Can You Ride Dirt Bikes On Trails?

can you ride dirt bikes on trails

It seldom finds someone who doesn’t love to enjoy his/ her vacation by riding a dirt bike? Probably, very few people! But, you can’t ride dirt bikes everywhere you want. There are a few earmarked places where you can ride dirt bikes without breaking any state laws. 

A rider can legally ride a dirt bike on trails. For that reason, there are numerous trails developed across the USA. To ride dirt bikes legally, on trails riders should fulfill the requirement of states’ laws otherwise he/she will be fined between $100 to $500 for such guilt.

Having a long experience on riding a dirt bike on various states’ trails; I can help you with providing the essential information you require. I also added the best dirt bike trails location of the USA’s all 50 states. To get a comprehensive overview on Dirt Bikes riding, please consider reading this entire article: 

Can Dirt Bikes Be On ATV Trails?

You can ride dirt bikes on an ATV trail. But for legally riding, you should meet the requirements of your state’s law. Although the law’s requirements vary from state to state, the basic requirements are the same for all states.

You should mandatorily wear helmets and proper safety gear for riding your dirt bike on an ATV trail. You may have the age registration and require to register the dirt bikes for riding on ATV trails in some states. You can be heftily fined in every state for breaking any riding laws.

5 Things You Should Follow While Riding Dirt Bikes On Trails:

These 5 things you should follow while riding dirt bikes on trails:

1. Ensure Your Proper Safety:

Before starting your dirt bike for riding on the trail, you should ensure your proper safety. According to every state’s laws, you must wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear while riding a dirt bike on a trail. No matter if you are a junior or adult rider.

In trail riding, if somehow you lose concentration, you can be in danger of poorly injured. So, ensure your proper safety when riding a dirt bike on the trail.

2. Be Careful About The Surroundings:

While riding a dirt bike on trails, you should be careful about the surrounding areas. Especially in the forest trails, lots of shrubs and trees are surrounded you. Blind riding in such surroundings can be hazardous for a rider. 

There are also so many dirt bike trails that are privately owned. During such trials, you should be more careful to avoid property damages. So, be aware of the surrounding of your riding trails to prevent possible injuries or damages. 

3. Using Spark Arrestor Can Be Good:

You may require a spark arrestor to ride a dirt bike on the trail. Almost in every state, you need it when riding on a forest trail with many others. Generally, dirt bikes create excessive noise when you ride them on a rigid surface. 

In such a situation, a spark arrestor can be a reasonable solution to save you from people’s annoyance. Spark arrestors help dirt bike riders to ride without creating disturbances and noise pollution to others. So, consider using a spark arrestor while riding on a dirt bike trail.

4. Understand The Hand Signals:

We often make a group of some friends to enjoy our dirt bike ridings on trails. But riding dirt bikes on a trail with a group, you must have the proper understanding of the hand signals to keep it safer. You should follow the instruction of the group leader.

For instance, if the group leader shows his/her right hand during a turn, that means you need to go at the right, and the same as for left turns. Be attentive while riding a dirt bike in a group on the trails.  

5. Control Your Speed:

Many of us will be over-excited when we get the opportunity to ride our dirt bikes on a trail. One minute, I don’t mean that you should leave all of your excitement when you get such an opportunity.

The problems begin when a rider ride on his/her dirt bike at a top speed on the trails. Riding at over speed can be perilous on such dirt bike trails. Most of the accidents during dirt bike trails cause losing the controls of riders. 

To ride on a trail, you must need to have proper control of your dirt bike. I recommend you to ride your dirt bike at a gentle speed on the trails. Don’t ride your dirt bike at over speed; slow it down when required.

What Dirt Bike Is Best For Trail Riding?

Nowadays, many dirt bikes are specially manufactured for trail riding. From my experience, here I list some best dirt bikes for trail riding:

Best Dirt Bike Trails In The USA With Location (All 50 States)

Here I find out some of the best dirt bike trails in all 50 states of the USA:

State NameBest Dirt Bike
AlabamaGrey Rock ORV Park, Gardendale.
Geneva State Forest, Kingston.
Atmore Motox Park, Atmore.
AlaskaBald Mountain Trail, Wasilla.
Coal Mine Road, Fort Greely.
Captain Cook State Recreation Area, Nikiski.
ArizonaWildCat Pass, Scottsdale.
Arizona Peace Trail, Quartzsite.
Rolls OHV Trailhead, Fort McDowell.
ArkansasByrd’s Adventure Center, Ozark.
Hillarosa ATV Park, Blevins.
Moccasin Gap Trails, Jackson Township.
CaliforniaImperial Sand Dunes, El Centro.
Carnegie SVRA, Tracy.
Ocotillo Wells, Borrego Springs.
ColoradoLost Trail Road, Carbondale.
Land’s End Road Grand Mesa Loop, Grand Mesa.
Captain Jack’s Trail, Colorado Springs.
ConnecticutMilford Riders MX Club, Milford.
Central Cycle Club, Central Village.
Thomaston Dam, New England District.
DelawareDelmarva Motorsports Park, Seaford.
FloridaBone Valley ATV Park, Fort Meade.
Big Scrub Recreation Area, Umatilla.
Tate’s Hell State Forest, Carrabelle.
GeorgiaMoto Mountain Park, Fairmount.
Fat Daddy’s ATV Park, Waycross.
Big Nasty ATV Park, Bloomingdale.
HawaiiKipu Ranch Tours, Lihue.
Kualoa Ranch Tours, Kaneohe.
IdahoDevil’s Corral, Jerome.
Magruder Road Corridor, Elk City.
St. Anthony Sand Dunes, St. Anthony.
IllinoisCoyote ATV Trails, Coulterville.
Mill Creek Park, Marshall.
South Fork Dirt Riders, Taylorville.
IndianaHaspin Acres, Laural.
Badlands Facebook Park, Attica.
Interlake State Recreation Area, Lynnville.
IowaRiver Valley OHV Park, Council Bluffs.
Bluff Creek ATV Park, Eddyville.
Gypsum City OHV Park, Fort Dodge.
KansasBogie’s Adventures, Latham.
Kansas Rocks Recreation Park, Mapleton.
Tuttle Creek ORV Area, Randolph.
KentuckyBlack Mountain Off Road Adventure Area, Evarts.
Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park, Lockport.
Big Dog OHV Route, London.
LouisianaCooterville Mud Rides, Tallulah.
Muddy Bottoms Recreation Park, Springhill.
Catahoula Recreation Club, Sicily Island.
MaineBarnyard All Terrain, Livermore.
Katahdin Lodge, Moro Plantation.
Rocky Mountain Trail Park, South Carthage.
MarylandMeadow Mountain Trail System, Grantsville.
John’s Rock ORV Trail, Frostburg.
MassachusettsBeartown State Forest, Monterey.
Bonny Rigg Campground, Becket.
Pittsfield State Forest, Pittsfield.
MichiganBaraga Plains ATV Trail, Watton.
Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground, Rose City.
Baja Acres, Millington.
MinnesotaAppleton Area Recreation OHV Park, Saint Cloud.
Elk River Extreme Motor Park, Elk River.
Spider Lake OHV Area, Moose Lake.
MississippiCopiah Creek Campground, Georgetown.
Barnyard Mudboggers, Fulton.
Bethel ATV Trail, Saucier.
MissouriSt. Joe State Park, Park Hills.
Flat Nasty Off Road Park, Jadwin.
MontanaElectric City Dirt Riders, Great Falls.
Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation Area, Billings.
NebraskaOff Road Ranch, Norfolk.
NevadaEldorado Canyon, Dayton.
Cold Creek, Las Vegas.
New HampshireAmmonoosuc Recreation Trail, Lisbon.
New JerseyReady to Ride, Off Road PALS, Egg Harbor Township.
New MexicoCedro Peak, Tijeras.
Hackberry Lake, Carlsbad.
New YorkDemon Run ATV Trails, Bath.
North CarolinaEast Bend Motorsports, East Bend.
Lake Houser ATV Park, Mooresboro.
North DakotaKimball Bottoms OHV Area, Bismarck.
OhioBear Creek Amphitheatre, East Sparta.
Perry State Forest, New Lexington.
OklahomaBig Red Off Road Park, Macomb.
OregonCamp Dakota, Scotts Mills.
PennsylvaniaBayview OHV Area, Sharpsville.
Mines and Meadows ATV Park, Wampum.
Rhode IslandWrentham State Forest, Norfolk County.
South CarolinaGulches ORV Park, Waterloo.
South DakotaTalsmas Trail Park, Avon.
TennesseeRide Royal Blue, Pioneer.
TexasRed Sands, El Paso.
Childress ATV Park, Childress.
Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Marble Falls.
UtahPoison Spider Mesa, Moab.
VermontVermont Motocross Association, Lake Road Franklin.
VirginiaElkhorn Lake, Banister.
Big Boys Playground, Harrisonburg.
WashingtonBeverly Sand Dunes, Mattawa.
Evans Creek ORV Area, Carbonado.
West VirginiaBurning Rock Off Road Park, Sophia.
Buffalo Mountain ATV Trails, Williamson.
WisconsinFond Du Lac OHV Park, Fond du Lac.
WyomingSinks Canyon State Park, Landon.

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Last Few Words:

By maintaining the law properly, you can ride dirt bikes legally on the trails. And don’t forget to follow those aforesaid 5 core points while riding dirt bikes on trails. You can visit my mentioned trails to get the best experience of dirt bike ridings. 

Now it’s your turn to share some of your dirt bike ridings experiences on the trails. It could be a funny story for my readers. 

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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