Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike Review

razor rsf350 electric street bike review

Choosing a street bike for kids is a hard job for those who are going to purchase a bike for their kids for the very first time. Think of this, we’re going to go over the Razor RSF350 Electric Street bike so that you can make the right decision for yourself in no time. 

In this Razor RSF350 Electric Street bike review post, we’ll break down each and everything about the bike you need to know before buying. So keep reading this article up to the last so that you can completely get rid of doubt. 

Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike:

The Razor RSF350 Electric Street bike is such a bike that has already brought smiles to many American children. Most of the previous buyers have ensured us that their children are quite happy with the bike. So, if you consider this bike for your kids, you’ll also be able to make your children happy instantly.  

Product Specifications: 

In this section, we’ve enlisted all the key features of the bike so that you can go through the key features if you’re in a hurry. 

Name: Razor RSF 350Electric Street Bike
Manufactured By: Razor;
Sold By: Amazon;
Shipping Weight:63 pounds;
Shipping Condition:Free of shipping charge;
Maximum Speed: 22 km/h;
Disc Brack:Hand-operated disc brack with rear-wheel;
Age Recommendation:13 and up;
Maximum Weight Capacity:140 pounds;
Type of The Fuel:Electricity;
Type of the Engine:Chain driven motor;
Number of Batteries:2 batteries;
Battery Volt:12 volts;
Product Dimensions:43.7 x 29.5 x 22.8 inches;
Item Model Number:15128001;
Average Customer Rating:4.4 out of 5 stars;
Brand Awareness:A leading brand in the industry;
Editor’s level of Recommendation:Highly recommended.

Key Features & Their Benefits: 

Here’re the most common features of this bike that you need to know before buying this bike. 

Electric Motor: 

If you ask us what makes this different from many other bikes, it’s because of its electric motor. Yes. This bike comes with a  high-torque engine that allows you up to 30 minutes (some previous buyers have experienced up to an hour) riding without any break. 

Operating system: 

By clutching the ignition key, you’ll be able to run the bike in a moment. Apart from this, you’re allowed to break by grasping the rear disc brake anytime, anywhere. 


Both of the handlebars are wrapped with soft rubber grips. So riders will be able to grasp the handles when they need them. 

Set up Process: 

Many of the bikes need much time to set up which is really a pain. However, this is a bike that will permit you to set up within a just a few minutes.  

Additional Features: 

Besides the common features, the Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike has a few additional features that make the bike unique from others. Here’re the most common additional features. Look at a glance!

  • Retractable Kickstand;
  • Folding Foot Pegs;
  • hidden storage compartment.

Razor RSF350 Weight Limit: 

According to the manufacturer of the bike, this bike is manufactured to carry up to 140 pounds easily. If you load it with more weight, then there is a tendency of decreasing its normal lifespan. 

But, many previous buyers have ensured us they’ve loaded the bike crossing the maximum weight limit and the bike was able to carry the weight normally. Plus, we all know that loading 5 or 10 pounds more doesn’t create any big issue at all. 

Recommended Age: 

If the age of your kid has become at least 13 years or up, then they are allowed to ride on this bike. 

Note: if your children haven’t reached the recommended age yet, your children look 13 years old or they are heavier enough by the time, then you can allow them to ride on the bike. 

Retractable Kickstand: 

Though many of the bikes come without a kickstand, it’s totally different. As It has a retractable kickstand. And that’s why, it’s a piece of cake to store as well as take a break for a few minutes while riding.  

Hidden Storage Compartment: 

The hidden storage compartment is a unique feature of the bike. In the compartment, you can easily store the things that are in your hand. 

Folding Foot Pegs: 

A pair of folding foot pegs have made the bike funnier to the children than that of many other bikers’ footpegs.   

Razor RSF350 Size:

Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike is the alternative to the Razor RSF650 bike. So this is a compact size bike. 

Razor RSF350 Battery: 

Batteries are one of the most important components of a bike without any doubt. Considering it, this bike comes with a pair of 12 volts batteries whose lifespan is pretty good. 

However, if the batteries dry by the time, then feel free to contact Razor via the official email address. They will help you to replace the batteries. 

Razor RSF 350 Charger:

This bike comes with a durable charger that will last for a long time without damaging any portion of it. 

Shipping System: 

The Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike has a free shipping system for the entire American client. So, you don’t have to spend a few extra costs to ship this bike. But, If you are someone who wants to ship the bike outside of the USA, then you have to bear the shipping costs along with taxes. 

Price Comparison: 

Compared to many other bikes, the Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike’s price is not so high and that’s why it might easily be purchased by the common people.  If you compare this bike with the other ones we’ve already gone over, you must notice that the ultimate cost of this bike is not so high. 

There is a hidden matter that you should know. To ship most of the bike, you have to bear the shipping costs. But if you purchase the Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike for your kids, you don’t have to bear the shipping costs. Because the manufacturer is responsible for the job. 


  1. The Razor RSF 350 electric street bike needs a few minutes to assemble. 
  2. The hidden compartment for storing things, such as mobile phones, chargers, etc. has made it more useful for the rider. 
  3. Strong instant stopping power provided with a hand-operated rear disk allows the rider to break anywhere anytime.  
  4. Due to the retractable kickstand, it’s easy to take a break for a few minutes in the middle of the riding.
  5. It comes with a charger. 
  6. This dirt bike comes with a booklet that will allow you to install the bike without facing hassle. 
  7. It’s made is the USA. 
  8. Razor is a leading brand in the industry over the last couple of years. So you can buy any product from the brand. 


  • Its weight holding capacity isn’t very high compared to many others. 
  • It seems that the bike is a little bit faster. So don’t buy it for a very small kid. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We can assume that you’re still roaming here and there with tons of questions on your mind. Also, you need the right answers to those questions, right? Don’t worry! 

Thinking about you, we’ve enlisted all probable questions that generally people make while buying an electric street bike. So let’s go through the questions along with the valuable answers. 

Question: How will I be able to assemble the bike? 

Answer: After unboxing the bike, you only need to install the handlebars with four nuts. Nothing else! So, within the next 15 minutes, this bike is completely ready to make the very first trip. 

Question: Is there any fuel filling system? 

Answer: No. It’s an electric bike which only requires an electric charge by the Razor RSF 350 charger. There is no other fuel system with the bike. 

Question: What is the top speed of the Razor RSF 350 electric street bike?

Answer: 22 km/h. 

Question: What is the height of the bike? 

Answer: The height of the Razon RSF 350 bike is 23 inches to the seat and 28 inches to the handles. 

Question: How long do the batteries last? 

Answer: How long is the lifespan of the batteries of the bike is a pretty common question, right? Needless to say, it mainly depends on the weight of the rider. A rider whose overall weight is a bit heavier may ride less time than a rider whose weight is comparatively less. Whatever it is! 

Since the bike comes with a pair of 12 volts sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries, they must last up to 30 minutes of continuous riding according to the manufacturer. 

On the other hand, most of the previous buyers have ensured that the overall lifespan of the batteries of this bike is an hour. Once you charge the bike for at least 12 hours with enough voltage, your child will be able to ride on the bike for an hour without any break. 

However, the batteries should last up to 5 years. 

Final Verdict: 

In this Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike review post, we have discussed all the core features along with their expertise. We hope that you guys have been able to cope up with the features. 

Now let us know by commenting if you have any more questions in your mind. We will try to reply to you with the best possible answer.  

Have a nice day with your quiet children! 

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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