TCT-MT 6″ x 9″ Saddlebag Speakers Review 

TCT-MT 6 x 9 Saddlebag Speakers Review

TCT-MT is one of the best and most popular sellers on amazon. Being a top-rated brand TCT-MT  introduces the best saddlebag speakers for you. If you are an enthusiast of music while riding a motorcycle, this TCT-MT 6×9 saddlebag speaker is the best fit for your Harley Electra Street Glide Road King.  

This speaker is capable of maintaining the best sound performance for your saddlebags while you are on a motorcycle. This speaker features several upsides and specifications that make this product ace in the audio production industry. 

In this article, I am going to run extensive research on TCT-MT 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker to write a product review. After going through this product review article, you will be able to learn about why this product stands out for your motorcycle saddlebag speaker. Let’s have a glance! 

TCT-MT 6×9 Saddlebag Speakers: A General Overview

While riding a motorcycle, you might be bored of listening to your motorcycle engine, especially on a long journey. That’s why the TCT-MT brand brings a 6×9 inches speaker for your motorcycle’s saddlebag. Being a top-notch quality brand, TCT-MT is capable of providing the best quality sound audio speaker for saddlebags to get rid of motorcycle engine sound. 

This TCT-MT saddlebag speaker comes with upgraded components to have the best quality sound so that you can share your music with the world. The best part of having a saddlebag speaker for your motorcycle is you can use this speaker to listen to music and FM radio. Having a good sound system speaker can keep you entertained by listening to your favorite music. 

TCT-MT speaker being a weather resistant product, it will protect the components of the speaker from dust, moisture, and other stubborn particles. Besides, this speaker comes in a variety of features to offer the saddlebag speaker lifetime longevity. 

Technical Specifications Of TCT-MT 6″ x 9″ Saddlebag Speaker:

TCT-MT 6×9” saddlebag speaker comes with some technical specifications to help you decide whether this product serves your purpose or not. The following table shows the key specifications of the speaker. 

Specifications Parameters 
BrandTCT-MT Motorparts 
Package1 Pair 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker
Power 60-120 Watts 
Sensitivity 93dB
Treble Coil Diameter 20 mm
Frequency Range40Hz-22KHz
Impedance 4-ohm 
V.C Diameter 25 mm

Features Of TCT-MT 6”x9” Saddlebag Speaker:

The best speaker comes with the best features to bring you the best benefits. Here are a few features discussed below to justify whether this speaker is the best fit for you or not. 

  • Over Side Magnet: This speaker has used an over side magnet to facilitate the speaker’s deep solid bass. Speaker’s deep bass depends on the size of the speaker and the diameter of the speaker. This oversized magnet feature gives an edge to the speaker. 

Deep solid bass is the audio bandwidth of the speaker. With the effect of deep solid bass, you feel the excitement, thrills while listening to your favorite music. 

  • Cone Paper Material: Speaker is made of cone paper material and glass fiber. Being made of these elements, this speaker can regenerate vibrations from the voice coils to turn the vibration into audible sound to give you a pleasant sound experience.  

While the material is affordable, this cone paper material enhances the durability of the saddlebag speaker. 

  • Fitment:  Before purchasing a saddlebag speaker for your motorcycle, you need to be sure first if the components of your speaker fit your motorcycle or not. This saddlebag speaker is specially designed for the 1994-2013 models of Harley Davidson. 
  • Sensitivity: If the sensitivity of the speaker is higher, the speaker’s sound will be louder. This speaker comes with higher sensitivity that makes this TCT-MT saddlebag speaker more powerful. 
  • Output: This speaker provides a good output that helps increase the speaker’s performance.  The higher the watts of the speaker, the cleaner and louder the speaker’s sound quality will be. 

This speaker provides 60 to 120 watts whereas the ideal power is considered 15 to 30 watts. Being an efficient speaker, this saddlebag speaker can be your ultimate choice. 

  • Frequency Range: The best frequency range is counted for saddlebag speakers is 20HZ to 20KHZ whereas this speaker has 40HZ to 22KHZ frequency. This speaker is capable of producing sound within the frequency range. 
  • Treble Coil Diameter: TCT-MT speaker’s treble coil diameter size is a 20 mm PEI dome that enables your speaker to provide the best sound quality. The Treble coil makes the speaker’s sound clear. 

Pros And Cons Of TCT-MT 6×9 Saddlebag Speakers:

The TCT-MT saddlebag speaker offers you some pros and cons that you need to know before purchasing this product. Let’s take a look!


  • Good Purchase
  • Easy To Install 
  • Heavy-duty Lids
  • Best Quality Saddlebag Speaker
  • Good Sensitivity
  • Good Frequency Range


  • Need to replace speaker’s hardware for better service
  • No Plug and Play

5 Maintenance Tips For TCT-MT Saddlebag Speakers Users:

Maintaining a saddlebag speaker isn’t a difficult task if you know how to do it. To ensure the longevity of the saddlebag speaker, it is important to maintain it properly. Here are some maintenance tips that would make your speaker last a lifetime. 

Tip-1: You should not use any water, cleaners, or solvents to clean the saddlebag speaker. Otherwise, liquid cleaners can damage the speaker’s components. You had better use a piece of microfibre or soft cloth to clean the speaker. 

Tip-2: If the speaker’s amplifier can’t provide enough power, the saddlebag speaker can cause distortion. Low-budget speakers can’t endure high volumes that cause speaker damage. 

Tip-3: With microfibre cloth, you can clean stubborn dust from speaker’s cones. 

Tip-4: Speaker’s components can degrade with time. Degraded components of the speaker might affect the sound quality. So, you should replace the parts to get quality sound for the speaker while making sure the speaker’s long-lasting durability. 

Tip-5: You should be careful about the speaker system that can be overheated. So you always need to keep the system cool to facilitate airflow. 

Where Can You Find TCT-MT 6×9 Saddlebag Speakers For Your Electra Street Glide Road? 

If you would like to purchase TCT-MT Brand 6×9 saddlebag speakers for your motorcycle, you should look no further than amazon. Being one of the top sellers on Amazon, TCT-MT has been a name of trust and promise for years to deliver products fast and securely at your doorstep.  

While Amazon charges relatively a cheap price for purchasing products, shipment fees are free for most products.

Final Verdict:

The epitome of this article portrays the upsides and downsides of the TCT-MT brand’s saddlebag speaker. This product review article would help you know all the features to decide why you should look no further than this product for Harley Electra Street Glide.

You can leave a comment in the box if you have any queries. To read more product review articles, stay tuned to our site. 

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