What Happens If You Put Wrong Gas In A Dirt Bike?

what happens if you put wrong gas in a dirt bike

Getting the best outcome from your dirt bike, you need to put the right gas into it. But have you ever thought, what happens if you put the wrong gas in a dirt bike?

A rider will never get the best outcome by putting the wrong gas or mixing an inaccurate ratio in his/her dirt bike. This type of fault badly affects the dirt bike engines’ performance by creating issues like pinging or knocking during riding. It is crucial to put the suitable gas with the appropriate ratio in a dirt bike for more prolonged use.

In this article, I’ll briefly discuss the various aspects of dirt bike gas. I’ll also give you detailed information about the best 5 gas for dirt bikes in the last part of this article. So, don’t escape without finishing this article.

What Kind Of Gas Do Dirt Bikes Use?

Premium gas is the best option for dirt bikes. But most riders don’t like to use premium gas for his/her dirt bikes. Instead, they go for quality racing fuels. Here I’ll introduce you to two raw materials that use for making the best gas of dirt bikes:

1. High Octane:

High Octane is often used to make good quality dirt bikes fuel. The interesting thing is that you need to pay more for the higher number indicating octane. Generally, over 90-octane gas works well for dirt bikes. For better performance from your dirt bike engine, I suggest you use between 91 to 94 octanes.

2. Non-Ethanol:

Ethanol is vastly used to make vehicle fuels. But I recommend no one to use ethanol-based fuels for their dirt bikes because they attract moisture into your tank and cause erosion.

So, use such fuels for your dirt bikes that are made from non-ethanol. Non-ethanol-based fuels are OK for using occasionally, but don’t use them regularly because of erosion issues.

Differences Between Premium And Regular Gas Of Dirt Bikes:

You can use both premium and regular gas for your dirt bikes. But there are a few differences between them. Below I write down these differences:

DifferencesPremium Gas Of Dirt BikesRegular Gas Of Dirt Bikes
Octane RatingPremium gas of dirt bikes has a higher octane rating.Regular gas dirt bikes have a higher octane rating.
Price RangeThe price range is higher than the regular gas of dirt bikes.The price range is lower than the premium gas of dirt bikes.
Working EfficiencyDirt bike engines work more efficiently with this type of gas.This type of gas creates some issues for dirt bike engines and works less efficiently.
CapabilityMore capable of resisting pinging or knocking issues.Less capable of resisting pinging or knocking issues.

Putting premium gas in a normal dirt bike engine doesn’t give you the expected outcome. Consequently, check your owner’s manual to know premium or regular gas is recommended by the manufacturer for your dirt bike.

What Happens If You Put Regular Gas In A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike?

You should definitely mix regular gas with 2-stroke oil before putting it into the engine; otherwise, you’ll face knocking or pinging issues during riding. Basically, 2-stroke dirt bike engines depend on lubrication for running at full speed. But without lubrication, they’ll begin to heat and stop properly working very soon. 

As a result, your dirt bike suddenly stops on the roads. To avoid such a situation, mix regular gas with the oil rightly and then put it in a 2-stroke dirt bike.

What Kind Of Gas Does A 4-Stroke Take?

4-stroke dirt bikes usually take non-ethanol-based gas fuels. Even 4-stroke dirt bike engines are capable of getting along even under 90 octanes. But to get smooth dirt bike riding, I’ll suggest you to use octane boosters or race fuels with above 90 rating octanes. The cost will be a little bit pricey for that.

5 Best Gas For Dirt Bikes:

After deep research, I selected these 5 best gas for dirt bikes. Here I list them with pertinent information. Let’s check them:

1. Race Gas Fuel Concentrate:

Sometimes it’s too difficult to manage high-octane gas for your dirt bikes. In such a situation, most dirt bike riders go for a low-octane. Well, you can get along with low-octane, but it creates high noise and discomfort for the engines. 

Hence, instead of a low-octane fuel, it’s better to use a concentrate or an octane booster. You’ll get different brands of concentrate in the market, but among them, I recommend you to try ‘Race Gas Fuel Concentrate.’ Now, you may ask why I recommend it to you.

First of all, I personally use this product. ‘Race Gas Fuel Concentrate’ is not only suitable for your dirt bike but also it is equally good and suitable to use for motorcycles, cars, and other off-road vehicles. You can comfortably try it with every type of 2-stroke oil. 

