Where Can I Ride A Dirt Bike Legally?

where can i ride a dirt bike legally

Don’t want to get caught by police riding a dirt bike? Well! Just make sure that the place you’re going to ride is legal in your state for riding. Being an experienced dirt bike rider, I can inform you about the legal places where I have been riding my dirt bike over the years. 

Although riding a dirt bike is not allowed everywhere, you can ride it legally in some earmarked places. Some common places are: off-roads, personal properties, motocross tracks, off-road riding parks, and state trails.  

In today’s post, I’m going to explain everything about riding a dirt bike legally in different states of the US, including some common tracks. So it goes without saying that you can go to any of these places to ride your dirt bike legally without violating laws.

5 Legal Places To Ride Dirt Bikes Near You:

According to laws, there are a few places where you are allowed to ride a dirt bike legally. But dirt bikes are also legal on- roads under some terms and conditions. There are generally 5 places where you can legally ride dirt bikes. Here I mention those places with proper explanation :

1. Off-Roads: 

Dirt bikes are made for off-road riding. You can legally ride it at any of the nearest off-roads in your state. Riding a dirt bike off-road brings lots of excitement to the riders. Riders can freely ride his/her dirt bike on this type of road. So, they enjoy full freedom while riding a dirt bike off-road.

2. Personal Properties: 

If dirt bike riding in neighborhoods is legal in your states, then you can ride it legally in your private properties. But for doing that, you require advance permission from your neighbors. At the same time, open spaces are also needed for comfortable dirt bike riding.

Ensure you have enough spaces and the green light from the neighbors to ride dirt bikes legally in the neighborhoods. After ensuring these, you can start dirt bikes riding legally in your personal properties.

I also noticed that the police might catch people when they ride the bike in the neighborhood or their private properties. Don’t worry. I have already written an article about dirt bikes riding in the neighborhood of your current living state. This is the link. 

3. Motocross Track: 

In your neighborhood, you can easily find quite a few public or private motocross tracks. Most of the motocross tracks allow dirt bike riding. You can go there to ride your dirt bike legally. I recommended the motocross track for the expert dirt bike riders only because it can be hazardous for novice riders.

4. Off-Road Riding Park: 

Dirt bikes are perfect for off-road riding. You can comfortably and legally ride dirt bikes in there. Most often, you don’t find off-road in your neighborhoods. That’s why off-road riding parks are developed in modern cities. You can easily find one of them in your neighborhoods. So, off-road riding parks can be an ideal place for riding dirt bikes legally in your state.

5. State Trails: 

Many state trails are available around us. I hope there are quite a few also around you. You can simply go there for legally dirt bike riding. They will warmly welcome you. 

But before going there, don’t forget to check whether they allow dirt bikes or not. In my finding, most of the local state trails allow dirt bikes for riding there. So, neighborhood state trails can be a good option for riding dirt bikes legally.

These five places are some of the best options for riding dirt bikes legally in the neighborhoods. You can choose any of these places for riding dirt bikes legally in your states.

To write this article, I also did various research such as analyzing different state laws on dirt bike riding, reading multiple articles, and taking interviews from the experts. So, you can ride your dirt bike legally without any hesitation in any of these 5 places that I already explained.

Do You Need A License For Riding A Dirt Bike Legally In These 5 Places?

The requirements of licenses vary from state to state and place to place. Usually, to ride a dirt bike, these 5 places: off-road, personal properties, motocross tracks, off-road riding parks, and state trails, you don’t require any license mandatorily. So, you can ride your dirt bikes legally in any of these places without a license. 

