How To Become A Professional Dirt Bike Racer? (A Complete Guideline)

how to become a professional dirt bike racer

Many of you ride dirt bikes just to get entertained. Sometimes you arrange dirt bike racing on the beaches or other open spaces to compete with your friends. In this type of competition, no one needs any qualification for participating. But do you have any idea on how to become a professional dirt bike racer?

If you’re not a professional rider, dirt biking is just a hobby for you. It’ll only be a sport for professional dirt bike riders. I’ve been so passionate about dirt bike riding since my childhood and want to take it as my career. But during that period, I’ve no clear idea about dirt bike racing sport.

Now, being a professional dirt bike racer, I know how difficult the journey was. In this article, I will provide you with proper guidelines on how to become a professional dirt bike racer. It’ll make your journey far more straightforward than mine.

Therefore, please consider reading this entire article, especially those who run after the dreams of becoming a professional dirt bike racer.

How To Become A Professional Dirt Bike Racer? (9 Tips) 

Without being a professional racer, you’re not eligible to participate in most dirt bike sports tournaments. Here I share 9 tips that’ll help you to become a professional dirt bike racer. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate dirt bike rider, just follow these 9 tips properly:

1. Start With a Mountain Bike Or BMX:

To become a dirt bike racer, you should start your riding with a mountain bike or BMX. Many world famous cyclists start their racing lessons with these two. 

A BMX is perfect to learn various riding skills, such as explosive power, jumping, pack riding and bumping, leg speed, aggressiveness, cornering, and other essential knowledge. Mountain bikes are a good option for gathering riding experiences of loose rocks, deep sand, wet roots, water pools, and other challenging trails. 

By learning different skills and riding experiences, a rider gets the courage and proper confidence to become a dirt bike racer. First, be a master at riding both mountain bikes and BMX. After that, start your dirt bike racer journey.

2. Purchase A Dirt Bike And Learn How To Ride It:

After being skillful in riding BMX or mountain bikes, it’s now time to be efficient in dirt bike riding. At first, you choose a perfect dirt bike for you according to your height. In the market, you’ll find various brands of dirt bikes, among them you should choose one which is beginner-friendly. 

Generally, beginners’ dirt bikes cost between $500-$2000. It is not ideal to buy a premium new model pricey dirt bike for the new riders. After purchasing a dirt bike, start your hard work outdoors to become a pro dirt bike rider.

This is my recommended dirt bike for practicing. Link

3. Make Sure You Have Proper Safety Gear For Dirt Bike Riding:

Usually, beginner riders face lots of challenges when their riding lesson starts. : they fall down again and again and get injured. Fracturing wrist, collarbone, ankle, shoulder dislocation, acromioclavicular joint, ACL rupture, etc., are the common injuries for dirt bike riders. A new rider should ensure proper safety gear while riding his/her dirt bike to avoid these severe injuries. 

As a beginner dirt bike rider, you should wear proper dresses, use a quality helmet, a pair of boots, goggles, and gloves before starting your practical riding lesson. These safety gears protect you from any types of injuries and give you the freedom to learn the deadly skills of dirt bike riding.

4. Be Regular On Dirt Bike Tracks:

When you learn the basics of dirt bike riding, tracks are the better places for continuing your regular practice. It is wise to choose a nearer dirt bike track for every day riding. When you want to practice on a track, you should follow their guidelines completely. 

One of the other benefits of going to a track is that you’ll meet some other rides who share the same visions of becoming a dirt bike racer. By interacting with them, you’ll learn a lot, and these tricks will make your journey easier. Hence, make some riding buddy on the dirt bike track for enjoying your practice session.

5. Hire A Coach To Learn Faster And Faultless:

To become a professional dirt bike racer, you should definitely go under a dirt bike riding coach to learn faster and faultless. World’s best dirt bike racers constantly invest money in training to keep themselves full fit for upcoming tournaments. You can’t ignore the contribution of a coach for the dirt bike racers. 

A quality coach helps you by providing practical tips and techniques lessons. Good coaches always motivate you to achieve the goal. It is crucial to find a coach who is actually good for you. Personally, I prefer to work with experienced coaches because they are more professional and influential. 

6. Be Straight To Follow Your Workout Plan:

Every dirt bike racer has his/her individual workout plan. Generally, trainers set workout plans for a dirt bike rider based on his/her injuries, body types, mental ability, goal, tournament trails, and other factors. 

The most essential workout plan is regular riding, and it has no alternatives. To become one of the best dirt bike racers, you must ride on it as much as possible. You require a lot of physical coordination and muscle engagement in dirt bike riding. So, follow a proper nutrition chart to keep yourself physically fit for dirt bike racing. And never keep undone your regular workout plan.

7. Manage Your License For Dirt Bike Racing:

You must earn a membership from the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) for participating in professional dirt bike racing events. Basically, AMA is an organization and that works to make dirt bike racing more competitive, fairer, and safer. 

That’s why, they composed a complete guideline for the dirt bike racer. To be eligible for AMA’s pro license, you mandatorily obey their guidelines. After achieving AMA’s pro license, you’ll be benefited in many ways. 

This will open the door for you to take part in various dirt bike racing events. From there, you’ll earn participating money, prize money, and other bonuses. If you’ve any queries about AMA, then click this link to direct communication with them.

8. Take Out A Medical Insurance:

It is needless to say that dirt bike racing is a risky profession. There is always a high risk of getting injured at any time. Some injuries are so brutal that they can completely ruin your dirt bike racing carrier. You require to spend lots of money on medical treatment for recovering from these types of injury.

It’s not possible for a dirt bike racer to single-handedly expend such a tremendous amount of rehabilitation if any unexpected accident occurs. Medical insurance is the only solution to get financial aid in such a pathetic situation. 

The insurance company will bear all the medical expenditures and give you mental relief. This will provide you with the strength to come back again in the dirt bike racing. I’ve already written an article on dirt bikes insurance, there you’ll get more details.

9. Practice, Practice, And More Practice:

‘Practice makes a man perfect,’ to achieve your goal at the highest level, there is no shortcut but hard work and practice. During practice on the dirt bike racing track, you need to be more sincere, focused, and hardworking than the other participants. 

Success will never come quickly, so be patient and motivated until it’s achieved. Spend time as much as you can on the practice of dirt bike riding. Always keen to learn new riding skills and discuss with your coach how to overcome your own weakness. