How To Check If A Dirt Bike Is Stolen? (Keep Yourself Safe)

How To Check If A Dirt Bike Is Stolen

It is amazing to say about the popularity of dirt bikes because the number of their users is increasing day by day with a mixture of hobby and pleasure. However, many people buy old dirt bikes because they are pretty expensive. In this case, you must be aware of some things and know how to check if a dirt bike is stolen.

Buying a used dirt bike is quite risky because you don’t know if it was stolen by the seller. It is essential to know that many sellers sell stolen bikes, and one of the destructive consequences of this is that once you purchase a stolen dirt bike, you will get into problems with the police. 

There may be a case in your name which is dangerous for you. Buying used bikes is not entirely discouraged here, but it is essential to know how to identify a stolen dirt bike that you’ll learn from this article.

8 Notable Things You Must Check If The Dirt Bike Stolen:

Before buying a used dirt bike, you need to check a few important things to get the right idea about the seller and the bike. Assess your inner feelings if you have any specific doubts about them. But even if you have doubts, you should consult the seller because only then can you make a perfect decision. However, below are the ways to check the stolen bike. Just follow and read all the steps in this guide.

1. Do Not Meet The Seller in a Public Area:

Be aware of the seller’s location because the person who stole a dirt bike will not let you know his location and ask to see you in a public place. This will make the dirt bike disappear as soon as it is sold and leave you with considerable risk.

If the seller demands to meet in a public place, you should disagree and put pressure on him so that you can visit his house. If the seller forces on it, you may be sure that the bike is stolen from someone.

2. Proof Of Ownership:

A gold nugget is an original receipt for proof of ownership. If the seller unconsciously loses the required documents, he will have an email or payment confirmation. Keep a copy of these in your collection.

Remember that a dirt bike stealer will never own these papers and will not prove that he owns the bike. So unless you have proof of ownership, you can assume that it is a stolen bike.

3. Is The Price Consistent?

Review the dirt bike price that your seller is claiming. Dirt bikes are an expensive thing, so it will not be less than the purchase price even if it is used. If the seller offers you a meager price, you must understand that it is not real.

Naturally, thieves will want to sell a stolen dirt bike very quickly and put the cheapest price tag on it. If you consider the bike model very reasonable with a difference of a few thousand dollars from the actual model, it is not unusual to have a hostile suspicion. Be sure to check the actual price of the bike.

4. Is There A Lack Of Ad Detail?

When a seller advertises for the sale of a dirt bike, the details of certain things in his advertisement give birth to confidence in the buyer’s mind. When you look at the ad, be sure to notice the details. If it so happens that only some of his basic information like a phone or an email is provided for communication, then nothing special is written about the dirt bike then there is enough reason to doubt.

You need to make sure that the ad contains enough details, such as the year the user bought the bike, its condition, and something about yourself, of course, by phone or email. Since he stole the bike, he doesn’t know the details. 

5. Investigate The Seller:

Another critical issue is how to check if a dirt bike is stolen is to investigate the seller. Several things need to be explored to determine if the seller is trusted. You can search the internet for a bit of him.

You can view his history on Google, Facebook, or even Instagram. From these places, you will find a lot of information which will give you a clear idea about it. If you get good information about him, you can be sure that he is selling his used dirt bike.

6. Pictures Of The Dirt Bike:

Most thieves do not want to increase their risk by posting pictures of stolen bikes because the owner can identify them by looking at the ad and photos of the bike.

Make sure the pictures are real or fake. Usually, you ask the seller to remove the images from different angles. If he refuses to do so, you can assume that the bike is stolen.

7. Check The VIN Number:

A VIN is a 17-digit number that will help you determine if a dirt bike has been stolen. So be sure to ask the seller directly for this VIN because it provides you with some crucial information about the dirt bike, such as how old it is, where it was bought from, who purchased the dirt bike, and much more.

You can quickly check this if you meet the seller. The VIN position of the dirt bike is usually on the steering wheel. Some VINs can be marked on the motor near the cylinder’s bottom. To get it, you turn the handlebars of the bike to the left and look to the right where the bike’s steering head drives through the frame.

The VIN Check tool has been made available to the public for free on the NICB website to help you determine if a dirt bike is stolen. You are allowed to check up to five VINs within a 24-hour cycle.

8. Ask The Seller Some Vital Questions:

When you finish going through all the important details mentioned above, and you finally meet the seller, ask him some important questions about the dirt bike, and note down the information he will give you.

In this case, it is best to take a friend with you to help. Now ask him some questions like how long has the dirt bike been used, from where was the dirt bike bought, and is the routine general maintenance done?.

As you ask these questions, please take note of the details he is saying about and his behavior and speech. These will help you to know if he is lying to you, or if the dirt bike has been stolen.

What Happens If You Accidentally Buy a Stolen Dirt Bike?