USA’s Best Motocross Tracks Of Different States Where You Can Ride Dirt Bike Legally:

Here I make a table with the name and details information of three best and popular motocross tracks of USA’s different states. You can legally ride your dirt bike in any of them according to the nearness:

State NameDetails On Three
Best Motocross Tracks
ArizonaARIZONA CYCLE PARKTrack: MXAddress: Buckeye, AZ
Website: www.arizonacyclepark.com
HAPPY TRACKTrack: MXAddress: Yuma, AZ.
Website: www.happytrack.com
ET MOTOPARKTrack: MXAddress: Apache Junction, AZ.
Website: www.etmotopark.com
AlabamaDEER RUN MX PARKTrack: MXAddress: Hanceville, AL.
Website: www.deerrunmx.com
NOAHS MOTOPARKTrack: MXAddress: Maplesville, AL.
Website: www.noahsmotopark.com
CROSSBONE MX RANCHTrack: Sandy Motocross TrackAddress: Billingsley, Al.
Website: www.crossbonemx.com
ColoradoRAMPART RANGETrack: Forest trailsAddress: Denver, CO.
Website: www.rampartrange.org
VALLEY DIRT RIDERSTrack: 160 acres of terrain including MX and SX tracksAddress: Berthoud, CO.
Website: www.vdrmx.com
THUNDER VALLEY MOTOCROSSTrack: Pro National MXAddress: Lakewood, CO
Website: www.tvmx.net
CaliforniaZaca Station MX ParkTrack: MotocrossAddress: Zaca Station Rd. Buellton, CA.
Website: www.zacastationmx.com
Barona MX Track Track: Motocross, VetAddress: 1800 Wildcat Canyon Rd, Lakeside, CA.
Website: www.barona-mx.com
Piru MXTrack: MotocrossAddress: 4375 Center Street, Piru, CA.
FloridaDADE CITY MOTOCROSSTrack: MotocrossAddress: Dade City, FL.
Website: www.dadecitymx.com
BOSTWICK CREEK MOTOCROSS PARKTrack: Motocross, Peewee Track and TrailsAddress: Green Cove Springs, FL.
Website: www.bostwickmx.com
BITHLO MOTORSPORTS PARKTrack: Top Notch MX Track and FacilitiesAddress: Bithlo, FL.
Website: www.bithlomotorsports.com
GeorgiaAMX PARKTrack: MotocrossAddress: Cairo, Ga.
Website: www.amxpark.com
DIRT FARMTrack: Motocross & PeeweeAddress: Folkston, Ga.
Website: www.powersportz.com
GEORGIA PRACTICE FACILITY – GPFTrack: Excellent Supercross & Motocross tracksAddress: Cairo, Ga.
Website: www.gpfmx.com
IndianaPODIUM ONE MOTOPLEXTrack: MotocrossAddress: Charlestown, IN.
Website: www.podium1.com
HIGH FLY MX PARKTrack: MXAddress: Crothersville, IN
Website: www.highflymx.com
KentuckyMOUNTAINVIEW MXTrack: MotocrossAddress: Hazard, KY.
Website: www.myspace.com/mountainviewmx
BALLANCE MOTO XTrack: MXAddress: Oakland, KY
Website: www.ballancemotox.com
Website: www.earlywineracing.com
KansasRACERS EDGE MX PARKTrack: MotocrossAddress: Baxter Springs, KS.
DRAGOON CREEK MOTOCROSS PARKTrack: MotocrossAddress: Lyndon, KS.
PLATTER HILL MX PARKTrack: Great motocross track with big jumpsAddress: Winfield, KS.
Website: www.platterhillmx.com
MississippiLAWMAN MXTrack: MXAddress: Northeast, MS.
Website: www.lawmanmx.net
Website: www.terrapinrunmotocross.com
3.GOLDEN PINE RACEWAYTrack: National Caliber Motocross TrackAddress: Prentiss, MS.
Website: www.racemra.com
RED BUD MXTrack: Pro motocrossAddress: Bucannon, MI.
Website: www.redbudmx.com
LOG ROAD MOTOCROSS TRACKTrack: MotocrossAddress: Bronson, MI.
Website: www.logroadmx.com
MissouriKNOBBY HILL MX PARKTrack: MXAddress: Cosby, MO.
Website: www.knobbyhillmx.com
VALLEY MXTrack: MXAddress: Grain Valley, MO.
Website: www.valleymx.com
Website: www.buffalomx.com
New YorkROCKY ROOST MOTOCROSS & ATV PARKTrack: MX Tracks and TrailsAddress: Beaver Dams, NY.
Website: www.rockyroostmx.com
Website: www.frozen-ocean.com
MOTO MASTERS PARKTrack: MotocrossAddress: Mapleview, NY.
Website: www.motomasters.com
New JerseyTHUNDER MOTORSPORTSTrack: AMA standard MXAddress: Wildwood, NJ.
Website: www.thundermoto.com/bikes.htm
ATCO MX PARKTrack: MXAddress: Atco, NJ.
Website: www.atcomxracing.com
Website: www.racewaypark.com/motocross_racing.aspx
OklahomaK TOWN MOTO XTrack: MXAddress: Kingfisher, OK.
Website: www.ktownmotox.com
ALPHA MOTOCROSS PARKTrack: MXAddress: Okmulgee, OK.
Website: www.alphamotocross.com
MOTO CITY RACE PARKTrack: MotocrossAddress: Blanchard, OK.
Website: www.motocitymx.com
OhioFAST TRAXX MOTOPLEXTrack: Supercross, MX and Grand PrixAddress: Nelsonville, OH.
Website: www.fasttraxxracing.com
SPLIT RAIL SX INDOOR TRACKTrack: Indoor SupercrossAddress: New Concord, OH.
Website: www.splitrailsx.com
BRIARCLIFF MXTrack: 4 Different Levels f MX Tracks and 2 Miles of trailsAddress: Nashport, OH.
Website: www.briarcliffmx.com
TexasCYCLE RANCHTrack: Pro Motocross TrackAddress: Floresville, TX.
Website: www.cycleranchmx.com
Website: www.wtmxp.com
BADLANDSTrack: Night track – MXAddress: Celeste, TX.
Website: www.badlandsmx.com
WashingtonTOES MOTOCROSS PARKTrack: MXAddress: Royal City, WA.
Website: www.toesmxp.com
BURNT RIDGE MX PARKTrack: MXAddress: Cinebar, WA.
Website: www.burntridgemx.com
Website: www.extmotorsports.com

