How to Make Razor Dirt Bike Faster?

How to Make Razor Dirt Bike Faster

Razor dirt bikes are the best option to make your rides faster than e-bikes. You can get faster speed from e-dirt bikes if you consider its motor power, weight capacity and surrounding condition. 

E-Razor dirt bikes vary in age and weight capacity. Each bike is specified with the rider’s weight and riding conditions. So, you can make your rides faster than average 20 mph per hour by considering some factors and elevating its features. 

Know the way to make the Razor dirt bike faster to make your rides effective to reach an expected destination or enjoy riding in time.

How to Make Razor Dirt Bike Faster?

Electric dirt bike ridings are bound to your battery charge. As long as your battery has backup you can enjoy your rides. So, it’s really crucial to make your riding faster. You can increase its battery power, change the controller and even over-volt it for faster speed.

Though there are some factors which you should consider getting good speed. Maybe you can’t avoid uneven terrains that come on your way, so use Razor lightweight dirt bikes to ensure fast ride in all road conditions. You can look for the Mount Moto FX5 which is only 132 pounds in weight and ideal for making ridings faster even in tricky terrains.

Factors Affecting The Speed Of The Razor Bike

If you want your Razor Bike to go faster you should know the factors that affect Razor Dirt Bikes speed. Then you have to compromise with these factors to make your Razor Bike run fast. 

Motor Power

The main factor that has a significant role in deciding the speed of your Dirt Razor bike, is its motor power. Depending on the capacity of your bike motor’s output you can mount how long or how fast you can ride. Most common range which is actually installed in the majority of electric bikes is 250-750 watts. So, the bikes are able to run a high top speed of 20 miles per hour. But if you install a high powerful motor on your Razor bike like 1000 watt or 3000 watt, you can go way higher than 20 mph.  

Weight Of The Rider

Weight of the rider affects greatly on your Dirt Bikes speed. That’s why Razor Dirt bikes vary depending on the rider’s weight and ages. If you use a Razor bike lighter than your weight, you can’t expect to get a good speed. So, you should use a bike heavier than your weight, that’s how you can get faster speed. More weight that is mentioned in the capacity of a specific bike can deplete your battery soon. The extra weight of your cargo also can affect your riding speed. 

Tire Pressure

The Tire pressure of your Razor Dirt bike is very important to get a good boost on your riding speed. High air pressure tires will allow you to ride on uneven roads smoothly and faster. You may notice that while you run through the hilly tracks or uneven terrain your bike’s speed decreases dramatically. Until you reach the uphill your bike seems to take much more time rather than coming down from the hill.

But if you use a high air pressure tire you won’t notice much difference in your riding speed. On the other hand, low air pressure tires can’t give you much back up while on uneven terrains. Sometimes, when you come down from hilly tracks your bike gets its speed increased 25 to 45 mph.So, your tire can puncture if it can’t balance on road condition and speed.

Elevate Your Bike To Make It Faster

Add Extra Battery

It’s a good idea to use an extra battery to make your Razor bike faster. Your bike may seem to go faster than it started at the first. That can happen if you use an extra battery along with the main battery. By adding this battery you can get remarkable output to maintain your bike speed for a longer period of time.

Upgrade The Controller

To get a good speed make your bike faster, you do not need to use a different type of controller. Just change your old controller with a new one and enjoy the top speed from your bike. The new controller will give you an output with more amps to increase your torque output.

Overvolt Your Bike 

You can get faster if you overvolt your bike. Upgrade your bike’s volt from 36 volt to 48 volts so you will get much higher speed and torque, but your run time may remain the same. If the riding road is not flat enough it may affect your run time. Actually, using an overvoltage method is not a risk-free option. 

Your bike’s motor and controller may get overheated and fail. So, we recommend you to use other options if you have the opportunity to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

For enough knowledge to make your riding faster we’ve compiled most oftenly asked questions. You should go through the questions before making your bike move faster.

How Long Should I Charge A Razor Dirt Bike?

You can charge your Razor Dirt bike for at least 8 hours. Make it fully charged until the green lights turn into solid green light. After connecting on charge if you see the green light flashes off that means the bike is not fully charged.  

How Often Should I Charge My Bikes To Make It Faster?

To get a faster speed, you should not compromise by charging your bike immediately after you return to home. After every single ride try to charge your Razor bike for getting top speed.

What Happens If I Overvolt My Bike?

You can increase your e-dirt bike’s volt from 36V to 48V to make your riding faster. But the motor and the controller may get heated and damaged because of overvolting. So, you should look for other more suitable options.

How Fast Does A Kid Razor Dirt Bike Go?

A  kid Razor Dirt bike can go a maximum range of 12 to 22 miles, per hour. The bikes which are smaller in size and slower in speed are recommended for the young kids. Depending on the age of the child and the bike’s size, the riding speed may vary.

Can I  Ride a Razor Dirt Bike In The Rain Or Icy Weather?

Though the Razor dirt bike is waterproof, it is not recommended to ride during rainy or icy weather. Your battery may damage if you continue riding in these weather conditions. 


To get a fast speed from your Razor bike you should consider the factor that contributes to riding speed of your dirt bike. If you ride on flat grounds, you can ride fast when the bike is fully charged. Always make sure that your dirt Razor bike is heavier than your weight. So that you can ride at a fast speed. Uneven roads and hilly tracks can hamper your riding speed. So, for getting a good speed backup use high air pressure tires.

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