Razor Dirt Bike: Everything You Should Know

Razor Dirt Bike

The Razor brand is one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles for kids. Razor electric dirt bikes are especially popular among children and their guardians. Being a self-declared dirt bike specialist, today I’m going to postmortem everything related to the Razor brand and their dirt bikes.

Every single person who currently uses Razor dirt bikes or would like to get one in the future will find my article informative and helpful. In this single article, I try to cover all aspects of Razor dirt bikes. Hence, let’s jump right into our discussion about Razor brand and their dirt bikes:

Discover First What The Razor’s Dirt Bike Brand Is All About:

Razor USA LLC is also known as Razor. It is an American manufacturer and designer of electric and manual bicycles, scooters, dirt bikes, and other personal transporters. The company was founded in 2000 by Carlton Calvin and the JD Corporation in Cerritos, California. Razor also owns the Pocket Pros, Sole Skate, and RipStik brands.

Razor’s dirt bikes have become a brand recognized throughout the United States in just a few years. However, below I make a table that will give you a short overview of the brand Razor USA LLC:

Brand Full NameRazor USA LLC
Company TypePrivately Owned
Founding Year2000, June
FounderCarlton Calvin and the JD Corporation
Founded InCerritos, California
Major Manufactured ItemsElectric and Manual Bicycles, Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Personal Transporters.

Anyway, if you are more interested in the Razor brand, you can visit their official site by clicking on this link.

Why Buy A Razor Dirt Bike? (5 Reasons)

In my opinion, Razor dirt bikes are very much worth buying. Anyway, here I want to give you 5 reasons for buying A Razor dirt bike:

  1. Razor manufactured excellent quality dirt bikes at a very affordable price.
  2. Easy operating system and don’t require too much maintenance.
  3. Razor electric dirt bikes are very much capable of producing good power and torque at the instant.
  4. Believe me, no dirt bikes are better than the Razor dirt bikes for your kids.
  5. Zero emissions make Razor dirt bikes environment-friendly.

These are some of the main reasons to buy a Razor dirt bike. If you would like to find out more, continue reading.

Best Razor Dirt Bikes: Choose The Perfect One According To Your Needs

I am a person who closely examined various model Razor dirt bikes. I have tested different models of Razor dirt bikes and asked experts for their suggestions as well. 

My information will assist in choosing the perfect Razor dirt bike for your toddler and infant. It’s not a Razor dirt bike review article, and here I’m just sharing information about those Razor dirt bikes I found worthy based on my findings. However, let’s start:

  • Razor MX125:

MX125 is the lightest and smallest Razor dirt bike that is particularly designed for those kids whose age is little more than 7. This model is 21.46 inches in width and 36.42 inches in length, and just 25.16 higher from the land to the handlebars.

However, the lightweight makes this model easy to control for child riders. Additionally, this model has a low speed, which is another factor that reduces injuries.

  • Razor MX 350, MX400, And SX350:

I mention Razor MX 350, MX400, and SX350 together because they are very similar, and you don’t find any big differences between them. These models are suitable for those kids who just have passed the pre-teens periods.

Though these models, Razor dirt bikes, are heavier and bigger than the MX125, but still easy to manage for the over 13 years older kids. Teen boys and girls need time to learn the ride of these three models, but once they learn properly, they will surely enjoy the ride.

  • Razor MX500 And SX500:

Like the previous three, the Razor MX500 and SX500 are very similar in terms of specifications and parameters. These two models are generally recommendable for early teens. Variable speed with dual disc brakes and adjustable rear make these two models perfect for those who are under 16 years old.

  • Razor MX650:

This is the fastest Razor dirt bike model which is designed for older teens and kids. Even I saw adult people ride it in my neighborhood. Anyway, the 17 mph top speed makes this model really enjoyable to those teenagers who are very near to becoming an adult.

4 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Razor Dirt Bike:

Razor is well-known for making quality manual and electric dirt bikes. You don’t need to think too much about buying a Razor dirt bike. However, here I am going to share 5 things that you should consider before buying a Razor dirt bike. Because it’ll help you to choose a perfect one for yourself.

So, let’s start: 

1. Your Comforts Level:

Razors generally make dirt bikes for teenagers and kids. Some models are still usable for the adult person. My suggestion is before purchasing any model of Razor dirt bike, make sure that it’s comfortable for you or your children. 

At the same time, you need to consider height, strength, and weight as choosing factors for a model. If you find that your chosen model doesn’t fit well, then try another model.

2. Age Of The Rider:

Another thing you have to consider before buying a Razor dirt bike is the age of the rider. Razor manufactured different model dirt bikes for riders of different ages. In all of their dirt bikes, you’ll get the age limits.

Though some models can still be used by any age group, I would not recommend that. In my opinion. Buy such a Razor dirt bike’s model that is suitable for the rider’s age and with that don’t forget to consider the height and weight too.

