How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster? [Best Hacks & Tips]

how to make a dirt bike faster

You will love to ride your dirt bike at a decent speed, right? Unfortunately, you are not always able to get the desired speed. There are many reasons why you failed to do that. However, by following a few simple hacks and tips, you can easily make your dirt bike faster.

As an experienced dirt bike rider and enthusiast, I will give you exact instructions on how to make a dirt bike faster in this article. In addition, you will learn how to increase the speed of different types of dirt bikes. The article will also cover some helpful information regarding this topic.

Therefore, you should not go anywhere without reading my bottom line. Let’s start without further ado:

5 Easy Hacks To Make A Dirt Bike Faster: Make It Run Like A Rocket

My long experience with dirt bikes has taught me various things, especially how to ride them faster. I would like to share with you my 5 personal hacks to make your dirt bike faster. Believe me, these easy hacks will make your dirt bike run like a rocket.

The following are some simple hacks to make a dirt bike faster, plus some bonus tips:

Hack 1- Use The Perfect Size Tires:

Tires play the biggest role in increasing the speed of a dirt bike. That’s why you have to use the perfect size and quality tires for your dirt bike to get the most speed from it. You can easily get them on Amazon. Just click here to see the best deals on dirt bikes’ tires.

However, if you go up in tire size like a rim diameter, you can get a higher top speed that way. Dropping tire size is also effective in giving you more acceleration or a more torquey feel. Most importantly, you have to choose the best brands’ tires for your dirt bike to make it faster.

Hack 2- Set Of Hand Guards:

You may wonder by seeing the name of the handguards here. But believe me, a set of handguards or bark busters can be a good addition to your dirt bike gear, especially when you go for an adventure ride.

Let me explain how it will help you ride dirt bikes faster. A set of handguards will be beneficial if you ride through a treed wooded area where a lot of debris will whack your hands. It also helps when you fall over or break the clutch lever of your dirt bike. You are not going to go fast if you break the clutch lever or bust off your front brake.

As a result, it can ruin the excitement and enjoyment of your dirt bike riding. So, to avoid these issues, always use a set of handguards to ride your dirt bike at a steady pace.

So, do you want to buy a set of handguards or bark busters? Click the link to see the budget-friendly collection of them.

Hack 3- Change The Sprockets Of Your Dirt Bike: 

Maintaining the chain and sprockets on your dirt bike regularly is crucial if you want to ride faster. To ride continually faster, the sprockets need to be changed after a certain period of time.

Talking out the front gear and putting on a larger sprocket with more teeth on it, that’s going to increase your top speed. With a smaller front sprocket, you can go down and get some more acceleration. Though you will lose a bit of your top speed for that, you still get some more torque.

However, changing the sprockets and gear set is probably one of the cheapest mods you can do to make your dirt bike faster. And it is recommended for any dirt bike to go through and get your gearing correctly. Don’t forget to set the gear accordingly to where you are riding because all sorts of different terrain will need different gearing.

Here are some best deals on dirt bikes’ sprockets.

Hack 4- Fueling Your Dirt Bike Correctly:

Fuel is called the vim of a dirt bike. You can get a good carburetor from Amazon or even get one of the cheap knockoffs, and they work just as well and give you the right fuel. You just got to tune them in with any carb and dial in the field trimming. 

The carburetor on your dirt bike is going to enable you to maximize the performance and efficiency of your engine. By removing some of the fuel, you are going to create more power. Anyway, you need to be careful not to go too lean because then you blow up your engine. 

Hack 5- Use Two-stage Foam Filters:

Following the purchase of a carburetor, you will need two-stage foam filters. It will help you to remove a bunch of dirt inside the carburetor. Dirt and dust in the carburetor can make your dirt bike slower.

So, if you get a good filter on there, you will not face the issues of dirt going into your carb. And as a result, the carburetor is not going to be gumming up anything and messing with the throttle application, and your dirt bike can stay running perfectly. From here you can purchase quality two-stage foam filters.

You will get the most amount of airflow that is not coated in dirt, so you won’t damage the engine. Moreover, you will also get the most amount of power that allows you to drive your dirt bike smoothly and faster. I always recommend using quality air filter oil for the best results.

Some Bonus Tips:

With the 5 hacks mentioned above, I added some bonus tips for you in my article. All the below hacks will make your dirt bike faster than you ever imagined possible. Be sure to apply them, too.

