How To Clean Dirt Bike Chain? [A Step-by-step Guide]

how to clean dirt bike chain

Cleaning a dirt bike chain is an easy task, but many people make it difficult because they do not know the exact process. As a result, they cannot use the chain for long periods, even after regular cleaning. By the way, do you know how to clean a dirt bike’s chain very simple way only in 15 minutes?

However, a number of riders are not able to clean their dirt bike chains by themselves, that’s why they take the help of professionals and spend huge amounts of money on it. If you don’t clean the bike chain regularly, it will soon become unusable. Thus, the chain should be cleaned after every 500 miles of riding.

As an expert dirt bike engine mechanic, in this article, I will show you the best way of dirt bike chain cleaning. Also, here are some tips on dirt bike chain maintenance. So, let’s know the exact rules of chain cleaning!

9 Simple Steps To Clean Dirt Bike Chain: The Best Way 

Many people clean their bike’s chains in many ways. However, I will show you the best way to clean bike chains. This way, you can clean your bike chain in a short time with some small tools at a low cost. Also, if you want, you can easily clean the bike chain with the equipment at home at a low price.

Step 1- Assemble The Necessary Tools:

A few tools are needed to clean the bike chain. You can also buy these tools from the store or make them using in-house ingredients. However, if you do not have all the tools at hand, you will not be able to complete the work correctly.

So, before starting the work, you have to keep the necessary equipment in hand. Below is a list of all the tools you need:

  • A chain cleaner
  • Kerosene
  • Brush
  • Old clothes
  • One pair of pliers
  • Clean water
  • A standard chain lube

Step 2- Stand The Bike:

Once all the necessary equipment is assembled, stunt the bike in a high and flat place. Do not stunt the bike on low or uneven ground, as this may cause the bike to slip with a slight push.

Also, at this time, make sure that the rear wheel is out of the ground and can be rotated easily. Now turn off the bike and wait a while for its hot parts to cool.

Step 3- Spray Chain Cleaner On The Chain:

When all the bike’s parts have cooled completely, gently spray the chain cleaner inside and outside the chain. When spraying cleaner, rotate the rear wheel one to two times so that you can spray all parts of the chain.

Once the cleaner has been sprayed, wait a while for the chain to soak well. If the chain is not completely clean, it will not be easy to clean the stick.

Step 4- Clean With An Old Cloth And Brush:

When the chain is entirely wet, use an old cloth to clean the mud and dirt attached to it. However, be careful not to push too much ground on the inside of the chain at this time, so carefully clean it slowly without pressing it inside. It is not possible to get the copper inside the chain, therefore, clean the inside of the chain with a brush.

Step 5- Move The Chain:

Now you have to remove the chain for a thorough cleaning, for which you need to use a pair of pliers. You can also do this with a screwdriver if you want, but it can damage your chain. To open the chain, place one side of the plier over its opening, and place the other side of the following clip next to the chain you want to open.

Then, close the slide clip by pressing together. Follow the same procedure to move the hook back to the previous position. Now place one side of the plier on top of the already closed pin and the clip already completed.

If you do not return the chain properly, it will be at risk of slipping. Hence, return it to its original position.

Step 6- Soak The Chain Into The Kerosene:

After removing the chain, immerse it in a kerosene can for a few minutes. This will dissolve the old lube attached to the chain. Kerosene has also been shown to work well as a chain cleaner.

But you can use hot water and soap to clean your bike chain. Since kerosene has no side effects, you can safely use kerosene without buying a chain cleaner from the store. 

Step 7- Wash The Chain:

Now remove the kerosene and wash the chain thoroughly with water. You can use hot water and detergent during this time, which is especially useful to clean the chain very quickly.

Gently wash the inside of the chain with detergent or liquid soap with an old brush. You can buy a special chain cleaning brush from Amazon at a low cost, making your work easier.

Step 8- Dry The Chain: 

Once the chain is washed, please wait to dry completely and remove the cleaning equipment. If it is not entirely dried, dirt can quickly get stuck on the wet part.

If possible, you can leave it in the sun for a while. At this time, using a clean cloth, you can wipe the places where the sun does not reach.

Step 9- Lubricate The Chain

Once the cleaned chain is dry, apply lubricant evenly on all sides. This eliminates the possibility of slipping off the bike chain and causing chaos in other parts of the bike.

Lubricants of various budgets are available for use in bike chains. You can buy a lubricant from Amazon according to your budget.

10 Simple Tips To Keep Your Dirt Bike Chain In Great Shape

Dirt bike chains should be inspected regularly. If you maintain the chain properly, you can use it for a long time. Otherwise, you may have to replace the new chain every few days.