3. Riders’ Experience Level:

You should buy Razor dirt bikes according to your experience level. Nothing to worry about, you have plenty of options to buy such a model that properly matches your experience level.

For beginner-level, specially for small kids, between the 5-8 years age group, Razor MX350 is perfect. But a mature and over 10 years old, Razor Dirt Bike MX500 and MX650 are more suitable. If the rider is capable of handling it, go for a stronger and bigger model of Razor dirt bike.

4. Battery Charging Periods:

This point is very important for those who are keen to buy a Razor electric dirt bike. On average, it takes around 8-10 hours to complete the charging. But if you or your kids love to ride Razor dirt bikes regularly, then choose such a model that takes less time for fully charging. Anyway, if you want to save your electric bill, impose restrictions on the riding periods.

6 Benefits Of Using A Razor Electric Dirt Bike:

Well, in modern days, people love to ride electric dirt bikes more than gas dirt bikes. That’s why Razor focuses more on the manufacturing of electric dirt bikes. You already know that the kids are the main targeted customers of Razor. And you know how much your kids love and are passionate about riding an electric dirt bike.

However, here are the 6 benefits of using a Razor electric dirt bike:

1. Don’t Create Any Unnecessary Sound:

The major benefit is that any model of Razor electric dirt bike doesn’t create unnecessary sound. Your kid or even you also can quietly enjoy the riding periods. Your neighbors will be happy too when they do not hear any disturbing sounds. And as a result, you can enjoy your riding at any time according to your wish.

2. Easy To Handle:

The electric engine makes the controlling of Razor dirt bikes easier. Because they have the ability to create torque and acceleration in twinkling under any RPM. Additionally, their electric dirt bikes produce no emissions. So, Razor electric dirt bikes should be your first choice if you comfortably enjoy your dirt bike riding in any conditions.

3. Energy Expenditure:

You require less energy for your Razor electric dirt bikes compared to gas dirt bikes or other brands’ manufactured bikes. Though it takes a little bit more time to charge fully, you can use them for quite a long time once the charging is complete.

4. It’s Safer:

Razor electric dirt bikes are completely safer for your child. You don’t need to be unnecessarily tense while your kids are riding Razor electric dirt bikes because they use a lot of features and powerful equipment that ensure safe rides for everyone.

5. Price Range:

One of the good things is that most Razor electric dirt bikes come with a minimum price range. That’s why little-income parents also can afford it for their kids. Moreover, it’s also cheaper in comparison to gas dirt bikes. Although they are cheap in price, they are the best in quality. 

6. Simple To Maintain:

You can easily do all the maintenance of your Razor electric dirt bikes. And you don’t even require other help to do that. But you must have to charge the Razor electric dirt bikes systematically and appropriately for longer use. 

Related Questions:

How Old Do You Have To Be To Ride A Razor Dirt Bike?

Well, Razor dirt bikes are generally made for kids and teenagers. Here I make a table that will show you the age limit of different Razor dirt bike models:

Razor Dirt Bike ModelRiders Age

Riders’ Weight Limit For Different Razor Dirt Bikes:

Razor dirt bikes are specially made for kids. Still, as a guardian, it’s always your responsibility to buy such a model that perfectly matches the child’s weight. If you choose the wrong model, it increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

That’s why to help you here, and I uphold the different Razor dirt bike weight limits in a table:

Razor Dirt Bike ModelWeight Limit Pounds

Seat Height Of Various Razor Dirt Bikes:

The below table will show you the seat height of various Razor dirt bikes:

Razor Dirt Bike ModelSeat Height Inches

This seat height is all right for kids and teenagers. But generally, an adult person requires at least 35 inches of seat height to ride a dirt bike comfortably. Nevertheless, I have seen a few adults in my neighborhood riding razor dirt bikes comfortably. While I don’t recommend Razor dirt bikes for adults, you can still try them.

The Complete Assembly And Setup Process Of Razor Dirt Bike:

You don’t receive your Razor dirt bikes completely assembled, you have to do a little work. Here I show you the complete assembly and setup process of the Razor dirt bike:

Step 1: First, install the front wheel of your Razor dirt bike. It will take just a couple of minutes. You can use a tire pump to inflate them to your comfort level.

Step-2: You will get a 5 MM hexagonal key wrench with your Razor dirt bike. Use it for attaching the handlebar to the bike’s frame. You will also need this tool in the future to tighten any part of your dirt bike model.

Step-3: Then fix the front fender and number plate to your new Razor dirt bike. It will take less than 2 minutes.

Step-4:  When you complete assembling all the parts of your new Razor dirt bike, follow the owner’s manual to charge the battery properly. 

Top Speed Of Each Model Razor Dirt Bike:

One of the major problems is that the Razor dirt bikes don’t have any parental speed control. Riders can’t be able to do engine braking or other things to slow down the bike. You can only slow it down bit by bit with the help of a throttle. So, supervise your child when they ride Razor dirt bikes, especially during the learning periods.

