PRV AUDIO 6×9 Inch Midrange Speaker Review 

PRV AUDIO 6x9 Inch Midrange Speaker

Being very fond of music, you might be looking for the best audio speaker for your car. Finding the best speaker isn’t a cinch while there are a plethora of speakers available in the market. That’s why people look for the best PRV Audio 6×9 inch midrange loudspeaker.    

PRV audio 69MR500 is a CLI012 tested product that makes this speaker unique. With passion and vision, PRV Audio aims to deliver the best audio product that goes with your lifestyle. Being a top-notch midrange speaker, the 69MR500-Php-4 product it’s capable of high-quality performance with high efficiency and durability.  

In this article,  I am going to give you an overall review of the PRV Audio 69MR500-Php-4 Midrange loudspeaker. While demonstrating the features and specifications of this product, I will explain the upsides and downsides of this product. Let’s jump into it. 

PRV Audio 69MR500-PhP-4: A General Overview  

PRV Audio is one of the best audio manufacturers in the world that has started its journey with a bunch of engineers and executives to provide high-quality audio products like professional loudspeakers since 2006. This brand brings a 69MR500-PhP-4 midrange speaker for you. 

A mid-range audio speaker is the best loudspeaker that provides good sound quality for your vehicle. Being a top-quality audio brand, PRV Audio brings the 69MR500-PhP-4 loudspeaker for you. This loudspeaker comprises high-quality components that improve the quality of the speaker. While the 69MR500-PhP-4 is a top-quality loudspeaker for your car, it is capable of providing fidelity, and efficiency. 

This PRV Audio loudspeaker is specially designed for cars. While driving a car, you may feel like listening to music with a louder sound while sharing your music album with others. While providing exquisite sound quality, this loudspeaker would create the best music environment for the passengers to make the journey comfortable and pleasant. 

This midrange loudspeaker is the perfect fit for installing in the car to listen to FM radio or music anytime wherever you go. If you are looking for the best midrange loudspeaker, no other speaker can be better than the PRV Audio speakers. The PRV audio brand is committed to delivering the best audio products that match your lifestyle while inspiring music enthusiasts. 

Technical Specifications of PRV Audio 69MR500-PhP-4: 

The PRV Audio 69MR500-PhP-4 loudspeaker has some key specifications that you might be in search of. The following table depicts the specifications of the speaker. Let’s have a look!

Specifications Parameters 
BrandPRV Audio
Nominal Diameter6×9”
Nominal Impedance 4-ohms
RMS Power250 Watts 
Program Power 500 Watts
Sensitivity 97dB
Frequency Response 500-12000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter1.5” 
Voice Coil WireCooper
Mounting Depth 3.54”
Frame MaterialDie-Cast Aluminum 

Features Of PRV Audio 6×9 Inch Midrange Loudspeaker:

The PRV Audio midrange loudspeaker brings some upgraded features to improve your audio sound experience. The features have been discussed below with their benefits. Let’s dive in!

  • Fidelity: PRV AUDIO comes with a high pass filter of 1KHz to provide the best fidelity that helps protect from powerful audio installation while responding within the hearing frequency range of the human. Because of the speaker’s fidelity, the speaker is capable of producing good quality sounds while the distortion and noise of the speaker stay inaudible. 
  • Efficiency: While being durable, this audio loudspeaker is capable of responding 12KHz. Having a good frequency helps the speaker respond efficiently and enables them to produce sound to offer a good output in the sound system. 
  • Structure: This product has a sturdy cast aluminum frame that is attached to the powerful ceramic magnet to make a solid structure while having long time durability.  
  • Phase Plug: This speaker includes a phase plug that provides a 500 to 1200KHz frequency response. This phase plug is located in the middle of the membrane. While preventing sound reflections, the phase plug helps lessen the heat. 
  • High SPL: This loudspeaker features high SPL. SPL means Sound Pressure Level that is measured in decibels. It ensures the speaker’s sensitivity and efficiency while determining the speaker’s loudness. 


  • Best Quality
  • Best Fidelity 
  • Long-Lasting 
  • Solid Structure
  • Good Purchase
  • Mid-range Speaker
  • Low-maintenance


  • Only Midrange Speaker

Maintenance Tips For PRV Audio 69MR500-PhP-4:  

If you can take proper care of the 69MR500 loudspeaker, your loudspeaker will get lifetime durability. Here are a few tips to follow to maintain your PRV audio 69MR500-PhP-4 loudspeaker: 

  • While it’s about maintaining your vehicle’s speaker, the first thing that concerns you most is distortion. So, you need to get rid of the speaker’s distortion. You shouldn’t touch the gain knobs of the speaker. The distortion is often caused due to the high volume. If the speaker gets distorted, turn down the volume. 
  • Mid-range speakers have many cable connections. You should check the cables properly if they are tight. Otherwise, they can be corroded. 

Afterward, you need to check the battery terminals and other blocks and blocks of the power distribution. You should ensure a good current flow for better audio performance. 

  • Having a mid-range speaker ensures a good quality audio sound. While this mid-range speaker is weather protectant, it is mostly attached to your vehicles’ doors. But you don’t worry much about its distortion. 

For more caution, you can use grills over the speaker to protect your PRV audio speaker. If there is anything exposed, you need to immediately take care of it. 

Where Can You Buy PRV Audio 69MR500-Php-4 Loudspeaker From?

PRV Audio is one of the most popular audio product manufacturers in the world. While being a renowned brand, there are many PRV Audio products’ wholesalers but if you want to purchase the authentic product, I recommend you purchase the 69MR500-Php-4 loudspeaker from Amazon. 

Amazon is the biggest and most trustworthy site that delivers your ordered products super fast at your doorstep. If you purchase any product from Amazon, you don’t have to pay shipping fees for the product. Besides, you can have an exclusive warranty on the product. 

Final Verdict: 

This product review article is the essence of the PRV audio loudspeaker that portrays detailed information about the 69MR500-PHP-4 to help you know the quality of this loudspeaker. While describing the product, I have tried to present all pros and cons this product comes with.

I hope this product review would help you know why this product is unique and better than any other loudspeaker in the market. If you have any further queries to ask, just leave a message in the comment box. I will come up with an answer very soon. 

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