  • Increasing airflow in the engine is the best thing to speed up your dirt bike. 
  • Stabilizing your handle reduces the arm pump. Use a steering damper to keep your bike handles steady. 
  • Uncork your pipes. Remove tiny metals from the pipe. It will pass more air.
  • Keep your spark plug in the right place. Displacement of this may result in power loss.
  • While tampering with the engine, always check the spark timing when any change is being done. The right spark timing boasts up your dirt bike.

An essential thing I want to mention is that riding dirt bikes too fast or aggressively is very dangerous. While riding dirt bikes on both on-roads and off-roads, it is your responsibility as a good citizen of this country to follow the traffic rules and the trail authorities’ instructions.

7 Best Dirt Bike Mods To Go Faster: It Really Works!

You may feel disappointed when your newly purchased dirt bike does not run according to your expected speed range. Choosing the wrong mods for your bike will result in it running slower than you expected.

Here are the 7 best dirt bike mods to go faster, and you will be glad to know that they have all been proven to work:

1. Maintenance And Tuning:

At first comes maintenance. Maintenance is the key to any vehicle’s health. So do a regular check-up of your bike. After purchasing your dirt bike, at the very first, read the user manual thoroughly. As well, tuning up will help you understand whether you’re getting full efficiency from your dirt bike or not. 

2. Increased Air Pass:

The air pass is a vital thing while riding a dirt bike. A dirt bike’s engine produces more power when more air passes through it. Having a premium air filter is a plus. But if it’s beyond your affording, you can also fasten your bike with the existing filter. Clean your air filter after every ride. It will remove additional dust, making more way for air to pass.

3. Tire Up-gradation:

Tires are often neglected when it comes to fastening your bike. But many do not know changing your tire can also have some significant effects. Always choose the tire with the most treads so that your bike’s horsepower isn’t wasted on this.

4. Camshafts:

Camshafts determine how much air will pass through your engine. So the more time your camshaft keeps the valve open, the faster your bike will be. It depends on your riding style how long the shaft needs to be open. 

5. Clutch Replacement:

Changing the clutch is also a great idea. Factory production clutches are primarily created in such a way as to avoid accidents. Race-specific clutches may not increase your horsepower, but they can improve acceleration and pick-up.

6. Exhaust Muffler:

Upgrade the exhaust system muffler. It will increase airflow. Further, you can change the whole exhaust system. It will have a great change in bike speed. 

7. Compression Conversion:

Altering your compression is the last thing you can do. In addition to the few disadvantages (such as decreased top-end performance), this also has an advantage. It will improve your low-end performance greatly. 

Related Questions About How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster:

What Is The Fastest Dirt Bike Speed?

The fastest dirt bikes can reach speeds of 110 mph to 114 mph. The Suzuki DR-Z, Aprilia RXV 5.5, Beta 450 RS, ATK 700 Intimidator, and Honda XR 650 L are among the fastest dirt bikes on the market at the moment.

Here are some of the fastest dirt bike models I’ve found:

Bike Models Unit of speed
Honda CRF450R 87 mph
Yamaha WR250R89 mph
Suzuki DR-Z400SM 94 mph
Honda XR650L 98 mph98 mph
Kawasaki KLR65098 mph
Husqvarna FE 501 S 101.5 mph
BMW G 650 XChallenge 104 mph
Honda XR 650 L 110 mph
Beta 450 RS 110.9 mph
ATK 700 Intimidator110.9 mph
Aprilia RXV 5.5 113 mph
The Suzuki DR-Z 114 mph

No dirt bike gets the most power from its engine in its initial stages. It takes years of training, maintenance, and efforts to speed up a dirt bike to its maximum level. Anyway, just follow my hacks and tips, and you will be able to gain this speed on your dirt bike as well.

What Upgrades Make A Dirt Bike Faster?

By upgrading your dirt bike, you can run it faster. I have outlined some standard upgrades that can make your dirt bike faster:

  • Tire upgrades can make your engine more efficient and reduce loss.
  • Air filter up-gradation works. It will pass more air to the engine resulting in more efficiency. 
  • Enhance the muffle in the exhaust system to allow more air to pass.
  • Working with spaces. Reducing the gap between the piston and combustion chamber will awesomely help you.

How Can You Make Your 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Faster?

