How To Install A Motorcycle Phone Mount? [The Whole Process]

How To Install A Motorcycle Phone Mount

Thinking of vlogging on adventurous motorcycle rides and tours? Then you would need motorcycle phone mounts with a charger. These phone mounts are designed to hold your phone in place while you can concentrate on riding the bike. This is a safe option for vlogging as otherwise, there can be a chance of an accident. 

Besides travel shooting, whether it comes to tracking or sharing your ride on a busy road, you can easily do it when your phone is installed with the phone mount on your motorcycle. But without knowing how to mount and set it up, using the motorcycle phone mount is challenging. However, as you learn the process, it becomes very simple. 

In this article, you will learn how to install a motorcycle phone mount easily. Besides, you will learn a few more basics about it to clarify all your doubts. So stay with me and grab the information you need. 

8 Steps to Install A Motorcycle Phone Mount: A Step-by-step Guide

How to install a motorcycle phone mount is daunting when the mounted gadget first appears to you. But, trust me, it’s not tough when you have all the gears for mounting your phone on a motorcycle.

When you have the tools and you know the process, the task is very simple. In fact, it is a fun DIY project. So let’s start with the tools you need and then go down the line to know the steps:

Step 1: Gather The Tools: 

Below are the tools that you’ll need for installing the phone mount: 

  • Fork stem;
  • Wrench or pliers;
  • X-Grip;
  • Allen key or Allen wrench;
  • Sharp blade;
  • Washers.

Step 2: Choose The Phone Mount

Before starting the motorcycle mount installation, you must select a suitable phone mount. The X-grip phone mount is most appropriate and flexible for bike riders.

That’s because the X-grip phone mount allows you to move your phone flexibly at any position. However, you may choose other phone mounts too if you are used to them.

Step 3: Detect The Fork Stem Hole And Make It Ready

First off, detect the fork hole tube in your motorcycle. Most probably, the hole is in the middle of the handles. On a Yamaha motorcycle, the fork stem hole should be at the starting of the right or left hold.

However, some motorcycles have opened a stem hole, while others have a stem hole closed with a cap over it. If you have a closed cap, you can open it using a knife and move forward.

Step 4: Prepare The Fork Stem Pieces

So, you’ve located and cleared the stem hole where you’re going to set the phone mount, right?

Now, it’s time to prepare the fork stem piece that’s alternatively known as a plug. It’s vital for adequately settling the fork stem into the stem hole.

For editing the stem fork, follow the given steps:

  • Insert the stem fork into the hole and twist it to seat accurately.
  • Make a line at the top of your fork stem where it connects with the stem hole. It’s just a reference line to understand the sign from where you should cut the stem fork.
  • Now, mark another line from one inch down from the reference line. Cut your fork stem according to both lines that you’ve drawn before and after.

Step 5: Attach Stem Fork Into The Stem Hole

Choose the right size Allen key that perfectly fits into the stem hole. Now, insert the Allen Key into your stem fork, put on the fork into the stem hole, and turn it clockwise.

Tighten the central bolt of the stem fork into the stem hole using a 3MM Hex key.

Step 6: Cover The Stem Fork And Choose a Suitable Mounting Angle

Now, cover the exposed stem fork with its cap and attach the mount clamps with it. Select your desired mounting angle and connect the one-inch ball components of the clamps with the X-grip phone mount.

Step 7: Choose Your Convenient Position For Settling Phone Mount

Rotate the knob situated to adjust the phone mount according to your convenience. The knob must be situated upward of the phone mount. But don’t make it too tight.

Remember, the tight knob will cause chaos while you want to rotate your phone according to your suitable position.

Step 8: Set Your Phone

So, your phone mount has become ready to grab your phone, right? Well, then adjust your cellphone within the X-grip mount and enjoy your favorite movie while outside.

4 Types of Motorcycle Phone Mount: Know The Options

If you buy a motorcycle phone mount, you will hear the name of a different phone mount. Consequently, it’s tough to identify the best phone mount for your motorcycle.

Here we’ve broken out some motorcycle phone mounts to help you make the right decision in choosing a suitable mount.

