How Fast Can A 200cc Dirt Bike Go: Some Hidden Secrets To Speed Up?

How Fast Can A 200cc Dirt Bike Go

These bikes are not as dirty as the name implies but they can be ridden in deserts, hilly roads, and off-road hence the name. These are specially made by different companies for off-road riding. In rough environments with dust and sand where ordinary bikes cannot be ridden, dirt can be raced.

A 200cc dirt bike can typically go up to 60 miles per hour. Its engine is about 13 horsepower, so this 200cc Dirt bike is difficult to control and most of them have a four-stroke engine. With the power and efficiency that a 200cc engine has, you can compete in racing competitions.

Dirt bikes are lighter than ordinary bikes but compact enough. So, if you like adventure, I think you should have a dirt bike. You will find different models of bikes in the market, and here I will share with you some things about 200cc dirt bikes.

How Fast Are 200cc Dirt Bikes From Different Brands?

The chart below shows the top speed of 200cc dirt bikes of different brands. By looking at this, you can get some ideas about the top speed of a 200 cc dirt bike.

Brands Of Dirt Bike (200CC)Potential Top Speed
Kawasaki 75 mph
Suzuki  90  mph
Husqvarna 85 mph
Rieju  75 mph 
Gas Gas 75 mph 
Nicot/OEM 50 mph 

You already know that dirt bikes can run much faster than a normal bike because they were born to run fast. This speed depends on which engine you choose. Its speed depends on how much horsepower your dirt bike can deliver.

4 Things That Make 200cc Dirt Bikes Different From Others:

The 200cc dirt bike plays an invaluable role in keeping you ahead of everyone in any competition, combining your skills and engine power. Here are the things that are different from ordinary bikes.

1. Structure Of Bike:

You will notice that the structure of this dirt bike is different from the standard motorcycle. Ordinarily, bikes are heavier than dirt bikes so you can’t drive them off-road, where dirt bikes run heroically. Compared to ordinary bikes, the engines of these bikes will look a bit more open but you can customize your dirt bike as you wish. 

2. Engine Type:

These bikes usually have two types of engines, called two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines. These dirt bikes range from 50cc to 600cc depending on the need. These bikes have a high ground clearance so they do not get stuck in the desert or inaccessible land.

3. Controlling:

These bikes usually have a four-stroke engine so it is very difficult to control. But, if you learn to control, you will shake the whole race. On the other hand, it is much easier to control a normal bike than a dirt bike.

4. Running Space:

It is difficult to ride a normal bike on small hills and slopes, but with dirt bikes, you will be able to compete in racing competitions. Dirt bikes are designed to run in these hostile environments, but ordinary bikes are not designed for adverse environments.

Things That Affect 200cc Dirt Bike Speed:

The speed of this bike can be affected due to various reasons. Here, I will discuss the issues affecting the speed and how you can increase the speed of your dirt bike. The speed of the 200cc dirt bike you buy depends largely on its brand. 

Different companies have dirt bikes in the market and each company has its variety and feature bike. Everyone tries their best to make their brand better. However, some changes in this dirt bike can make your bike more dynamic.

You should always keep in mind that the actual structure of the bike does not change. By making these changes, it is expected that your dirt bike will be more dynamic than before.

  • Tire Change:

The weight of the bike’s tires affects its speed. Keep in mind that light tires can run faster than heavy tires. So you can change the tires of your dirt bike to increase its speed. However, keep in mind that changing tires can be risky.

  • Replace Your Extraction System:

The exhaust system that comes with the bike you buy is made of steel or aluminum. Change these and install Titanium’s extraction system, because Titanium’s extraction system is much lighter. However, installing a titanium extraction system will cost more, but it will get more speed.

  • Choose A Lighter Seat:

The seat that you have when you buy the bike weighs a little more, so you can change this seat to increase the speed of your bike and give it a lighter seat. There are many good quality light seats available in the market which are very comfortable and will help to increase the speed of the bike.

  • Combining Experience And Skills:

Your dirt bike may be the latest and most expensive, but if you do not have the combination of experience and skill, you will not have real fun with this bike. And so, you must gain experience and skills to be the fastest in the desert, mountains, and many more inaccessible areas.

  • Rider’s Body Weight:

Are you surprised? Yes, dirt bike speed depends on your weight. So, slim yourself to increase the speed of the bike. You can win the race by using your great experience, strategy, and your slim body.

  • Bring The Right Dirt For The Track:

You use different types of dirt to create motocross track layouts, but the most useful of these are clay-based tracks because these types of tracks do not require much maintenance. To create layouts in the natural environment some dirt has to be put in the layout. This makes the track suitable for riding dirt bikes.

  • Track Layout:

Each truck has its own type and the speed of your race depends on it. Track obstacles will determine how fast your bike can go. So you have to practice on different tracks so that you can overcome these obstacles.

  • Suitable Parking Space:

If the racing area is open to the general public, you need to consider the parking system along the track. And this space you have to consider all over the place. You can use this space to keep track of tools.

  • Create Jumps And Obstacles Perfectly:

Any jump makes a track layout more exciting. But these jumps and obstacles make the riders more challenging and the spectators enjoy it more. You will use logs to fill these jumps and keep them long and wide.

Which 200cc Dirt Bike Is Faster: A 2 Stroke Or A 4 Stroke?

The two main functions of a 2 stroke engine are compression and combustion. Usually, 2 stroke dirt bikes are lighter than 4 stroke dirt bikes and are also cheaper.

The 4-stroke engine, on the other hand, completes its work in four parts: combustion, exhaust, reception, and compression.

Both play an important role in terms of effectiveness. Each has its own unique characteristics and advantages.

Riders usually search for high-performance dirt bikes that can run at high speeds without any hassle. Which is better and faster depends on the riders’ own tastes, preferences, and skills but I think a 4-stroke engine is better.


Today, biking is known around the world as an adventure and recreational activity. This is a completely different field and a different style exists. If you want to ride dirt bikes from ordinary bikes, special arrangements are required for this. These 200cc dirt bikes have long suspension and are fairly compact bikes, so you can collect them.

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