How To Register A Dirt Bike Without A Title? [A Step-by-step Guide]

How To Register A Dirt Bike Without A Title

Dirt bike titles serve as confirmation of legal ownership. The government lexicon of dirt bikes is different from regular bikes. Also, there are only a few resources available about how to register a dirt bike without a title that might help you.

As an owner of a registered dirt bike, I can assure you that if you follow the legal requirements for registering, you will be able to complete the process in a very short time. But what if you don’t have a title? Coincidently, I had no title when I purchased mine, either. So, I had gone through a couple of legal hoops.

In this article, I’ll go through how to register a dirt bike without title and a few other related topics. So, I urge you to read my whole article in order to gain a complete knowledge of everything. Let’s get this ball rolling.

3 Easy Steps To Register A Dirt Bike Without Title:

It is a bit difficult to register a dirt bike without a title. But with some legal steps like submitting the proof of ownership or taking some extra time by courtesy registration can make it possible. The process details are mentioned below:

1. Proof of Ownership:

This is the very first and the most important step to register a dirt bike without a title. So, you have to put some extra attention to this step. I have described it in a very simple word below:

  • When the bike is from a state other than Connecticut, then you have to check the Title Information By State to make sure if a title is required or not. 
  • If the bike is not titled in that state, the prior owner’s valid registration is required.
  • If that registration is ceased, you’ll need to get a letter from the preceding state’s DMV to confirm the registration.

2. Gather Documents:

As we all know, without legal documents, we won’t be able to apply for the registration. I have pointed out all the required documents here:

  • Both buyers and sellers must provide their real identities, residences, and contact numbers.
  • Documents demonstrating where and when the dirt bike was last registered.
  • Models, current value, and year of manufacture may be included in a brief description of dirt bikes.
  • Dates for communication, purchasing, and declaring.
  • A document that explains why the seller would be unable to give the title at the time of purchasing.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Any other documents that are essential.

4. Courtesy Registration: 

If you don’t have the original title, you can seek a 6-month registration which is known as a courtesy registration, to give your lienholder or leasing business time to mail the title to the Connecticut DMV. 

  • This only applies if the original title is held by a lien owner. Courtesy Registrations are charged at a rate of 25% of the base registration fee plus other registration fees.
  • The designated department will send a notice after 45days before the expiration of the courtesy registration. 
  • If the authentic out-of-state title is not presented to the title department before the Courtesy Registration expires, the registration will not be renewed until the title is produced.
  • The registration can be updated once the authentic out-of-state title is received, and a CT certificate of title will be completed and mailed to the lienholder of record.

5 Things You Must Check Before Buying A Dirt Bike Without A Title:

If the owner does not have the title, you should never purchase the dirt bike without first completing these steps. Even though the owner possesses the title, it’s never a bad idea to look into the bike’s origin.

1. Check The VIN:

To make sure the bike isn’t listed as salvage, stolen, or any other blemish on your record as the owner. You can receive the VIN number from the individual selling the bike, and if they appear hesitant or flatly refuse to give it to you, that’s a big red flag.

Leave them a note thanking them for their time. It’s not worth the hassle of buying a dubious dirt bike from a shady guy, no matter how affordable the bike is.

2. Inquire If They Are Aware Of The Title:

It’s an automatic point in their favor if they have the championship. It will include a lot of the information you need on it, such as the VIN, and you will have the title, which is proof of ownership, once you buy the bike.

3. Find Out If There Are Any Liens:

If the bike has a lien on it, it has been financed, and you should be able to find out if money is still outstanding on the bike by checking the VIN. You should always find out if the individual selling the dirt bike still owes money on it before purchasing it, since if you do, you will be liable for finishing his payments. If the owner has a title, that information will also be on it.

4. Verify The VIN: 

The title (if one exists) corresponds to the VIN on the bike. If the individual selling the bike isn’t being authentic, there will be some difference on the title and the physical bike. That means both are not quite the same, resulting in you riding around on somebody else’s ownership.

5. Check To Determine If A Notary Is Required: 

The title may need to be notarized even before sale is finalized, depending on your state. Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wyoming do not need notarization.

With A Bill Of Sale, How Can You Get A Title For A Dirt Bike?

After you’ve located the owner of a dirt bike, you’ll need to obtain the title for your Dirt Bike. If you’re seeking instructions on how to get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale, the procedures listed below will help you get the best results.

1. Take A Look At The Bill:

First and foremost, you should thoroughly inspect the dirt bike. Read the bill of sale from beginning to end. Various liens could be filed against the dirt bike. Titles, other liens, and repair expenses are examples of these. 

2. Learn More About The Bike’s Owner:

Ascertain that you are aware of the dirt bike’s owner.

Check to see if the owner has theft insurance coverage that will cover you. If you don’t know the owner’s insurance company, you should request the policy number from the dirt bike vendor.

3. Take The Dirt Bike to A Title Business: 

Taking the dirt bike to a title company is another approach to secure a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale. A title company will thoroughly inspect the dirt bike before issuing you with a title. In most circumstances, you will be given the name of the property owner.

However, you must exercise extreme caution while selecting a business to locate the dirt bike’s title.

This is because there are a lot of phony companies out there that will only make your life worse by offering you terrible titles. As a result, be careful not to fall for these con artists when looking for a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale.

4. Purchase A Dirt Bike From The Dealer:

Buying the dirt bike from the seller is another way to receive a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale. This is because the seller can list the dirt bike in the title search if he or she sells it. If you have a problem with your dirt bike after purchasing it, the seller may be unable to list it.