To get a smooth burn, just mix ‘Race Gas Fuel Concentrate’ with your regular fuel and then give it a boost by higher the octane. Though this product’s price is a little bit higher than regular fuel, I suggest that you should use it only with your regular fuel for saving money.

Pros Of Race Gas Fuel Concentrate:

  • The best option when you don’t get quality gas in the neighborhood for your dirt bike. 
  • Useable with 2-stroke oils.
  • It is specially made for dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles.
  • It is a supercharged concentrate.

Cons Of Race Gas Fuel Concentrate:

  • Much Expensive.
  • Spill error will destroy your paint.

To See Details About Race Gas Fuel Concentrate, Click Here.

2. VP Small Engine 50:1 2-Cycle Fuel:

Generally, 2-stroke engine dirt bikes require premix in place of direct pouring oil. For that reason, this product is the best for 2-stroke engine dirt bikes. It is an ethanol-free premix of fuel and oil that protects your carburetors from corrosion. And another good thing is, you can store it for a more extended period.

I don’t recommend you to use it for those dirt bikes which have separate oil tanks. It does not give you the best result for a 4-stroke engine dirt bike. VP Small Engine using ratio is 50:1, and to be honest, it is not capable of running every dirt bike. So, before purchasing this product, make sure that it has the capability to run your dirt bike engine.

Pros Of VP Small Engine 50:1 2-Cycle Fuel:

  • It uses high-quality synthetic oil and 94-octane fuel.
  • Burns clean.
  • Usable for a minimum of 2 years after opening it.
  • Easy to pour premix for 2-stroke engine dirt bikes.
  • Perfect for every type of 2-stroke dirt bike engine.

Cons Of VP Small Engine 50:1 2-Cycle Fuel:

  • Not usable for 4-stroke dirt bikes engines and those have separate oil tanks.
  • Not specific for racing.
  • It is not a high-performance fuel for dirt bikes.

To See Details About VP Small Engine 50:1 2-Cycle Fuel, Click Here.

3. VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel:

This fuel is perfect for the small 4-stroke engine dirt bikes. ‘VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel’ is 94 octane and usable for dirt bikes, leaf blowers, lawnmowers, ATV, and others. It ensures the smoother running of fuel injection systems. 

‘VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel’ is suitable for long-term use. Therefore, it’ll be a good choice for those who do not often use their dirt bikes. Another important thing is that ‘VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel’ does not contain any ethanol , as a result, there is no chance of catching any moisture.

Pros Of VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel:

  • It is a 94-octane fuel.
  • Best for all types of small 4-stroke dirt bike engines.
  • Non-ethanol mix restrains corrosion.
  • Useable for more extended periods. 

Cons Of VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel:

  • Not specific for racing.
  • The price is a little bit higher.

To See Details About VP Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel, Click Here.

4. VP Octanium Octane Booster:

This product is well-known for ensuring more horsepower during dirt bike riding by eliminating pinging and knocking. Using ‘VP Octanium Octane Booster, ’ riders can enjoy faster riding in off-roads with his/her dirt bikes. 

‘VP Octanium Octane Booster’ is one of the best budget-friendly octane boosters. It will give the best result when you blend this product with high-octane gas.

Pros Of VP Octanium Octane Booster:

  • It is perfect for off-road dirt bikes racing.
  • Boosts well low-octane fuels.
  • It gives you good value and long-lasting.

Cons Of VP Octanium Octane Booster:

  • Sometimes it leaves the dust in your engine.

To See Details About VP Octanium Octane Booster, Click Here.

5. Klotz 100 High-Octane Race Gas:

This product is arguably one of the best for dirt bikes. ‘Klotz 100 High-Octane Race Gas’ is ethanol-free and works well in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bike engines. This gas is also environment-friendly. I recommend using this gas when you participate in a dirt bike race. 

Pros Of Klotz 100 High-Octane Race Gas:

  • Useable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bike engines.
  • It never leaves any deposits in your engine.
  • Perfect fuel for a racing dirt bike.

Cons Of Klotz 100 High-Octane Race Gas:

  • Too much price.

To See Details About Klotz 100 High-Octane Race Gas, Click Here.


For getting the practical experiment of what happens if you put the wrong gas in a dirt bike, click this link. Now tell me in the comment box, have you ever put the wrong gas in your dirt bike, accidentally or willingly?

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