How Fast Does A 500cc Dirt Bike Go?

How Fast Does A 500cc Dirt Bike Go?

Dirt bikes are well known for their fast speed. Many variables determine their speeds, cc is one of them. Arguably 500cc is known as the most speedy dirt bike. Do you have any idea about how fast does a 500cc dirt bike go?

The simple answer of how fast a 500cc dirt bike goes is 157 to 160 Kmph during the commencement of buying. The amount can be found around 155 Kmph but is never below 150 Kmph.

Hey dear speed lover bees, today I have come before you with a suggestic review about how fast a 500cc dirt bike goes. It is more or less beneficial for you to know before buying the beauty or after buying the beauty what a nice product you have bought! 

However, if such questions peep into your mind like (is it a real number of its speed? or how can it go at such a speed), you are most welcome to this article. Here I will inform you the open truths about how a 500cc dirt bike runs fast from my personal experience. 

4 Reasons Why 500cc Dirt Bike Is Comparatively Faster Than The Other Dirt Bikes:

Well, there are some major and minor variables for a bike’s being faster. First of all, we’ll know the variables and then judge a 500cc dirt bike with the theories. This will provide you with a valid view of this bike and its speed-oriented facts.

Reason-1: The Exterior Design

Before measuring the engine design and its strength, it is highly important to judge the exterior design of a bike to speed it up. In most cases, bikes are heavyweight for their consumers, and the basic reasons are also naive. Since their customers are not that skilled to control the bike, the zigzag way will make a critical situation for them. Weighty bikes show a bit of potential for this particular reason.

But how about the speed of heavy bikes? Maybe 100 kmph or 110. But a 500cc dirt bike will offer you over 150 kmph of speed. So the heavyweight concept won’t work here. Rather the bike needs to be lightly weighted to control. The body part also needs to be thinner so that the rider can feel free and the wind can barricade minimum. 

Now judge a 500cc dirt bike with the theory. These bikes have an average weight of 110 kg. So, it fulfills the lightweight requirement. Then come to the body part, these bikes are delegated thinner. The riders will love to ride this kind of bike. The wind will also barricade at a minimum sort of force. So the rider will face no external issue while riding.

Reason-2: Design of Engine

This is a part of mechanical engineering hence I will show you some key factors. The design of the engine is a key factor for a bike’s being faster. If you already have the idea of a bike machine configuration, you’re most welcome. But if you have a narrow idea, read this section attentively.

At the initial stage, you switch your bike and it demands some fuel to its engine and the engine becomes hot. Some of the pistons are inside of the engine, they keep the up-down process during the periods when the engine is running. This is the reason why the chain of a bike rounds. There are also gears to control the speed. 

Now come to the point, if there are four individual cylinders of a piston, you will be able to generate a maximum of speed. Therefore, the fuel entrance process also needs to be cleared and defined so that a calculated amount of fuel can pass. 

Let’s judge a 500cc dirt bike with the parameters. First of all, a dirt bike has four parallel cylinders in a single cylinder block. So there is no issue with this circumstance. Then come to the next step of fuel management. Not only 500cc dirt bikes but also other dirt bikes maintain a biometric and thermal process of fuel injection. So that exactly the required amount of fuel can pass away. So no issue for the engine design department also.

Reason-3: Strength of Engine

This part is an important part for the engine-based customer. Normally bikes have an average hp-based power of 30-40 hp. Because of the issue of brakes, most of the automobile engineers detained their bike engine’s power under 45hp. Again another concern is about the gear system. The engine can provide speed but the gear is the main issue. Therefore fuel can be an issue for engine strength also. Finally controlling the bike with a high power of engine strength is a big question mark.

A lot of key factors work during an engine’s strength. The position of the wheel, kinetic energy control, turn control, and finally, the accelerator setup are the main concerns for engine strength. Only increasing the strength of the engine is not enough, other key factors have to be maintained too.

For this circumstance, dirt bikes are nicely designed. A 500cc dirt bike especially has an engine of around 45-50 hp of power. The brake control is not only hard but also smooth. So that the rider hardly faces any difficulty to control the speed gained by the engine. The wheel’s position is nicely balanced in a 500cc dirt bike.

You may often find the tires are sprung and strongly attached to the body. The sprung part makes an awesome balance with the kinetic energy and the center’s intense acceleration also can be controlled by the sprung orientation. So no issue for the engine strength also for the particular bike.

