How To Register A Dirt Bike?

how to register a dirt bike

For riding a dirt bike legally on public roads, you must require registration. But the registration procedure of a dirt bike is not as simple as speaking. For registering a dirt bike, you need to go through a legal process. Now you may ask how to register a dirt bike? 

Well, being an owner of a registered dirt bike, I can recommend that if you properly follow the legal procedure of registering a dirt bike, you can finish all the procedures in a short period. After completing the registration process of your dirt bike properly, you will also enjoy the additional legal benefits. 

In this article, I will briefly discuss how to register a dirt bike and some other points that are also relevant to the title. So, I request you to read my entire article to make your understanding clear in all things perfectly well. Let’s start our discussion step by step:

How To Register A Dirt Bike? (4 Simple Steps)

By following these 4 simple steps and procedures, you can easily register a dirt bike and make it legal for public street riding:

1. Application For Dirt Bike Registration:

The process of registering your dirt bike begins with applying to the local states’ Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In the application, you need to provide detailed information about your dirt bikes. You can click here to see an official application format sample of dirt bike registration.

2. Submit Your Ownership Proofs: 

You also need to prove the ownership for registering your dirt bike. You can submit bills of sale or manufacturer’s certificate as your ownership proofs. You must prove your ownership of a dirt bike to get the registration approval.

3. Verification Of Dirt Bikes: 

To register your dirt bike, you need to submit a verification form. This verification form should be signed and approved by the local DMV officer, vehicle verifier, or peace officer. To see a sample verification form for dirt bikes, you can click here.

4. Visit A Local DMV Office:

Once you have all the documents, the next step is to go to your states’ DMV office with the applicable registration fees. The registration fees can vary from state to state. By completing their official formalities, they will review your dirt bike registration application.

You can also complete all of these procedures online instead of going to a local DMV office. To do that, you need to visit the official website of your state’s DMV. 

How Do You Register A Dirt Bike Without A Title?

Usually, most dirt bikes do not have a title. Though it’s true that if you have the title with the dirt bike, you can efficiently complete your registration process in a short period. But, what if you don’t have any title for your dirt bike?

Well, in those cases, you must have some types of signed documents that prove your ownership of a dirt bike. These documents can be:

  • The full name, address, and contact number of both buyers and sellers.
  • Communication, purchasing, and declaration date.
  • Brief description of dirt bikes that may include models, purchasing price, and manufacturing year. 
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • A paper that explains why the seller can’t provide the title at the purchasing time.
  • Documents of where and when the dirt bike was registered last.
  • Any other relevant documents.

Simply put, to register your dirt bike without a title, you must require those documents that prove you are the actual and legal owner of it. So, try to purchase a dirt bike with the title. But if it doesn’t have a title, then ensure it has at least above-mentioned documents. 

With the proper documents, you just need to contact the local DMV office to register your dirt bike. After examining your ownership proofs documents, the local DMV will inform you. Keep in mind that you may face many issues and trouble when you register a dirt bike without title and proof of ownership.  

How Much Does It Cost To Legalize A Dirt Bike For On-Road Riding? 

To legalize your dirt bike for on-road riding, you have to update your dirt bike’s mechanical and non-mechanical equipment mandatorily. The requirement and the fees also vary from state to state.

You need to spend around $200 to update or install mechanical equipment for your dirt bikes. The cost depends on which brands and types of motorized equipment you want to use. 

The cost of non-mechanical equipment depends on which state you live in because every state has different registration fees for a dirt bike. On average, you need to spend $50 to register your dirt bike. You can read my previous article, which is written on ‘can a dirt bike be made street legal?’ where I briefly discuss everything about the cost to legalize a dirt bike for on-road riding.

Do Dirt Bikes Need To Be Registered In California? 

In California, to make your dirt bike street legal and eligible for public road riding, you should register it. You have the option to complete the registration process of your dirt bike both offline and online.

For off-line registration, you need to visit the local DMV office of California along with an application and proper documents, such as title or other documents that prove your ownership. Then you need to submit those papers to the dirt bike registration section of your visited DMV office. 

In the online registration process, you don’t need to physically visit any DMV office in California. You can simply go to any of the nearer California DMV office’s websites. Then find out the registration form of a dirt bike and appropriately fill it up. Attach the scan copy of the asking documents. Finally, click the submit option to finish your registration process. 

In California, a dirt bike’s registration fee is $52 (it can be changed), and it is valid for two years. You can click this link to get the up-to-date registration fee information of California’s motor vehicles.

How To Register A Dirt Bike Without Title In California?

In California, with a title, you can very easily register your dirt bike. But if you purchase your dirt bike without a title or somehow lost it, it can still be eligible for registration. In that case, you mandatorily require such documents which prove your ownership of the dirt bike. 

In California, to prove your dirt bike ownership, you require the statement of origin, previous titling documents (if you have them), bill of sale, dealer certificate, or other documents that prove you are the legal owner of your dirt bike. If you don’t have the title or any ownership proof, the registration process for your dirt bike may be very lengthy and difficult.

How To Register A Dirt Bike In Florida? 

The registration process of a dirt bike is almost similar in every state. I have already briefly described how to register a dirt bike in the above part of this article. 

To register your dirt bike in Florida, you need to submit an application and attach proper documents with that. Then visit a nearer local DMV office of Florida to submit all of your documents along with the registration fees. If Florida’s DMV office allows your dirt bike to register, they will inform you.

Nowadays, all of these registration procedures of the dirt bikes in Florida can be done online very easily. So, you can do that from your house without visiting a DMV office in Florida. To know the registration fees of Floridas’ motor vehicles in detail, click here.

Last Few Words:

After reading this article, I hope you’re clear on how to register a dirt bike. In this article, I have discussed everything in detail that you should need to know. You can’t ride on a dirt bike legally on the road without completing the registration process. So, I recommend everyone who wants to ride their dirt bikes on the road,  should complete the registration. 

If you have any experience of registering a dirt bike, you can share it with our readers by commenting below. Feel free to ask any topic-related questions. I will give you the best probable answer in a short time. 

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