Can You Ride With a Modular Helmet Up? [Know Before You Go]

Can You Ride With a Modular Helmet Up

Modular helmets feature a hinge system that allows the riders to flip the helmet’s frontal part with an internal mechanism. But many people ask whether it is okay to ride with a modular helmet up or not. This is a legitimate question as some people find it risky. In fact, it can be risky at times especially if you are an inexperienced rider. 

You can ride with a modular helmet up. There is no harm in keeping the front side open and keeping the glass up. It is not illegal at all. Some people find it relaxing. But there are some potential threats to riding with the modular helmet up. 

Before you decide on whether to keep the modular helmet up or not, you should first learn about its pros and cons. In this article, I will discuss the matter in detail to clarify your doubts and answer your questions.

6 Advantages Of Riding With A Modular Helmet Up: Reasons To Buy

There are many advantages to riding with a modular helmet up. You can enjoy the natural view and feel the gentle breeze while riding. You can know more advantages of riding with modular helmets up from the next segments.

1. Makes Communication Easy:

The modular helmet’s flipping-up mechanism can make your communication easier while talking to the other riders. You can flip its chin bar up while talking to the other riders. So, they will be able to hear your speeches clearly even while you are riding. If you go to a remote corner of the city and need direction from fellows, you can ask for quick directions just by flipping up the Chinbar.

2. Easy To Show Face:

If you are crossing the countryside borders, you have to show your face for verification at checkpoints. Then you won’t need to open your helmet fully like other riders. Just make its visor up with Chinbar that will be enough for verification. 

Moreover, if you go for taking fuel from Gas stations, you may require to keep showing your face for identity on CCTV. Then if you keep its frontal part in full flip-up position, it will be sufficient to catch up your identity on the Camera. 

3. Comfortable For Using In Warm Weather:

Modular helmets are popular among riders for use in warm weather. Its versatility in keeping the helmet’s frontal part up easily allows the fresh air to let in. If you are stuck in traffic or waiting in a stoppage, the warm weather conditions can be suffocating for you. Then you can flip up the helmet and enjoy the nice air circulation around you. 

4. Convenient For Having Food Or Drinks:

If you are on a long journey, you may get hungry while riding. Then after buying your food or drinks from shops,  you won’t have to open your helmet for eating food. Just flip the modular helmet’s Chinbar up and enjoy your food easily. Even for drinking, you won’t have to use a straw or open the full helmet.

5. Makes Smoking Easy:

You can take advantage of smoking, by keeping the modular helmet in the flip-up position. If you go to any smoking allowed area, you can smoke without opening the full helmet. After smoking, it will be better to keep its frontal part up for a  long time. So, the smell of smoking will completely go away.

6. Ride in Sunny Days:

You won’t have to worry while riding with a modular helmet on. The sun’s rays won’t destroy your vision. The high-quality modular helmet has an inner sun shield which you can move up and down while needed. So, keep covering your eyes with the sun visor, so you can ride on sunny days, while the modular helmet is flipped up.

Disadvantages Of Riding With Modular Helmet Up: You Can Ignore Them

Though the Modular helmet provides many advantages, you may face some issues. But, its disadvantages can’t be harmful to you if you care enough.

  • Surrounding Air-Pressure Can Make An Issue:

It can be unsafe or even dangerous for you if you keep riding at full speed keeping it fully up. The modular helmets are not much air-dynamically designed. So, when your ride will flip up position, the air around the helmet can grab your visor and chin bar with much pressure. Then it could be tough for you to handle. Moreover, if you try to close it at that time, you could hamper your riding balance. 

If you love to ride keeping the helmet in a flip-up position, make sure you are riding by fixing its interlocking mechanism.

  • Flying Objects May Hit:

While you are riding with keeping your modular helmet up, your face can get hit by flying debris, dust, or other objects. You have to be careful of little bugs which can get into your eyes and cause irritation while riding. 

  • Heavier:

Modular helmets are heavier than other full-face helmets. Because of its internal mechanism of flipping the helmet’s visor and Chinbar up, it can get weighed. If you ride the helmet in a full-flip-up position, after a long journey you may feel your neck get fatigued. In case you continue riding in this position, later it can cause neck pain. 

  • Noisy:

If you are riding with a modular helmet up, you can get much more noise from the tire compared to riding it with a closed position. But the Modular helmet’s noise reduction efficiency can get much more appreciation than other open face helmets. 

Why Should You Ride With A Modular Helmet Up?

As the Modular helmet has the versatility of an open-face helmet and full-face helmet, you can ride flipping up the helmet. You can keep its visor and Chinbar fully flipped while riding. Moreover, Some of the Modular helmets have an internal sliding sun shield. So while riding with the visor up, your eyes can get rid of sun rays.

You can get many types of Modular helmets at a reasonable price in the local markets. Just buy the best modular motorcycle helmet under $200 and enjoy its advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Ride With A Modular Helmet Open?

You can ride a motorcycle with a modular helmet open. Make sure that it is not against the law. In most states, it is allowed. However, new riders should keep it closed for increased safety and comfort. 

Can You Wear Sunglasses With A Modular Helmet Up?

It is very convenient to wear sunglasses with a modular helmet up. The sunglasses fit properly when the glass is up. However, if you wear riding sunglasses, you can keep the modular helmet down. 

Final Thoughts:

As the Modular helmets consist of an internal flipping-up mechanism, you should take the advantage of riding while keeping it in an up position. You can get proper ventilation and enjoy the fresh air while riding keeping your visor up. 

But you should limit your bike speed to a minimum and have to be careful about the air pressure around the helmet. It may not be legal in all countries to ride with a modular helmet up. So, before riding, it will be a better idea to check whether it’s legal in the specific country.

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