Sometimes it happens, unfortunately, and you accidentally buy a dirt bike. In that case, you have to take the right path not to get yourself in trouble. In this case, it is advisable to call the local police and provide all the information, including the seller’s details and the dirt bike you have. It is expected that you will have a receipt from the seller or any significant written information that must be given to the police, giving you confidence.

Considering all the information you provide, if the police believe you, they will try to return the bike to its rightful owner and catch the thief. Maybe, you got the bike in exchange for much money from the stealer, but if it helps the owner get it back, you can get rid of the potential big trouble.

6 Remarkable Tips While Buying A Used Dirt Bike: Try Smartly

Buying a used Dirt Bike is wise because you may get a good one within your budget. If you have decided to buy a used dirt bike, you must apply some tricks. Here we will share some tips that will help you buy a used Dirt bike, and you will not fall into the trap of a scammer.

1. Set Your Price Limit:

In the beginning, you should set a price that you want to spend on dirt bikes. If you are lucky, you will find the best dirt bike on your budget. A little caution is needed in this regard.

Don’t make your budget too small because you know that dirt bikes are not available at low prices. If you expect a Dirt bike on a meager budget, you can easily fall into the trap of a fraud seller who wants to sell you a stolen bike at the expense of your financial vulnerability.

2. Research Properly:

Since you want to buy a used dirt bike, it is vital to do enough research. Set your mind about a brand. At first glance, it may seem frustrating as there are so many brands on the market.

You should evaluate everything based on budget. Research what level of experience you need to run the model you like, what size, what price is within your budget, etc. If you get convenient answers to all the questions, you can decide to buy it. Note that you will not receive this information from the wrong seller. 

3. Be Aware Of When Searching For Dirt Bikes:

It is better not to look for a used dirt bike too fast. To get a good dirt bike legitimately, you have to be patient, examine all the options, and look at everything thoroughly with even the slightest detail.

If you do not find enough information during the search, it would be a big mistake for you to purchase the bike because the seller may not be able to provide the details or the bike may be stolen. It is recommended that you do your research and enlist the help of a friend as their known seller may be a trusted source for you.

4. Contacting The Original Seller:

If you find a good dirt bike, contact the seller on the phone number and email provided and ask him questions like- whether he is the genuine seller, whether he has the necessary ownership documents, who maintains the bike, and where the VIN of the dirt bike is.

Remember to give these questions your utmost importance and get accurate information about them. In addition, and try to find out more about the seller which will provide you with a better understanding of the seller and help you avoid putting yourself at risk.

5. Inspect The Bike:

Now that each of the above tasks has been completed, it is time to inspect the bike. What things should you see now? Well, check the condition of specific components like frame, magneto cover, chain, and clutch cover.

If the bike’s paint looks faded and the parts look very old, it has been used for a long time. It is up to you to decide whether to take it or not. But if it seems to be used for a long time, talk to the seller again about the price.

6. Registering A Used Dirt Bike:

Even if the seller is not the real owner, you can choose the dirt bike. Maybe he bought it from someone and didn’t get his papers ready. It is not possible to get your documents from him in this case. You can ask for a written receipt from the seller and use it to make a valid paper again, even though it is a little time-consuming.

Related Question About Checking A Stolen Dirt Bike:

Is It Okay To Buy A Stolen Dirt Bike?

Undoubtedly buying a dirt bike that has been stolen is a crime. If you are buying a used dirt bike, you have to be very careful because you do not know if the seller is the real person or has stolen the item.

Even though the price of a used dirt bike is a bit low, it is still an expensive thing, so no inconsistencies should be allowed. If you are not proficient in verification sorting, you can cancel the decision to buy a used dirt bike.

Is It Easy To Steal A Dirt Bike?

While stealing a dirt bike may seem difficult apparently, but easy for a thief. You know that dirt bikes have loud noises and easily attract the attention of others. This may give the owner an idea that the thief might not be able to steal it.

They usually keep the bike’s motor neutral and push it to the ramp in a pickup and then drive. Since it is not very difficult to steal, it is possible to find the wrong seller in the crowd of many sellers.

How Do You Check A Dirt Bike’s VIN To See If It Is Stolen?

The dirt bike’s VIN is usually printed or engraved on a metal plate close to the steering head of the dirt bike. It is a 17 digit number. Before buying a used dirt bike, ask your seller about the VIN. Once he says that, you can check VIN information for free at VinFreeCheck.

If the buyer can’t say the VIN, check it out for yourself when you meet him. If you find discrepancies in the seller’s behavior, you should probably opt out of this deal.

Final Thoughts

Most sellers try to be as honest as possible when selling their dirt bikes and they want to provide all the information openly. But, some people are afraid of  giving accurate information about themselves and the dirt bike, even if they do not know it. It is certainly suspicious and you should not be indifferent. So you need to know perfectly how to check if a dirt bike is stolen.

If you notice that you are getting information about the used seller and the bike as per your demand and the price is within the budget, then you should decide to buy; otherwise, it is better not to buy the used dirt bike to avoid possible danger.

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