A Truing Stand For You?

You may not need a truing stand. The truing wheel means to check the rotation is alignment, free of movement with no wobbles (Side-to-site), and hops up and down. Turning the stand helps the way up quicker, and easier and finds out the problems accurately. You can test by spinning the wheel again and again.

How To Check If Your Dirt Bike Wheels Need Truing?

If the wheel’s still wobbly, it is out of true. To identify, grab each pair of spokes and squeeze them at a time with the thumb and other fingers. You’ll be able to feel the subtle differences there. Then, you can imagine the spoke has loosened. It is time to come true.

How Much Do You Spend On The Truing Wheel?

The cost depends on your acute problems. If you face wobbling, your local bike mechanic will charge $20-$30. But the expense of the truing wheel is nearly $6.99. It is affordable to do. You may remain safe to be true once a year.

How To True A Dirt Bike Wheel At Home?

For leaving the wheel, first, you need to check the right top and bottom. Make sure it has a perfect circle on your side. Then, mark the beginning and end of the problem area. Loosen the spokes in the problem area for the lower area, and tighten them in the higher area which will help you find high and low spots on the rim.

After that, move the tire to the right, tighten the spokes attached to the right side of the hub and loosen the spokes on the left side. Do the exact opposite of what you did on the reverse side of the tire. To be honest, the wheel took 20 minutes to be trued. It could take even longer. 


In the meantime, I am fully confident that you have realized how to true a dirt bike wheel step by step. The above guideline is excellent for your better job. It will be nice if you can true a dirt bike wheel by yourself. It will also save you time and money. The tips will make riding more risk-free and enjoyable. However, if you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by mailing us. 

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