1. Ciro Premium:

The four-point mount Ciro Premium locks your phone tightly and securely. Moreover, it offers maximum security to your phone with the rubber construction that works as a vibration dampener.

Unfortunately, the Ciro Premium adjusts only to smaller phones, so you might fail if you try to adapt your larger phone or tab.

2. RAM Quick-Grip:

The RAM Quick grip phone is a pretty popular mount among riders for its spring-loaded holder. Practically, the double socket arm of the mount is excellent for providing adjustability to your phone.

Perhaps, that’s why, when it comes to the best bike phone mount, the Ram Quick-Grip appears first.

3. Roam Mount:

The roam mount is affordable and easy to install. 

If you want to get an inexpensive phone mount for your bike, you can try the roam mount. The phone mount features a two-point secure system to hold your phone, mainly when riding the bike.

Besides, a silicone web offers wraps and dampens some vibration of the device.

4. RAM X-Grip:

The RAM X-Grip is popular among riders with the spring-loaded system and elastic web. The X-shaped arm of the mount holds the phone from the four contact points to offer security.

And the elastic web is available in the X-grip for doubling the security. The X-grip phone mount is the best as it securely holds the phone in place. 

2 Tips To Install Motorcycle Phone Mount: For The Best Result

To make the installation easier and better, I have added two tips that would give a better result: 

Tip 1: Add Velcro

Even though properly installing the motorcycle mount makes your phone secure, you must take precautions for extra security. Put some industrial-strength Velcro on the mounting point on the back of the phone for additional protection.

Tip 2: Install with The Mirror Handle

If there’s no fork hole in your bike, you can attach the clamps of the phone mount with your bike’s mirror handle. Just make sure you’ve connected the mirror handle tightly after installing the clamps.

Installing the phone mount is much easier than installing it into the fork hole.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do You Attach A Phone Mount To A Motorcycle?

If you use a phone mount that has a magnetic attachment system, you can easily attach it to your motorcycle handlebar. This is one of the easiest ways to set your phone with the mobile and shoot videos. 

For this, you need to put the magnetic phone mount to the handlebar. As the magnets get attached, it is done. Now you can keep the phone on the magnetic mount and it won’t slip or fall off the mount. The magnetic suction is extremely powerful and even on rough roads, your phone will stay mounted and safe. 

There are a few more types of phone mounts that you can attach to the handlebar. One has a sturdy rubber strap that you put around the handlebar and lock. On the upper part, you set the phone and lock it there. 

Why Did Your RAM Motorcycle Phone Mount Come With Glue? 

RAM X-grip phone mounts are the best phone mounts for motorcycles. They are extremely strong and sturdy keeping the phone in place. This comes with glue and you need not worry about it as it is for strengthening the mount. 

The rubber around the RAM X-grip is attached to the phone mount with the help of glue. So extra glue is provided so that you can attach the rubber more tightly to the X-grip phone mount. The glue is given to attach the rubber and ensures a firm grip on the motorcycle. 

When the mount is tightly attached to the motorcycle, your phone remains secure and stays in place. Basically, the extra glue is provided for your benefit only. 

How Do You Glue RAM Motorcycle Phone Mount? 

Gluing a RAM motorcycle phone mount is easy. In fact, it is one of the best and most convenient ways to mount a phone and attach the phone to the motorcycle. 

For extra security and to ensure that the mount stays in place, you can glue the RAM X-grip phone mount to the motorcycle. The cap under the mount is attached to the handlebar. But with the glue that comes with the mount, you can strengthen the grip. Apply the glue to the inner part of the cap and then adhere it gently to the handlebar. Within minutes, the cap adheres to the handlebar so tightly that you can’t break it easily. 

Thus when you glue the RAM X-grip motorcycle phone mount, the bond is strong and the phone stays secure even during a rough ride. 

Final Thoughts: 

To conclude, having a top-notch motorcycle phone mount is truly helpful for vloggers. And now that you have a clear idea about how to install a motorcycle phone mount, you can easily do this by yourself. 

Choose the right phone mount for your motorcycle that is compatible with your device and vehicle. So get ready for your next ride and shoot the best moments easily by installing a phone mount.

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