John Deere Dirt Bike: The Truth Exposes

John Deere Dirt Bike

John Deere was in 87th position on Fortune 500’s America’s list, published in 2019. You may think they produce agricultural machinery, and so do dirt bikes. Because both dirt and agriculture go along very well.

This particular concept may lead you to search on the search engines “John Deere dirt bike.” Or, you may do the search hearing the rumor ‘John Deere making motorcycles.’ 

Regardless of the media, you become confused as soon as you search. There are a bunch of photos of John Deere dirt bikes. But there is not a single website discussing them. What is going on?

Let’s go and find out!

A Brief History of Deere and Company:

John Deere is not the name of the company, rather it is the brand name of Deere and Company. Let’s have a look at the brief history of both John Deere and Deere and Company.

The birthplace of John Deere is in Rutland, Vermont. From his childhood, he stayed on the family farm with his mother and siblings after his father passed away when John was just a teenager. He moved with his family to Grand Detour, Illinois, in 1836 to seek new opportunities.

His first invention was the polished steel plow in 1837 that was more durable than the previously used cast-iron plows. The company is best known for its green and yellow tractors and other farming equipment. But the company also produces construction, forestry, and commercial and consumer equipment as well.

Over time, the company has evolved to provide a wide variety of products including mowers, tractors, excavators, combines, sprayers, balers, and skid steers. The company has also had several partnerships over the years with other companies, such as Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Timberjack, and Yanmar Co., Ltd., to name a few.

Today, the company has employees worldwide with operations located in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, and many more countries around the globe.

Does John Deere Really Produce Dirt Bikes?

From the history section, you should notice that there are no mentions of dirt bikes anywhere. What does that mean? It means Deere and Company did not make any dirt bikes. The pictures you see in the search engines’ results or on some websites are not of John Deere bikes.

Well! If you consider having the paint of John Deere on any bike as a John Deere dirt bike, then there are many of them. Yes, the images you see on the web are some bikes with John Deere paints on them.

However, there are some very quality utility vehicles from John Deere. If you are a fan of Deere and Company, you can look at them. 

John Deere Utility Vehicles: A Short Overview

John Deere Utility Vehicles can be the perfect fit for any type of job you want to do. Whether you are moving dirt, hauling firewood, or working on a construction site, John Deere Utility Vehicles can help you get the jobs done. 

If you are looking to buy a utility vehicle, keep reading to learn more about everything that John Deere offers.

The two most famous lines of utility vehicles of John Deere are the Work series and the Gator series.

1. The Work Series:

The Work Series is John Deere’s line of most affordable utility vehicles. This series includes some of the hardest-working vehicles that John Deere has ever produced. 

These utility vehicles have been designed with heavy-duty frames and all-steel beds for adding durability. This series is perfect for anyone with a large property looking for an affordable vehicle that can get the job done quickly.

2. The Gator Series:

The Gator series is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra punch of power when it comes to completing jobs around their land or farm. 

These vehicles are equipped with 2WD or 4WD and even come with the option of power steering. They also feature high-back bucket seating to keep you comfortable behind the wheel over long workdays.

Advantages of Having a John Deere Utility Vehicle

During winter, if you live in an area that gets snow, you may want to consider getting a John Deere utility vehicle. Not only that, you can use a utility vehicle in the other seasons too. That is why they are named ‘utility vehicles.’ Here are some reasons why you should consider a John Deere utility vehicle.

  • Save on Labor

When your employees can’t get out or do any work during the winter seasons and you have to pay them anyway, John Deere utility vehicles, in this regard, would be the right choice for you. The utility vehicle by John Deere can be used for many jobs during the winter.  

Not only will these keep your employees busy during the off-season, but they will save you money on paying overtime. Because they are likely to finish the job quickly with the help of a utility vehicle than they would by hand.

  • Increase Safety

If you have a large company, having multiple employees out shoveling snow could cause injuries. Because they’ll be working in close quarters with other people shoveling and moving around heavy machinery. Having a utility vehicle will keep your crew in one place while they work together to clear away the snow.

  • Easy Maintenance

John Deere utility vehicles are designed for easy maintenance. The top hood opens up to reveal the engine, and it’s easy to add oil, check fluid levels, and perform other maintenance tasks. 

It’s also easy to change belts if something went wrong with them. If things do go wrong, John Deere has an extensive dealer network that can help you get back up and running quickly.

  • More Comfortable

While a tractor may be more powerful than an ATV or other similar type of vehicle, they often aren’t as comfortable when riding around on bumpy fields or rough terrain. 

The John Deere Gator series has comfortable seats and suspension systems that make it easier to ride around on rough terrain all day long without any hassles.

  • Excellent Handling

As mentioned above, these utility vehicles are made specifically for use on farms and ranches. They are designed to handle uneven terrain with ease, allowing you to take them virtually anywhere on your property without worry or fear of getting stuck deep in the mud.

Disadvantages of Having a John Deere Utility Vehicle

The advantages of a John Deere utility vehicle are obvious — safety is one of them. But there are several disadvantages as well:

  • Cost:

Generally, it costs about $4,500 more than a comparable tractor for a new one. That is the money could be spent elsewhere.

  • Noise:

A tractor’s engine gives off a noise when working. Some people find the noise annoying and will prefer an appliance that makes less noise like a vacuum cleaner or lawnmower. 

  • Size:

A typical John Deere utility vehicle is smaller than most tractors, which allows it to fit through tighter spaces and access areas that aren’t accessible to tractor-trailers. 

The size is also beneficial when you’re towing something heavy because it doesn’t get bogged down in mud or snow. That is an advantage within a disadvantage, right? 

These are the main disadvantages of having a John Deere utility vehicle. If you are okay with them, nothing stops you from getting your hands on one of them.

Related Questions about John Deere Dirt Bike

Did John Deere Ever Make A Dirt Bike Or Motorcycle?

John Deere is an agricultural machinery-producing giant. Dirt bikes or motorcycles have never been part of John Deere’s product lineup. But there are John Deere-themed motorcycles, from toy ones for children to custom bikes that have been modified to look like the iconic tractors. However, it did make bicycles in the late 19th century.

What Is The Best Brand Of Dirt Bike To Get?

As per my knowledge and research, Kawasaki is the best brand of dirt bike overall because it is among the most reliable and powerful brands. KTM and Yamaha are also among the most popular brands on the site.

My other recommendations are Suzuki and Honda as other top brands. They offer powerful engines and good gas mileage in their dirt bike models. And for electric dirt bikes, Razor is the best option.

Click the link to see the price range of different types and brands of dirt bikes.

Is John Deere Going To Produce Motorcycles? 

The rumors started after a patent application was published and released by the US Patent and Trademark Office in March 2014. The patent shows a three-wheeled vehicle that appears to be an ATV with an engine similar to the one on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 

This patent has led many to assume that the agricultural equipment giant plans to release an ATV or motorcycle in the future. But there is no indication that the company has plans for a bike anytime soon. So, there is not much hope for seeing a John Deere bike.

Final Thoughts

It is very easy to become tempted by rumors. The rumor of John Deere making motorcycles, regardless of the form of publication, spread quite well. If you searched on any search engine by typing “John Deere Dirt Bike”, you would not do anything wrong.

However, as you are here, I must serve you with the right information. Hope I did that well. If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment box.

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