How To Whip a Dirt Bike?[You Must Know As A Beginner]

Whip a Dirt Bike

Numerous bike lovers worldwide ride different bikes with several tricks, but dirt bikers are few because many are not familiar with this attempt. If you like the feeling of being carried by you at a fast pace, whipping a dirt bike may be in your favor. It can be very enjoyable if you know how to whip a dirt bike and understand its joy. 

To whip a dirt bike, you need to know the basics of the bike and how to handle it properly. Once you know how to climb, you can safely tackle all kinds of tracks and trails. Dirt bikes come in various sizes, from tracks to motocross bikes. However, this article will let you know the answers to some queries about how you can whip a dirt bike in the right way and safely. Then continue to know about it.

7 Simple Steps To Whip A Dirt Bike For Beginners: Do It Like A Pro

Whipping a dirt bike is every rider’s dream as it gives confidence, respect and blows up your discomfort while riding a bike with this trick. But the most important thing is to give yourself enough opportunity to practice and take the time to learn and practice it.

So let’s get to know the step-by-step methods without further ado. 

Step-1: Start With High Enough Jumps

Most riders trying for the first time are interested in handling high jumps like skilled riders although experienced riders have perfected this skill through many years of training and more practice. Even if you are a beginner, you also need to take high jump training; otherwise, your scraping will end up on the ground and be injured.

Step-2: Set Up For the Jump

When you are setting up for the jump, you must understand that you do not have to achieve maximum speed to try the whip because you do not have the experience to push it while keeping it close to the body. Of course, you have to try it a few times. 

Take it slow at the beginning and learn to handle the jump before whipping. Switch to third or second gear before jumping because it’s fast enough to whip but comfortable to handle.

Step-3: Do not Lean Into It

You should not jump too much during training. This will help you start your jump practice while sitting before you start to twist the dirt bike a bit when you take off. It also helps you adapt to the bike’s movement while you are in the air. In this case, it is essential to know how to control the dirt bike with your weight.

Step-4: Keep Your Body in the Proper Gesture

Is your gesture right? Dirt bikes leaning against your body can help you tilt. Remember, riding skills depend on your physical form, improving with long practice.

You need to have a bike to complete the approach perfectly. Then push the bike out and tilt the legs inwards. Now make sure you are trying to whip while sitting for the first time.

Step-5: Take Off

One of the most significant steps in practicing how to whip a dirt bike is to take off. Focus on how you start while whipping. Therefore,  you have to keep your body in a definite position and go in a certain direction while tilting the bike.

It will be easier for you to whip while sitting, but be sure to turn the handlebars and push your legs. After a few jumps, push the bike with the legs close to the ground as you almost stop.

Step-6: What To Do When You’re in The Air

If you have mastered the jump, your next step is to tilt the bike while it is in the air. Once you take off the bike will start to be how much as you will push it from the beginning with the inner leg. It seems the bike is moving to one side, and as it whips, the front tires and handlebars will become more parallel to the floor facing upwards.

Try to stay on the bike a little while maintaining balance. Don’t stay away from the bike, as this technique can be quite challenging.

Step-7: Touchdown

Tack your legs when landing and stay on the ball of your legs for optimal ventilation. If your body is stiff during landing, you are more likely to get injured, and there may be noise along the alignment of the bike ground. Prepare the bike to go with your flow without tightening the body. The bike should be kept upright if you do not want to skid on the ground during landing.

Best Tips To Improve Your Whipping Skill:

So how does the trick of dirt bike whip work? For this, your strategy must be perfect, and you must be well trained. It is also important to be careful in every step to be in the right place and do not face any harmful situations. 

  • Be Confident and Hopeful

You should keep your fears away when doing a whip because it makes your jump miss, messy and scary. As a result, you may injure yourself. So the most significant thing when whipping is to believe in yourself, which will not compromise your strategy. 

  • Avoid Excessive Push Yourself

You need to have an idea of ​​how much push is considered extra during the whip. Usually, when a biker comes close to a jump, he needs to turn the bike towards it so that he can push with his inside leg for the best strap during the flight. So when you are on a dirt bike, you should be careful not to push too hard.

  • Landing the Bike Successfully

After performing a whip on your dirt bike, you will never be able to land directly parallel or vertically while jumping. If it is done, then the chances of your injury and damage to the bike will increase. The form should be as loose as possible, focusing as much as possible on maintaining your balance at this time. 

  • Go Slowly Taking It Easy

As a first-time dirt biker, you will avoid maximum speed because when you try the first whip, you will not be able to apply the tricks used at full speed as you have not practiced many times. Also, if you drive too slow, the bike may lose control. 

Related Question About Whipping A Dirt Bike:

Is It Easy To Whip A Dirt Bike?

Whipping a dirt bike can be a fearful and complicated task the first time. Riders should start with short jumps and try to whip while jumping to get an idea of their weaknesses and gain experience over time. 

Still, you need to be careful while following the right techniques required to avoid self-harm as it is easy for a skilled rider to whip with multiple jumps several times in a row, but danger can occur if you are a beginner and do not learn the trick properly. 

How Hard Is Dirt Bike Whipping?

Although seemingly simple, whipping a dirt bike is not easy. It is a skill that requires a lot of practice and training to acquire. It will not be difficult for you if you take the time to learn and practice a lot. 

You can start with a small jump first as your skills are low, otherwise, it will seem more difficult to you. Try to whip while jumping so that you get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. 

Is Dirt Bike Whipping A Sport?

Dirt bike whipping is a racing sport when riders compete in gravel, mud, or grassy roads. However, competing with other players is not a matter of competing; it is to keep oneself safe and drive with much skill where the road can show huge obstacles to beat. 

Dirt bike whipping is a game but it is a unique and important technique. So if you want to get the full enjoyment of this sport then you have to follow the right steps. 

Is Dirt Bike Whipping Fun?

Dirt bike whipping is challenging to learn but designed to be fun because it is one of the most popular adventure sports. This practice helps you tackle from a high jump to a safe landing.  

The Dirt bike whipping technique is a lot of fun, making you more experienced. Imagine sitting on your dirt bike, jumping into the air, and landing with a special skill. The subject gives you joy as well as boosts your self-confidence. 

What Is The Point Of Whipping A Dirt Bike?

There is a general point to Dirt bike whip that must be followed if you want to be proficient in this technique. Of course, if you do this with practice over time, you are less likely to make mistakes. 

Generally, whipping helps a dirt bike rider rearrange himself while jumping and allows correct landing. The point of whipping the bike is to ride the bike in such a way that the rider moves on 2 wheels on the track without getting off the track.

To Sum Up

There is no doubt that riders can easily whip a dirt bike, but it is a fine tactic because you have to be very careful while doing it. It is important to know how to whip a dirt bike before practicing the tricks and practice more than once, or the joy of whipping your dirt bike can turn into boredom.

Hopefully, in this article, you have found many helpful tips to help you whip up a shirt bike while maintaining safety. After all, pay attention and time learning and applying it properly.

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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