Here are some tips to keep your dirt bike chain in great shape that may be helpful for you. By following my tips, you can use your bike chain for a long time.

1. Regular Cleaning:

Clean the bike chain regularly every month like your dirt bike boots. However, if you ride regularly, try to clean the chat once a week. Also, on a rainy day, the chain should be cleaned after each riding, as during this time, a lot of dirt gets into the chain, which can later get stuck inside the chain and cause rust. 

2. Adjust The Chains Often:

Regular riding causes a lot of friction in the moving parts of the riding chain and can cause corrosion. Therefore, it should be adjusted frequently. If you can’t do it yourself, you can seek the help of a professional. Also, adjust the chain every few days to keep your riding safe.

3. Lubricate The Chain Regularly:

Inspect the chain before each ride and apply to lubricate after each cleaning. Also, if you can’t clean the chain after every ride, at least lubricate it before the ride. However, you can also use oil as a lubricant.

4. Timely Chain Replacement:

If your bike chain has worn-out sprocket teeth and extra stretching problems, arrange a quick replacement. Otherwise, accidents can happen at any time. So check the chain after each riding and replace the new chain at the right time without neglect.

5. Check The Chain For Rust And Wear:

The bike’s chain can get worn out and torn as a result of continuous movement. It is also repeatedly at risk of rust. Therefore, check the chain regularly.

Excessive stretching can also result in gear damage. To replace the chain without replacing the gears. Check the chain regularly for wear and stretch.

6. Chain Tension:

When cleaning the chain, you need to check the chain adjustment every time. If the chain’s tension does not follow the user’s manual, follow the manual and adjust again.

Install the chain array for faster riding. However, if you do not like fast riding, install the chain by pulling less.

7. Checking Wear:

Inspect bike chains and sprockets every 10,000-12,000 kilometers. Taxes based on bike chain riding will be accelerated. The more you accelerate, the more the chain will expand.

8. Oiling Chain:

Another aspect of chain maintenance is oiling. Many people put oil on the chain before riding after cleaning the chain.

If lubricate is currently sprayed, the oil can carry grit inside the chain. This grit also acts as a compound mixed with oil to accelerate wear.

9. Waxing Chain:

This is an alternative method of lubrication. In this method, the chain is immersed in hot wax. As a result, wax can penetrate the secretions of the chain, and after cooling, the whole lubricant remains. That’s why it does not attract dirt easily. 

10. Connect And Disconnect Chains:

Use SRAM powerlink to clean the chain properly. You can remove and install the chain without pressing the pin with this. However, after cleaning the chain, install all the new chains and power links. At this time, make sure that all the links are of the same length.

Related Questions On Dirt Bike Chain Cleaning:

What Should You Soak Your Dirt Bike Chain In?

Many people soak bike chains in hot water with dish soap, a solvent, or a degreaser as a chain cleaner. But kerosene works best for a clean bike chain.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dirt Bike Chain?

The bike chain should be cleaned daily when riding on a rainy day. But generally, it is better to clean up after every 500 miles of riding.

How Often Should You Lube Your Dirt Bike Chain?

You need to lubricate the bike chain every month. However, if you are a regular rider, you should clean and lubricate your bike chain every week.

Can You Soak A Dirt Bike Chain In A Degreaser?

It is alright to soak the bike chain in a degreaser to clean it properly. It can clean the bike chain very quickly.

What Can You Use Instead Of Chain Cleaner?

You can use diesel or petrol instead of chain cleaner to clean the chain. You can also use gear oil if you do not have an aerosol lubricant.

Can You Soak A Dirt Bike Chain In Oil?

Modern-designed bike chains are not a good way to clean oil, but you can use oil to clean the chain with a brush. Also, if your chain is an old bushing style chain, you can soak it in oil.

Can You Clean Your Dirt Bike Chain With Vinegar?

You can use vinegar instead of chain cleaner to clean your bike chain. First, dip the chain in white vinegar for a while. Then clean the chain dirt using a toothbrush.

How Do You Make Homemade Dirt Bike Chain Cleaners?

You can make a degreaser using baking soda and lemon juice to clean the bike chain. You can use these two ingredients in the right amount mixed with some hot water as a chain cleaner.

How Much Time Do You Need To Clean Your Dirt Bike Chain?

It doesn’t take everyone the same amount of time to clean the bike chain, however, it depends on the work efficiency. In general, it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to clean a bike chain. If you clean the chain continuously for a long time, it may take more time.


I’ve talked about how to clean a dirt bike chain easily and properly within a short time. I hope you have found it easy to clean your bike chain by following my instructions. If you are a regular rider, you can keep your bike chain better by following the tips provided.

But if you have more information about this article, let me know, I will always try to answer your questions. Also, visit my site to get such helpful posts.

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