Are Electric Dirt Bikes Any Good?

are electric dirt bike any good

Who doesn’t like dirt bike riding?  Everyone loves. Riding on a dirt bike makes a lot of fun. That’s why, we all love to ride on dirt bikes. 

However, in this changing world, everything is being changed day by day. On this consistency, dirt bike manufacturing technology has been changed from petrol to electricity. But have you ever thought if electric dirt bikes are any good? 

Electric dirt bikes have so many right sides. Instead of petrol, electric dirt bikes run on charging. It offers very high speed, instant power delivery, and high torque. Besides, they’re also easy to control and ride. Electric dirt bikes don’t create any noises and pollution too during riding.

In today’s article, I’m now going to break down everything related to this article topic. So keep reading this article until you reach the bottom line. 

5 Advantages Of Electric Dirt Bikes: 

Compared to petrol dirt bikes, there are plenty of advantages of electric dirt bikes. I strongly believe, once you cope up with an electric dirt bike, you’ll never return to the petrol dirt bike in the future. 

Here’re the advantages of electric dirt bikes. Let’s have a glance!

1. Easy To Ride: 

Electric dirt bikes are easy to ride. You just need to sit on the seat and grasp the handles. After turning on the ignition key, your dirt bike will be ready to ride on. 

2. Silent:

The second benefit of riding an electric dirt bike is that they’re silent compared to petrol bikes bikes. So, if you consider an electric dirt bike for you and ride that bike in the neighborhood, I can guarantee you that your neighbors will never feel bored and won’t call the police. 

3.Don’t Have To Kickstart Them: 

In the petrol dirt bike, you have to kickstart it several times to start the bike. Because the petrol engine won’t start once until it’s warmed up enough. 

On the other hand, there is no kickstart system in the electric dirt bike. You just need to turn on the ignition key and need to grip the handles. Then, it’s fully ready to ride on. 

4. No Oil Change:

A petrol dirt bike requires oil which has to be changed a few days’ intervals. On the contrary, if you purchase an electric dirt bike for yourself, you’ll never have to change oil since there is no oil system in the electric dirt bike. 

5. No Engine Trouble: 

As a self-declared dirt bike specialist, I know that the petrol engine can damage the mere issue. And this simple issue may cause a big budget to solve. If you, on the other hand, buy an electric dirt bike for yourself, chances are you’ll never face any problem in the near future after buying it. 

5 Disadvantages Of Electric Dirt Bikes: 

Besides the advantages of electric dirt bikes, there are many disadvantages too. The most common ones are listed below. Let’s look at a glance have a look

1. Too Much Expensive: 

Let’s face it! How much do is your budget to buy a dirt bike? Maybe, you’re on a low budget and thinking if you can buy an electric dirt bike. Electric dirt bikes are expensive for those who are with a very low budget. 

The minimum amount you should budget is $300 to purchase an electric dirt bike for yourself. 

2. Need A Long Time To Recharge The Batteries: 

Another problem with electric dirt bikes is they need to recharge for a long time. And if the charge gets finished in the middle of your riding, chances are you have to push to the near charging station to recharge the batteries. 

In general, dirt bike batteries require at least 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged. 

3. Low Riding Range: 

The main problem with the electric dirt bike is they have a very low riding range compared to the petrol engine. 

4. High Maintenance And Repair Cost: 

Every single part of the dirt bike is expensive, and you have to spend a lot of money to repair or change every single part once they get damaged. 

On the other hand, it’s easy to change petrol dirt bike’s parts anytime, anywhere.  

5.Heavy Weight:

Almost every dirt bike rider knows that electric dirt bikes are slightly heavier than the normal ones. Everyone knows that electric engines and rechargeable batteries have become heavier than petrol dirt bikes.

Is An Electric Dirt Bike Worth It? 

Electric dirt bikes are worth it. Though electric dirt bikes have a few limitations, they’re still delightful. You’ll feel a lot of fun if you buy an electric dirt bike for yourself. 

I recommend you to go for the electric version whenever you want to purchase a dirt bike.

How Long Do Electric Dirt Bikes Last?

The lasting period of electric dirt bikes depends on various factors such as the model, battery capacities, etc. On average, an electric dirt bike lasts around 3-5 years. 

For more prolonged use, you need to be careful about the maintenance of your dirt bike.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Good For Exercise?

If you think that electric dirt bikes run with the help of electricity, there is no point in getting exercised by riding them. You’re wrong. This type of inaccurate and false perception is very common on any among electric bike users

The right answer is Electric dirt bikes can be an excellent option for regular exercising. Colorado University Researchers did research about researched the impact of electric bikes on exercise the riders’ health.  

The researchers choose 20 non-exercising persons as a sample for their research. Then researchers provide them with electric bikes for exercising 3 days a week for about 40 minutes. After only one month, the researchers noticed the improvement of those participants’ in their blood sugar and cardiovascular fitness.

This research proves that electric dirt bikes are also useful for regular exercise. Many of us do not have enough fitness to ride a dirt bike manually for more extended periods. For them, electric dirt bikes are the best option for completing their regular exercise.

How Fast Does An Electric Dirt Bike Go? 

Electric dirt bikes are much faster than the manual version of them. An electric dirt bike can usually go 12 to 22 miles per hour.

 How Fast Does A 500W Electric Dirt Bike Go?

The speed of an electric dirt bike entirely depends on its motor’s capability and the power of the battery. 

Generally, a 500W electric dirt bike can smoothly go 15 MPH (miles per hour) / 25 KM H (kilometer per hour) at top speed when full charge is available.

What’s The Fastest Electric Dirt Bike? 

There are different types of electric dirt bikes. The speed of an electric dirt bike varies from its model to model and brand to brand. The SEGWAY dirt bike is one of the best electric dirt bikes on the market. 

Is Electric Dirt Bike Street Legal? 

Every electric dirt bike isn’t street legal. The electric dirt bike, which has all proper road requirements, can be ridden in the street.

Whenever you intend to know about a dirt bike, if it’s street legal, check the following two things. 

  • First of all, that dirt bike has to have the required parts to get street legal. Such as head-light. 
  • Secondly, check your street law about dirt bikes riding on the street road. If it’s allowed, then you can ride your dirt bike on the road.  

Are Electric Dirt Bikes The Future?

It is too early to conclude that electric dirt bikes will be the motorbikes industry’s future. But if you look at the car industries, they are being swiftly shifted into the electric car instead of traditional petrol or gas-powered vehicles. The buyers of cars also accepted the e-car idea warmly.

In the same way, nowadays, the selling of electric dirt bikes also increases gradually. People love those features which are offered with an electric dirt bike. 

For now, I can assure you that modern technology will develop electric dirt bikes more in the future. Many features will be added with it soon. So, there is no point in the debate about the acceptance of electric dirt bikes in the future.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, electric dirt bikes are good enough for you. You can buy an electric dirt bike to have a lot of fun. 

If you have any questions about electric dirt bikes, let’s me know in the comment box below. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. Have a nice ride!

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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