You may be disappointed with your 4 stroke dirt bike because it runs slower than your friends. No need to worry about it. Just follow my simple tips to make your 4 stroke dirt bike faster:

  • To fasten any dirt bike, the foremost thing to do is increase the airflow in the engine. In a 4 stroke bike, you can use the air porting process to achieve that.
  • Use race gas instead of regular pump gas if you want a speedy ride. 
  • Another vital thing is jetting your engine. Jetting is done to mix fuel and oxygen properly. Be careful while jetting and use the exact proportion to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • You can also tamper with gear. While changing in gearing, consider your purpose and do the right change according to that.
  • For faster acceleration, use a small sprocket and a larger near sprocket, whereas speedier speed does the opposite.

5 Tips To Make A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Faster: Practically Proven

My personal 5 tips will surely assist you to speed up a 2 stroke dirt bike-

Tip-1: Consider the reed valves first as they flow fresh air to the combustion chamber. Always check these valves to make sure if they are working fine or not.

Tip-2: Have a look at the exhaust system. Remove any stuck particles as soon as you notice.

Tip-3: Shorten the intake length to promote better flow in the engine. Take a long intake port so that air and gas mix well.

Tip-4: Jet down perfectly. This is a severe caution as a too rich or too lean jet can immensely harm your bike engine.

Tip-5: Exchange your exhaust port for bigger ones. It will enhance smoke emission.

Can You Make 125 Faster?

Usually, 125 dirt bikes speed up to 70 mph, not more than this. However, a little more can be added to it if you go through the below process:

  • Check the oil every time you ride. Ensure the oil is clean in the engine otherwise, this will slow down your vehicle.
  • Clean the cylinder to avoid dust hindrance.
  • Also, you can use aftermarket exhaust. This has the most giant pipe, particularly in the market. It helps the bike to emit smoke more efficiently and timely.

How Do You Increase Horsepower On A Dirt Bike?

You can increase your bike’s horsepower by boosting airflow, upgrading the exhaust system, and optimizing the jetting. Furthermore, more spacing between power valves, gearing according to needs, proper timing ignition, etc., can help get more horsepower out of your dirt bike.

However, just follow the below steps to get more horsepower on your dirt bike:

  • Airflow increase is the foremost thing to do. Increase the space of power valves. If the power valves open faster, it will be easier to flow more air into the engine resulting in more horsepower.
  • Jet the carb accurately. Ensure not to jet too rich or too lean. 
  • Keep the air filter clean always to get more airflow.
  • If there is an intake snorkel in the air, cut it. In addition to it, drill holes into it so that it breathes more air.
  • Use a more oversized exhaust port to escalate smoke emissions. Long intake port ensures good mixing of air and gas.
  • Lastly, whenever you make any changes to your dirt bike engine. Make sure the spark plug is in the right place. The perfect timing of the spark plug plays a vital role in increasing horsepower. It shouldn’t be too late or too fast. 

How Do You Make Your Kid’s Dirt Bike Faster?

Before speeding up your kid’s dirt bike, ensure his safety first. Any kid riding a dirt bike should at first learn how to ride this bike properly. When they reach the level of proficiency, you can think of adding more to their bike. 

As mentioned earlier, airflow increase, enlarging exhaust pipe, jetting, gearing, longer intake, etc., can speed up your kid’s dirt bike as well as the adults’ dirt bike. Click the link for a detailed look at dirt bikes for kids.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Dirt Bike Faster?

It depends on which type of change you bring to your bike. However, costly replacement doesn’t always mean the highest performance. Sometimes small changes can add a lot to your dirt bike.

If you do a minor change like replacing the tires, altering the air filter, cleaning the cylinder heads and all, it won’t cost you much. However, changes to the exhaust system, race gas, and gearing might increase costs. A clutch replacement, for instance, can be costly.

The cost of making a dirt bike faster ranges typically from $50 to $500. The cost range may differ depending on what changes and upgrades you intend to make to your dirt bike.

How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster For Free?

If any changes are made, there will be a cost for sure. So, literally, it is not possible to make your dirt bike faster without any cost either. But you can freely make your dirt bike faster by improving your riding skills. 

It doesn’t matter how many changes you make. If you can’t ride your dirt bike properly, you’ll always fail to speed up while riding. So, the first thing you should do is work on your riding skills. Many changes cost little, so they can be considered free, like replacing air filters, changing tires, and upgrading to race oil.

Bottom Line:

To ride a dirt bike faster, you have to be skilled enough. With that, you can follow my provided hacks and tips to increase the speed of your dirt bike. It would be best to always drive at a reasonable speed to avoid accidents and damage whenever you ride a dirt bike.

In any case, be sure to read my other articles, and feel free to contact me if you need additional information about this topic. Have a happy and safe dirt bike riding experience.

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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