Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have A Visor?

why do dirt bike helmet have a visor

Most of the dirt bike helmets come with a visor. Do you know the reasons behind it? Probably not. Visors provide so many facilities to the riders in order to make the riding experience more enjoyable. 

The visors of dirt bike helmets create a block on riders’ faces to save their eyes from direct sunlight. It also helps you keep the vision clear during riding and protects riders from the flying dust and debris while driving it on the road.  

This article will clear you why using a visor with a dirt bike helmet, its benefits, and other essential information.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dirt Bike Helmet Visor? (4 Common Benefits)

The dirt bike helmet visors have 4 common benefits. Here I’m going to point out them with detailed information. Let’s look at a glance. 

1. Very Useful In Sunlight Riding: 

The sunlight of a sunny day can cause lots of trouble for the dirt bike riders. During that time, the light of the sun directly affects the eyesight of a dirt bike rider. As a result, she/he cannot ride their dirt bike properly, which increases the risk of accidents. 

In that situation, dirt bike helmet visors are very useful to provide safe riding. The helmet visor blocks the sunlight that creates a disturbance in the eyes during riding. These preventative abilities make the dirt bike helmet visor more effective for sunlight riding.

2. Can Be Effective In The Bumpy Road And Challenging Weather Condition:

In a bumpy road and challenging weather, it is very tough to ride a dirt bike. During the rainy season and winter’s snowfall, the road becomes slippery, so riding at that time is very difficult for dirt bike riders. The dust of the rough road and the lousy weather haziness affects the eyesight of a rider.

The visor on dirt bike helmets protects the eyes and the head of the rider in such conditions. Visors on helmets ensure safe driving in both bumpy roads and challenging weather. 

3. Helpful For Keeping Balance In The Narrow Or Braky Road:

There is always a higher risk of driving a dirt bike on the narrow or braky roads. A rider cannot move his/her dirt bike at full speed on these types of roads. 

The rider can quickly lose his/her balance on that road while going. A visor on dirt bike helmets works as a shield to protect the rider by keeping riders to help maintain balancing in a narrow or braky road.

4. Dirt Bike Racers Must Need A Helmet Visor:

The visor on a helmet is a must needed thing for a dirt bike race. Everyone knows how risky a dirt bike race is for the racer. In a race, riders drive their dirt bike very fast, increasing the risk of losing balance and falling into the road that can cause serious injury. 

But having a helmet visor can be useful for the dirt bike racer while participants in a race.

The visor on dirt bike helmets protects the rider’s faces and eyes from the mud, snow, or other dust while driving fast. It works as a protector against all of the dust that comes towards the riders’ face. With a helmet visor’s help, a rider can avoid the risk of accident and then comfortably focus on his/her racing.

Which Dirt Bike Helmet Visor Is The Best One For Driving?

Dirt bike helmet visors are available in the market in various designs and colors. They are easily customizable according to the riders’ necessity. It is wise to use low light levels’ clear visor when driving the dirt bikes because these visors are best for providing a clear road view.

What Feature Should You Look While Buying A Dirt Bike Helmet Visor? (6 Mandatory Features)

In my opinion as a professional rider, every dirt bike rider should need to use a visor with their helmets for safety reasons. Here we point out six of these required features you must need to ensure in your dirt bike helmet visor while purchasing it. Let’s check out these six mandatory features of it.

  • Style.
  • Size.
  • Color.
  • Accessibility.
  • Eye Protection.
  • Head Protection.

Which Helmet Visors Are Legal For Dirt Bikes?

The government provides some specific guidelines for dirt bikes. The riders of a dirt bike should strictly follow all of these guidelines. It is mandatory to wear a helmet while driving dirt or other bikes. 

According to laws, some helmet visors are not legal for the use of dirt bike driving. But the use of visors on dirt bikes’ helmets ultimately depends on the choice of rider. The laws for dirt bikes already specify legal and illegal helmet visors.

Smoked helmet visors, helmet with integrated glasses visors, completely transparent helmet visors, etc., are commonly used legal helmet visors for dirt bikes. Iridium, dark, or mirrored dirt bike helmet visors uses are also permitted under a few conditions.

Do All Dirt Bike Helmets Come With The Visors?

Not every helmet of dirt bikes indeed comes with the visors. However, visors are very useful for driving a dirt bike. So, as a rider, you can purchase a visor separately for your helmet. 

But before purchasing, you should need to make sure that the design of your dirt bike helmet is compatible and fits with the visors. If your dirt bike helmet is designed to support visors, find out the right size of visor for it.

Can You Tint A Dirt Bike Helmet Visor?

Although we don’t want to motivate you to tint dirt bike helmet visors, you can still do that. To tint a dirt bike helmet visor, you require some materials and need to follow a few steps. Click here to read the detailed procedures about the tint of a dirt bike helmet visor. 

How Can You Repair Your Dirt Bike Helmet Visors? ( 3 Simple Steps)

In case your dirt bike helmet visor is broken or damaged somehow, you can follow the below three steps to repair it quickly. Let’s start. 

  • First, remove the visor from the helmet and then use plumbers epoxy inside it.
  • Then, according to the broken or damaged spot, you need to grit the epoxy down.
  • Finally, require a painter’s tape to cover the broken or damaged areas of your visor to piece together again.

Using these three simple steps, you can comfortably repair your broken or damaged dirt bike helmet visor. But you should keep in mind that this can waste your visors’ warranty.


The use of visors with a dirt bike helmet is entirely optional. It depends on the choice of riders. If they want to use it, they can purchase a dirt bike helmet with the visors or separately buy visors for the dirt bike helmet. But being an expert, I always recommended dirt bike riders to use a visor with the helmet while driving it on the road.

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