Razor RSF650 Electric Street Bike Review

razor rsf650 electric street bike review

When it comes to choosing an electric street bike for children, many people get confused about which bike they should purchase and which one they should avoid. To release mass people from this confusion, we’re going to review the Razor RSF650 electric street bike in today’s article. 

Choosing a street bike is nothing but a piece of cake once you know what to check while buying a street bike. On this consistency, we’ve enlisted all the crucial features of the Razor RSF650 electric street bike so that you guys can get a clear idea.

Razor RSF650 Electric Street Bike:

Razor is a leading brand in the bike industry offering the cheapest bike for its clients. And the Razor RSF650 electric street bike is such a unique bike that will help you make your children happy in no time. 

Product Specifications: 

In a hurry! Don’t worry! Go through the most common features of the Razor RSF650 electric street bike at a glance and make the right decision in less time! 

Name:Razor RSF650 Electric Street Bike;
Manufactured By: Razor RSF650;
Sold By: Amazon;
Dimensions:53.3.5 x 26 x 30.7 inches;
Product Weight: 100 pounds;
Shipping Weight:143 pounds;
Wheel Type:12 inches;
Motor Watt:650 watt;
Recommended Age:16 and up;
Weight Capacity: 170 pounds;
Battery life:50 minutes;
Maximum Speed:17 mph;
Average Customer Rating:4.4 out of 5 stars;
Battery Life:36 volts Lithium-Ion;
Shipping Condition: Free shipping;
Item Model Number:15128560;
Current Available Color:Black & red;
Brand Awareness:A leading brand in the industry;
Editor’s level of recommendation:Highly recommended. 

Key Features & Their Benefits: 

Here are the most common features of the bike. If you go through these, you’ll be able to know the ins and outs of the bike. So keep reading this article until it finishes. 

Best Gift: 

Before going to break down any features and their amazing benefits, we’re to ring that the Razor RSF650 electric street bike is one of the best street bikes to gift children at Christmas. Thanks to Razor for manufacturing such a street bike for its customers.  

Electric Engine: 

Razor RSF650 electric street bike runs by a massive 650-watt motor for extensive speed. It’s a chain-driven electric engine that runs by the three 12 volt batteries. 

Wider Tires: 

The tires of this bike are made of ergonomic design and they are a little bit wider than that of many other bikes’ wheels. There are enough shafts on the tires that will help you brake anytime, anywhere without any hassle. 

Maximum Speed:  

The Razor RSF650 electric street bike is a perfect bike to go faster in the dead-end street that has zero traffic. Especially, you can have fun with your children riding on this street bike in the afternoon surrounding areas of your house. Anyway, this dirt bike has a 17mph speed which is pretty good. 

Battery Life: 

Battery life is an important matter. That’s why everyone looks to find out what the ultimate lifespan of the batteries of a bike is. The reason is very simple. It’s a very painful matter to stop riding in the middle of the session. And I have had many bad experiences, you may have, too.  

Anyway, the maximum lifespan of the Razor RSF650 electric street bike is up to 50 minutes. So once you consider this street bike for you, you can plan to ride with your kid for up to 50 minutes. 

Age Recommendation:  

It is to say that many of the Razor street bikes are made for very small children. But this street bike is made for the youngsters whose ultimate ages are 16 and up.  

Maximum Weight Capacity: 

According to Razor’s official information, the maximum weight capacity of this street bike is 170 pounds. So, make sure you’re not overloaded with the bike when you ride on the bike along with your child.  

Crossing the maximum weight capacity can destroy the ultimate lifespan of the bike. And it’ll minimize the battery lifespan as well.  

Authentic Design: 

If you ask me what makes this dirt bike different from many other ones, I’d say it’s because of its authentic and unique design such as rear suspension, awesome handlebars, and amazing color combinations.  

So we can predict that your child will be happy with the bike whenever he/she looks at it for the first time. 

Dual Disc Brake: 

This bike has a hand-operated dual disc brake system to stop it anytime, anywhere. So, no matter when you go faster with the bike since you’re allowed to reduce the speed of the bike without any hassle. 

Custom 12’’ Mag Wheels:

Another amazing feature of the bike is its custom 12’’ mag wheels. In addition to this, the pneumatic street tires offer you to ride on the bike more comfortably.  

Hidden Storage Compartment: 

To store any snippet things, it has a hidden storage compartment. So, you can easily put your mobile set or any other emergency things on the compartment to use an emergency.  


