Dirt Bike 125cc: Know Everything Before Buying

Dirt Bike 125cc

If you look closely enough, you will realize dirt bikes and regular street bikes are not the same. Dirt bikes are unique and made for off-road riding only. This has many uses, such as racing competitions, off-road trail riding, and even just for fun, people use it. Many different kinds of dirt bikes, like 125cc dirt bikes and 250cc dirt bikes, are available in the market.

These types of bikes are pretty exciting as they come in many different styles and models. They are updating themselves with the changing times. Dirt bikes are bringing more features and specifications to them. Choosing which one to buy for yourself can be tricky and challenging, especially if you are a newbie.  

I have been fascinated by dirt bikes for a long time. So if you are confused about 125cc dirt bikes and want to know more about them, keep on reading the article. Here I will talk about everything there is to know about 125cc dirt bikes: 

Is 125cc Good For A Dirt Bike?

CC is a unit that stands for cubic centimeters. It basically indicates the measurement of the chamber of the engine of the bike and demonstrates how powerful a bike is. The lower the cc, the lower the power is created by the bike and vice-versa.

If you are a beginner and want to start off your dirt bike journey, you should consider starting with something less powerful. Or else, you will not be able to manage the control of the bike. 125cc dirt bikes are one of the least powerful dirt bikes.

125cc is suitable as a dirt bike for many reasons. They are as such:

  • 125cc bikes are easy to control. So if you are a beginner, they can be quite good for you. 
  • Any person with a legal age can have 125cc dirt bikes and can ride them with some compulsory basic training.  
  • 125cc dirt bikes are lower in weight. It makes it easier to maneuver for the newbies. 
  • Their super lightweight engine and compact size make them the best choice for beginners.

So, 125cc is good for a dirt bike if you are just starting your journey in the dirt bike world. 

What’s The Difference Between 125cc And 250cc?

Dirt bikes are not for regular usage. Most people buy it to experience an adventurous riding journey. It is for off-road trailing. Being a dirt bike fan, I always researched them. I always looked up online or visited showrooms whenever a new model was launched. 

I have always seen people being confused between 125cc dirt bikes and 250cc dirt bikes. I was also confused at the beginning of my research. But now I know almost everything that is needed to know. Now, I will share my knowledge with you.

A 125cc and a 250cc dirt bike are not the same. They are different in many ways. Here is a table below to show you the differences:

125cc Dirt Bike250cc Dirt Bike
125cc dirt bikes are lighter in weight. 250cc bikes are heavier compared to 125cc dirt bikes.
125cc dirt bikes make almost no low power250cc dirt bikes make more power
The seat heights are lower in this type of dirt bike.The seat heights are higher on this type of dirt bike. 
The maintenance cost of a 125cc dirt bike is comparatively low. The maintenance cost of a 250cc dirt bike is higher than a 125cc one.
The buying cost is pretty reasonable compared to other higher cc dirt bikes.The buying cost is higher than other lower cc dirt bikes.
The price of the parts of a 125cc bike is lower and cheaper than other higher cc bikes.250cc bikes’ parts are higher in price than the other bikes that are lower in cc.

Seeing the differences above will help you choose which features suit you the best and what you are looking for exactly. This table will show you from which bike you will get the specifications you are looking for in a dirt bike.

How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go?

Dirt bikes are fun and exciting! They can be really adventurous as well. Their popularity emerged a long time back. From then, it only increased in fame and popularity. People have loved riding dirt bikes since then.

From the love of riding dirt bikes, people have gained the desire to buy dirt bikes. And beginners have always opted for 125cc dirt bikes to start with. 125cc dirt bikes are easy to control and manage.

Now comes the question of the speed of a 125cc dirt bike. How fast can it go? Well, rumor has it that dirt bikes are the fastest among many other fast bikes. However, the manufacturers like to keep it hush-hush to ensure riders’ safety. 

The speed of a 125cc dirt bike ranges from 55 to 60 miles per hour. It can even increase if someone experienced or expert is riding it. On a downhill road condition, with the help of gravitational pull, the speed can increase a bit. Most 125cc dirt bikes are 7500 rpm and range between 5.9 horsepower and 7.8 horsepower. Ingestion, compression, torque, and exhaust are the four primary phases of these engines, in that order. 

Factors That Determine The Speed Of A 125cc Dirt Bike:

Dirt bike enthusiasts like me are big fans of dirt bike races. They are full of thrill and exciting new twists. Being a dirt bike lover, I have always seen dirt bike races. They are all about speed and control. The more speed of your dirt bike you can ensure, the chances of your winning the race increases. 

125cc bikes are naturally fast for their lightweight. 125cc bikes are a de facto choice for racing bikes to beginners. They can be super fast as well as easy to control. With the right technique, they can become speed monsters. Many factors provoke 125cc dirt bikes to increase and determine their speed. They are being discussed below for your better understanding:

  • Engine Size:

Different dirt bikes come in different sizes. These different-sized dirt bikes feature engines of various sizes. These sizes affect the speed level of a motorcycle. In this case, the size of an engine of a 125cc dirt bike can offer you up to 70miles per hour if riding on high gear. 

A 125cc dirt bike can reach up to 50 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour on longer sections. In shorter sections and on low gears, the mileage is about 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour.

  • Sprocket Gearing:

Sprocket gearing is another factor that works to keep up the speed of a 125cc dirt bike. Sprockets are basically a version of wheels made of chains. It is similar to gear, but it’s different. 

Sprocket gears help to produce the base ratio gear of a bike. The standard sprocket gearing setup is 14/42. This helps to boost up the mileage to 50-70 miles per hour.

  • Modification: 

If you want to change anything in your dirt bike, the best thing to do is to modify it according to your desire. You can bring many changes to your bike, and speed-related modifications are one of them. 

You can modify or change your bike’s stock sprocket and increase the speed of your bike. For example, you can change the bike’s 14 tooth stock to 15 and achieve a higher speed. 

Related Questions Regarding 125cc Dirt Bike:

Is A 125 Dirt Bike Street Legal?

This question might startle you a bit. Does a vehicle have legality or not? For your kind information, not every vehicle available in the market is allowed to be on the road in every state. Different states in the USA have different rules and regulations that enable them to enact various laws.

The government has set up a federal minimum requirement system on transportations. Dirt bikes can be made street legal if you apply for them according to the mentioned rules. Not every state allows it, but many states in the USA enable them to be on the road after following a few procedures. They are as such:

  • Your dirt bike should have DOT-approved headlights. It should also have both high and low beam systems.
  • Headlights with a visible light indicator that shows if the high beam is on or not.
  • Battery-powered tail light. It has to work for a minimum of 20 minutes on batteries and must be DOT-approved.
  • Must have clear rearview mirrors.
  • A functioning horn. 
  • Tires that are DOT-approved.
  • DOT-approved fuel tank. 

After you are done completing all the steps as mentioned above, you are good to ride your 125cc dirt bike on the road as well as off the road.

Is A 125cc Dirt Bike Good For Beginners?

Dirt bikes have been a passionate topic for me for a long time. I find them very intimidating and fun at the same time. Dirt biking can also be dangerous and challenging to some people. These bikes have similarities with regular street bikes, but they have many differences.

To know what dirt bike suits a beginner the best, it is imperative to know a bit of detail about the dirt bike itself.  Dirt bikes are basically off-road bikes. They are built to use on rough, uneven ground. You can ride a dirt bike on good roads but bear in mind that not all dirt bikes are street legal, which means you can’t legally ride them on regular roads, as we have mentioned earlier in this article.

However, a 125cc bike is compact. Its engine enables it to get the most out of it. 125cc bikes are lighter than any other bike. These bikes are around 30 to 35 inches in height, so they are a perfect match for average height people with zero experience. 

So, I think 125cc dirt bikes are a perfect match for beginners with below-average experience and who want to start a new and fresh journey. Honda CRF125 can be a great one, in my opinion.

