What Are The Differences Between A Dirt Bike Helmet And A Street Bike Helmet?

what are the differences between dirt bike helmet and street bike helmet

So you want to know the differences between a dirt bike helmet and a street bike helmet, right? Pretty well! In my personal point of view as a professional rider, I have learned the differences after making hundreds of thousands of mistakes.

Both dirt bike and street bike helmets are used for different roads and purposes. The major differences between a dirt bike helmet and a street bike helmet are in their weight, offering comfortability, ventilation providing, protection ability, padding & grips facilities, price ranges, etc. noted by Ryan Dragunas.

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In today’s article, I’m going to write down some common differences, including a comparison chart. Let’s look at a glance! 

Common DifferencesDirt Bike HelmetsStreet Bike Helmets
WeightIt is lighter than the street bike helmets.It is heavier than dirt bike helmets.
ComfortabilityDirt bike helmets provide comfort by preventing dust towards the riders’ faces or eyes.
Street bike helmets provide better wind and noise protection for comfortable riding.
VentilationVery good ventilation system.Poor ventilation system.
Protection CapabilitiesAverage protection capability.Developed protection capability.
Padding and GripsSoft and less padding. Good grip and padding
Price RangeA little bit higher than the street bike helmets.Slightly cheaper than the dirt bike helmets.

What Are The Differences Between A Dirt Bike Helmet And A Street Bike Helmet?

There are 6 major differences between a dirt bike helmet and a street bike helmet. These are: 

1. Weight Differences: 

Though the weight of a bike helmet depends on the structure and which materials are used to make it. Generally, dirt bike helmets are lighter than street bike helmets. On the road, street bike riders can ride his/ her bike at more speed rather than a dirt bike rider. 

The heavyweight of street bike helmets helps them tightly fit with the riders’ heads, and for that reason, riders don’t face any trouble while riding his/ her dirt bike at full speed. On the other hand, dirt bikes don’t provide too much speed for the riders while riding, so they can get along with a lighter helmet comfortably. By considering this fact, dirt bike helmets are made slightly more lightweight than street bike helmets.

2. Comfortability Offering Differences: 

Dirt bikes are usually driven off-road, while street bikes are made for on-road riding. These two bike helmets also provide different comfortability types to the riders according to the using route.

The usual routes for dirt bikes are mud or countryside roads. There are so many obstacles such as flying mud, specks of dirt, etc. are always coming towards the rider’s faces while riding a dirt bike in such routes. Dirt bike helmets ensure riding with proper comforts by preventing dust towards the riders’ faces or eyes.

Generally, street bike riders ride it on a highway at high speed. As a result, that creates so much noise and winds during full speed street bike riding. For that reason, street bike helmets provide better wind and noise protection for comfortable riding at any speed. 

3. Ventilation Providing Differences: 

The ventilation system of dirt bike helmets is far better than the street bike helmets. Both dirt and street bikes are made for use in two completely different types of roads. Riders need entirely distinguished features and facilities from their helmets while driving a dirt or street bike. 

Dirt bikes are mainly used on bumpy roads. Riders need to apply more physical strength and labor to ride it safely on that type of road. As a result, most of the riders felt hot and sweaty during the riding. On the contrary, street bike riders don’t face many obstacles when riding on a highway or road. 

Street bike riders can comfortably cope with decent ventilation facilities in their helmets. The dirt bike riders need more ventilation support from the helmet to ride with ease in that uneven route, and that’s why dirt bike helmets offer more ventilation than street bike helmets. 

4. Protection Capabilities Differences: 

The helmets play an essential role in the protection of riders. It mainly protects the head and face of a rider during the accident. In the case of safety, street bike helmets provide more protection than dirt bike helmets. To be honest, ensuring best defense is one of the key promises given by the street bike helmet companies to the riders.

Basically, dirt bikes are used for off-road riding, while street bikes are used in on-road riding. The risk of serious injuries is more for a street bike rider because they ride it on busy highways or roads. So, for protecting the riders from such unenvied situations, street bike helmets offer more protection by using various protective materials.

On the other hand, dirt bikes are usually used in the mud or countryside roads. The risk of serious injury is lower for dirt bikes in comparison to street bikes. So, riders don’t need too much protection from his/her dirt bike helmets during riding. It just protects riders’ faces and eyes during riding from the flying mud or dust. A dirt bike helmet’s protection capability is not up to the mark in cold temperatures and rainy weather conditions.

5. Padding And Grips Facilities Differences: 

Padding and grips are essential features for any bike helmets. The inner padding layers of bikes’ helmets ensure the proper fitting and comfort riders’ heads, and  Different types of bike helmets provide different layers of padding and grips. Dirt bike helmets have soft and less padding, while street bike helmets offer good grip and padding.

6. Price Range Differences: 

There are also little differences between a dirt bike and a street bike helmet’s price ranges. Usually, street bike helmets are slightly cheaper than dirt bike helmets. The average price of dirt bike helmets and street bike helmets is between $150-$200. A rider can easily find a standard and suitable helmet for his/ her dirt bike or street bike in this price range.

Last Words:

In this article, I briefly discuss all of those differences and try to uphold a comparison between these two bike helmets. I hope my information will be enough for you to understand the exact differences between them. 

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