Reason-4: Acceleration and Control

Acceleration is noticeable. If a rider intenses to ride a speedy ride, acceleration is the most concerning topic. A great sense of acceleration can serve a lot. The acceleration process needs to be smooth and relevant to the external design of any vehicle. A lot of small but effective matters are related to it. 

When a rider accelerates his bike, the bike’s engine works faster and the fuel demands get higher. If the acceleration is not under control, the engine can collapse also. There is a myth that a new bike has to be speeded at a certain speed because the engine remains premature during that period and after the first servicing, the condition gets normal! The problem is the fueling system and the controlling system of acceleration. 

If you notice the acceleration system and the control of a 500cc dirt bike, you can find several things that they were concerned about before. You will find that a 500cc dirt bike needs around 4.3 seconds on average to get the maximum speed. That means it is balanced. Since the fuel system goes through a thermal control process, there are no issues to get the situation out of control. 

Technical Parts Of 500cc Dirt Bikes:

Since dirt bikes are known for their speed and smooth control over ziczac ways, a beat of more matters needs to be concerned. Since a rider has to ride on this particular bike during a ziczac ride, he needs to be comfortable. The dirt bikes generally provide great comfort to the riders; therefore, the 500cc engined bikes offer some exotic offers for the rider.

First of all the seats are nicely balanced over the engine. The average size of a bike seat is around 36 inches. The seats are also very comfortable to use. It is not too soft or hard. Rather it is exactly perfect to use for a long time. 

Therefore, the height of the seat from the ground and the leg brakes are purely calculated. Often the imbalance in the height of seats from brakes causes decent damage to the spinal cords along with the backbone. Again the shake made by ziczac often causes damage to the rider’s bones and waist also. Sometimes, the riders lose control over them along with the bike. Bad experiences are the ultimate result of it. 

A 500cc dirt bike is free from all these critical designs. Rather it offers a safe and fast ride to its riders. So the users love this bike to operate and their experiences remain admirable with the bike. 

How Fast Are 500cc Dirt Bikes From Different Brands?

Let’s have a look at speed basis comparison with a table of 500cc dirt bikes:

Bike NamesMaximum Speed
Husqvarna FE 501S162.5 Kmph
KTM 500 EXC-F144.84 Kmph
SWM RS500175.42 Kmph
Kawasaki KX500193.12 Kmph
Honda CR500R148.06 Kmph

Some Relevant Question:

Is A 500cc Dirt Bike A Good Bike For Beginners?

This bike is pretty good for skilled riders since it is a speed fascinated bike, however, it offers super control over it. So beginners can also use this bike. But not much is recommended. 

Therefore another concerning matter is about the height of the rider and weight. If a rider is below the height of 5 feet 3 inches, he may face some physical and technical hazards during riding. Again riders’ weight is a fact. Weighty users should be very careful and think twice before using this bike.

Is A 500cc Dirt Bike Worth To Buy?

I should not give you any decision. It is your personal decision. I have shown you the features of a 500cc dirt bike and tried to make a review. If you are a fast rider, definitely you should try it, but if you are a normal public and want to operate this bike in narrow city ways, the idea won’t prove right for you. 

In 1993, some of the companies stopped manufacturing 500cc bikes due to the general peoples’ demand.  These bikes are not preferable for city road use. So now the decision is up to you.

Are 500cc Bikes Fast? 

Since the dirt bike’s very early stage of invention, it was well known for its speed. This bike is worldwide recognized. No question about its speed. Riders usually purchase this kind of bike for their fast speed. Therefore the 500cc dirt bike is one of the most upgraded bikes for their customer. The reasons for its being fast are mentioned in the article before.

How Fast Does A 500 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Go? 

The matter of speed depends on the rider. The two-stroke dirt bikes are well known. Generally, a 2 stroke dirt bike has a speed of around 90 to 95 miles per hour. That means around 145 to 153 kilometers per hour can be the maximum speed of it.

Final Verdict:

Speed is one kind of passion. A lot of riders have a dream to speed him up with a dirt bike; therefore, a 500cc dirt bike can be a great choice. I tried my best to make your decision easier along with removing your hesitations.

All the information I have mentioned above is collected by me.  If you guys have any more information about a 500cc dirt bike, feel free to share it with me. Your valuable information will be highly appreciated. 

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