Below, I make a table that will give you an idea of the top speed of each Razor dirt bike model:

Razor Dirt Bike ModelTop Speed Mile Per Hours (MPH)

How Long Does A Razor Dirt Bike Battery Last? (Each Model)

The required charging time and battery-lasting period of the Razor dirt bike vary from model to model. And therefore, I share with you this below table that will inform you about how long does a Razor dirt bike battery last and the details:

Razor Dirt Bike ModelBattery VoltageRequire Times To Battery Charge (Hours)After Every Charge Battery Lasted For (Minutes)

How Do You Charge A Razor Dirt Bike Correctly? (4 Simple Steps)

You should charge your Razor dirt bike battery until the charger light turns green. You can charge the battery after each use, but you can still do it if the charge remains. These are the simple 4 steps to charge a Razor dirt bike:

Step 1: Use the original charger and ensure that the voltage is accurate for your Razor dirt bike model. See the above table to know the voltage and the charging time for your model.

Step 2: Plug your charger into an electric circuit. Make sure that the green light is on.

Step 3: Then plug your charger into your Razor dirt bike’s charger port. The light will now change into red if you are able to do the step correctly.

Step 4: When charging is fully complete, then the red light changes again into green. Now, just unplug the charger, and you are ready for a ride with your Razor dirt bike.

Can You Overcharge A Razor Dirt Bike?

Razor designed their electric dirt bike chargers in such a way that they can avoid overcharging of the battery. But it is always wise to unplug the charger when your Razor dirt bike battery is fully charged. However, visit their official battery maintenance page if you still have any queries about Razor dirt bike batteries.

Where Do You Buy A Razor Dirt Bike?

Across the country, you will get several different retailers, from them, you can easily buy a Razor dirt bike. You also get Razor dirt bikes on various e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart. Even Razor’s official website could be a good option for buying your desired model. From there, you can regularly check the latest prices of the Razor dirt bikes.

5 Safety Tips For The Kids While Riding A Razor Electric Dirt Bike:

Though Razor dirt bikes come full of safety equipment, still, as parents, you have to look after the safety of your kids. Below I provide, 5 safety tips for the kids while riding a Razor electric dirt bike:

Safety Tips-1: Buy The Appropriate Model:

Razor introduces different models of dirt bikes, according to the age of your child. You should purchase such a model that nicely matches your kid’s age. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong model dirt bike increases the risk of accidents.

Safety Tips-2: Always Check Before Ride:

You must check every part, particularly the brake, tires, and charge level of Razor dirt bikes. Always do these before and then allow your kids to ride. During riding, don’t forget to supervise the child.

Safety Tips-3: Make Sure That Your Kid Wear The Proper Gear:

As a guardian, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your kids wear all the necessary gear before starting their riding. It is wise to buy the quality helmet, riding shoes, and gloves all together when buying the Razor dirt bike. 

Safety Tips-4: Introduce Your Kids With The Rules:

It is very important to introduce your kids to the dirt bike riding rules and laws. You have to instruct them where they are allowed to go with their Razor dirt bikes. Also, inform them that wearing headphones or talking over the phone is strictly prohibited during riding and as well as the other traffic rules.

Safety Tips-5: Don’t Allow Your Kids To Ride On Risky Surfaces:

Kids are not mature enough to ride a dirt bike on risky surfaces. They aren’t able to react properly and quickly when something wrong happens on the road. So, be careful about your kids and never allow them to ride when outside is dark.

How Long Does The Razor Dirt Bike Last?

Razor dirt bikes are capable of being ridden on both smooth and harder surfaces. If you ride them in the smooth terrain and do your maintenance well, you can easily ride them for around 5-6 years. Razor dirt bikes last a bit shorter for rough users.

Tips On Care And Maintenance Of Razor Dirt Bike:

Here are some helpful tips on the care and maintenance of Razor dirt bikes:

  • Clean and lubricate your Razor dirt bike on a regular basis.
  • Follow the correct method to charge your Razor dirt bike.
  • Avoid doing such things that are not recommended by the owners’ manual of your model.
  • Make sure that you always check your Razor dirt bike before and after the right.
  • If you find any problem with your bike, then don’t delay fixing it.

How Do You Contact Razor If You Face Any Issue With Your Dirt Bike?

You can directly contact Razor if you have any problems with your dirt bike because they have already activated the online helping service for USA and International customers. 

Customers residing in the USA can click here, or customers outside the USA can click here to direct contact with Razor. From the Razor online Support center, you will get your required support.

Final Few Words:

At the very beginning of my article, I will tell you 5 reasons why you should buy a Razor dirt bike. And throughout this article, I will try to explain all of these things to you. Anyway, the final buying decision is always up to you.

But if you ask my honest opinion, then I must say buying a Razor dirt bike is not a bad deal to you at all, particularly when you have kids. For more information about dirt bikes, you can read my other articles too on this website.

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