15 Best Dirt Bike Trails Of USA Where You Can Ride It Legally:

Generally, in the USA, you will find lots of dirt bike trails for riding it legally. You can easily go to your nearest dirt bike to ride it without any hassles. To make your finding process more comfortable, below, I make a list of the USA’s best and most popular dirt bike trails based on my personal experiences and research.

  1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
  2. Denali Highway, Alaska.
  3. Taylor Park, Colorado.
  4. Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis, California.
  5. Croom Motorcycle Area, Florida.
  6. Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho.
  7. Moro Plantation, Northern Maine.
  8. Wayne National Forest, Ohio.
  9. Ogemaw Trails, Michigan.
  10. Wayne National Forest, Ohio.
  11. Windrock Park, Tennessee.
  12. Red River Motorcycle Trails, Texas.
  13. Mud Creek Off-Road Park, Jacksonville, Texas.
  14. Moab, Utah.
  15. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia.

From the list of these 15 dirt bike trails, you can go to any nearby places your current residents to ride it legally. I can make sure that all of these dirt bike trails are amazing and makes your riding trip more enjoyable.

Final Verdict:

If you ride your dirt bike in a restricted area, then indeed you face troubles. Local police will catch you and send you to jail. Court will give you punishment for riding dirt bikes illegally. It can be jail for a few months or a penalty of money. 

I hope my article will be fruitful for you by providing detailed information about the places where you can legally ride dirt bikes. Don’t forget to let me know which place is perfect for you to legally ride a dirt bike. I wish you a happy dirt bike riding trip.

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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