You should also look at the dirt bike’s history. If you haven’t found any issues in the past, the dirt bike must be legal.

5. Check The Validity Of The Title:

Check to see if the government has placed a hold on the dirt bike’s registration. This indicates that the title is most likely fictitious and should be ignored.

By requesting the seller for a title report, you may be able to learn more about the dirt bike’s past. If the vendor refuses to provide you with the report, it’s time to find another dirt bike seller.

The dirt bike should, in most situations, be given a new label. If you are unable to obtain a new title, contact the authorities to locate the owner.

4 Simple Steps To Register Dirt Bike In A Regular Way: 

It is comparatively easy to register a dirt bike in a regular process. You just have to follow a few simple steps for it. Like-

1. Apply For Dirt Bike Registration: 

The first step in registering your dirt bike is to petition to your local state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You must submit specific details about your dirt bikes in the application. You can see an example of an official dirt bike registration application format by clicking here.

2. Look for Any Unresolved Concerns: 

If you have any difficulties such as unpaid property taxes or insurance blunders that could prevent you from registering.

3. Gather all Papers: 

Identification, proof of insurance, completed registration application, bill of sale, payment, proof of ownership- all these documents will be required.

4. Schedule an Appointment with the DMV Office: 

You have to submit all the documents to the DM Office to the designated slot to complete the registration.

Related Questions About Dirt Bike Title:

Which States Allow Dirt Bike Without A Title And Which Do Not:

Fortunately, most of the states allow a dirt bike without a title. But there are few states which don’t allow it without a title. I have listed out those states below:

States That Allow Dirt Bike Without TitleStates That Do Not Allow Dirt Bike Without Title
MichiganNew York 

Is It Mandatory To Have A Title For Registering Dirt Bikes In California?

You should register your dirt bike in California to make it street legal and allow you to use it on public roads. You have the option of completing your dirt bike registration both offline and online.

You must visit your local DMV office in California with an application and required paperwork, such as a title or other documents that establish your ownership, to register off-line. Then you must take those documents to your local DMV office’s dirt bike registration area.

You do not need to physically visit any DMV office in California to complete the online registration process. You can just go to the websites of any of the California DMV offices that are closer to you.

Then look for a dirt bike registration form and fill it out properly. Attach a scanned copy of the papers you’re requesting. Finally, to complete your registration, select the submit option.

Is It Legal To Ride A Dirt Bike Without A Title In Tennessee?

It is questionable. Last year, Tennessee enacted some new legislation. My street legal bike was not titled by the first user, and he exclusively rode it in the dirt, which caused me problems in Washington county.

I had to jump through hoops with the cops, notary public, and other government agencies. Plus a slew of forms and a call to Nashville’s DOT “magistrate.” It took me a month to finish everything. If you’re planning to buy a new one, have the dealer attach the Baja kit for you.

How Much Would It Cost To Get A Dirt Bike Approved For On-Road Use?

To make your dirt bike legal for on-road riding, you must update both the mechanical and non-mechanical components. The requirements and fees differ from one state to the next.

To replace or add mechanical equipment on your dirt bikes, you’ll need to spend roughly $200. The price will vary depending on the brands and types of motorized equipment you choose.

Because each state has separate registration fees for a dirt bike, the cost of non-mechanical equipment varies depending on where you live. To register your dirt bike, you’ll need to spend an average of $50.

Where Should You Put The Title Plate On A Dirt Bike?

Firstly, you have to drill several holes at the front of the title plate and then use zip ties to attach it. If your dirt bike lacks its headlight, simply purchase a dirt bike light from Canadian Tire or anywhere else and connect it to your crossbar.

For the back part, again simply drill a few holes in the fender liners and attach it to your dirt bike and it’s ready to ride your bike on the street. Only on a long weekend, C.O.s might check for headlights. But  They usually don’t hassle you when you ride with your title plate.

Changing Of Dirt Bike Titles Law:

As I previously said, when it comes to dirt bike laws about titles and registration, state rules vary, which can make things complicated and a little annoying at times, especially when it comes to getting different licenses or selling and buying a secondhand dirt bike.

For example, in Idaho, you must have your title as proof of ownership in order to obtain a restricted license to ride on country roads. Every off-highway vehicle must be registered in Utah, since Rhode Island does not issue titles to cars built after the year 2000.

It’s critical to stay informed about the legislation in your area!

So verify when you buy or sell to avoid getting into problems. Even if you’ve previously sold a dirt bike without a title, double-check the rules! Your state’s laws may have changed since then.

Is It Bad If A Dirt Bike Doesn’t Have A Title? 

Without a title, buying a dirt bike can get you in trouble. It’s likely that you won’t have a title. They don’t really come with new dirt bikes except they’re street legal, in which situation they might.

You may not have a title unless you’ve earned it yourself. This is mandatory work for dirt bikes. Because a person has to collect several papers to prove the ownership of the bike which is very time consuming.

It’s a poor idea to buy a motorcycle without a title. To be safe, the buyer should seek the bike’s VIN number from the seller. It would be a good idea to call the regional police agency and have them check it out as well, just in case it was stolen recently.


I hope you understand how to register a dirt bike without a title after reading this thread. In this article, I’ve covered everything you need to know in great depth. I strongly advise anybody who wants to ride their dirt bikes on the road to undergo the registration process.

If you have any experience registering a dirt bike without a title, please tell me about it in the comments section. Please feel free to ask any questions. In a short time, I will offer you the best possible solution.

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