Is A 125 Dirt Bike Too Small For You? 

Choosing the right-size bike can be a bit tricky. Unless you become an expert, you cannot just spare a glance at the bike and tell if it is right for you or not. You need to keep in mind many things before you jump into deciding to buy the bike.

There is a table below to show you what are the things that you need to keep in your mind before deciding if the bike is a perfect size for you:

Matter Of ConcernSuitable Dirt Bike
Shorter and lighter adults 125cc
Taller and heavier adults 450cc
Above beginner with an average height 250cc
Above beginner with an average weight250cc
Beginners with below-average experience 125cc to 140cc

From the table above, we can see that whether a bike is too short for you or not depends on your height, weight, and experience. Basically, height and weight matter the most. 

Which Is Faster 250cc 4 Stroke Or 125cc 2 Stroke?

These names come from the band cycle of a dirt bike. The ones that have a 2 stroke cycle are called 2 stroke engine dirt bikes. In this case, the firing of the spark plug and internal combustion occurs every 2 strokes. The 4 stroke engine has a more complex system of the cycle. 

Now you might be wondering, between a 125cc 2 stroke dirt bike and a 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike, which one is the fastest? Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to speed, modern technology wins the race.

2 stroke bikes can ensure lightweight feeling and can assure subtle handling. On the other hand, 4 stroke dirt bikes give you more torque and smooth power that is easier to ride. If they are of the same cc, then no doubt a 2 stroke dirt bike will be the fastest. But in different cc, the case is not the same. 

A modern-day 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike is faster than a 125cc 2 stroke bike. It’s almost the same horsepower, low-end torque, and easier maneuver makes it swifter than the 125cc 2 stroke dirt bike.

What Is The Weight Limit For A 125cc Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are pretty interesting. I find them very fascinating. These off-roads bikes are thrilling to ride, and regardless of your age, gender, height, or weight, there’s a dirt bike for everyone. But the question of concern here is whether there is any weight limit for a 125cc dirt bike or not. 

There are many things that determine how much weight a dirt bike can carry. They are:

  • CC of the engine of the dirt bike.
  • The dirt bike being two-stroke or four-stroke.
  • The weight of the chassis of the dirt bike and its overall weight.

In the case of 125cc dirt bikes, around 200lbs weight limit is ideal. However, dirt bikes don’t have as much variation depending on weight as there is on height. However, there is a short chart below to help you choose your bike depending on your weight:

Weight Bike (cc)
150lbs to 250lbs250cc to 450cc
>250lbs 450cc

Dirt Bike Height Chart vs. Dirt Bike Size Chart (cc): 

Dirt bikes are fun and exciting to ride on off-road trails. They are available in many different forms and types. Below I will be showing you a chart regarding height in the case of dirt bikes:

Height Dirt Bike Engine 
133 cm110cc
140 cm110cc
143 cm110cc or 125cc
157 cm125cc
163 cm140cc
167 cm140cc or 150cc
172 cm125cc or 150cc
178 cm250cc
182 cm450cc

How Much Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Cost?

Dirt bikes are available in many different specifications. Their price range depends on their features. Also, many other factors such as parts availability, pandemic, or any situation around the state or world might affect the price range of dirt bikes.

As I have said numerous times in this article, I have a great fondness for dirt biking. That’s why I like to keep an update on everything related to dirt bikes. 125cc dirt bikes are always on-trend. They are the ideal choice for newbies and a great option. They have many variations as well. 

As time changes, the wants of people change too. That is why we can see many modifications of models of the 125cc dirt bikes. You can get a 125cc dirt bike at a lower price or even at a higher price. You can buy 125cc bikes for around USD 3000 to USD 9000.


Dirt biking is a fun and exciting activity for youngsters and adults alike. A 125cc dirt bike is a fantastic and terrific method for teenagers or youngsters to enjoy themselves, and let out the steam that has been stirred up within themselves, being left to their modern devices at homes, such as phones or laptops. 

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