Handlebars of the bike have made it more attractive to the kids. Plus, both of the handlebars are wrapped with soft rubber foam so that riders can easily control the bike and keep holding their plans and fingers on the handlebars. 

Rear Suspension: 

Suspension is used to suspend this street bike rider and the bike to insulate from the asperity of the rocks. So this bike is pretty perfect to ride on the mountain due to its rear suspension which is placed exactly on the seat of the bike. 

Retractable Kickstand: 

Though many of the street bikes come without a kickstand, however, it comes with a super quality kickstand that is retractable. By the kickstand, you will be able to take a break in the middle of the riding. 

Folding Foot Pegs: 

On both sides of the bike, there are folding foot pegs which will help you to keep your foot with enough comfortability while riding the bike. 

Razor RSF650 Charger: 

This Razor RSF650 charger is a super accessory that comes with one year of warranty and It’s made in china. Besides charging Razor RSF650 electric street bikes, you can charge many other nearby accessories with this charger.   

Razor RSF650 Battery:

Razor RSF650 batteries have a long time lifespan. It comes with three 12 volt rechargeable batteries. Once you charge the batteries for at least 12 hours, you’re allowed to ride it up to 50 minutes constantly.  

Ease Of Set-Up Process: 

Though many of the street bikes take a long time to set up, this one has ease of setting up. Most of the previous buyers have assured us that they have started riding on the bike within 15 minutes after unboxing.

So, this bike will help you hold your child’s enthusiasm and make them happy. 

Shipping Condition: 

Razor offers this bike with free shipping. You don’t have to spend extra money to ship this bike to your address. But, if you’re someone who lives outside of the USA or Canada, then the buyer has to bear all the shipping and Taxes of the bike. 

Brand Awareness: 

Needless to say, every street bike lover knows about Razor. Razor is a leading bike manufacturing company in the world over the last few decades with huge success. That’s why you can hope that you won’t face any problems if you purchase any bike under the Razor brand. 

Level of Recommendation: 

Considering all the previous customers’ reviews and analyzing the product quality, this bike is highly recommended for you. 


  1. The Razor RSF650 electric street bike is worth the money. 
  2. Its overall design matches a professional bike. 
  3. The size of this dike is longer than the size of the Razor RSF350. 
  4. Almost all of the previous buyers are happy with the bike. So, we can predict that this one will make you happy as well as your children. 
  5. This bike has longevity. 
  6. It’s easy to assemble. 
  7. The seat of the bike is comfortable enough. An adult person will easily be able to sit on the bike to ride on the bike. 
  8. Core construction is made up of highquality products. 
  9. If any portions of the bike damage in the future, you have a chance to replace it with a new one from the company. 
  10.  Manufacturer is always ready to support you via mobile and email. 
  11.  Most of the previous riders are quite satisfied with the bike. For this reason, we hope that you guys will also be able to make your children happy with the bike. 
  12.  It comes with three months of warranty. 
  13.  You’re allowed to replace every single part of the bike from the manufacturer if they damage at the time of shipping.  
  14.  Soft rubber grips give you super comfortable at the time of riding. 
  15.  Retractable kickstand will help you to store the bike anytime, anywhere. 


  • It has no system to understand when batteries are drying. So, you need to be aware of yourself while riding. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Razor RSF650 Electric Street Bike: 

We can assume that you may still be roaming under lots of queries and you need the most perfect answer of them, right? So, we’re now going to enlist all the questions that are probably peeping into your mind. 

So go through the questions along with their most perfect answers to get rid of doubt. 

Question: How fast does the Razor RSF650 go?

Answer: 17 mph. 

Question: What is the core difference between Razor RSF350 & RSF650? 

Answer: There are many differences between Razor RSF350 and Razor RSF650. However, the core difference between the bikes is that Razor RSF650 is a larger version of the Razor RSF350. 

However, we’ve already made a long post comparing the differences between the bikes. This post is here.  

Question: How Extended time does it take to recharge the battery?

Answer: Let’s face it! A pocket bike needs only one hour of charge to ride on it. But, a street bike needs at least 12 hours of charge to ride on it. 

Question: Do Razor RSF650 electric street bikes have a light? 

Answer: No. 

Final Verdict:

In this Razor RSF650 electric street bike review post, we’ve broken down all the necessary features and their benefits so that you guys can make the right decision instantly.  

Now, let us know by commenting if you’ve any more questions that are related to this article. We’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as possible.  

Have a nice day with your family members! 

Happy riding!!!!

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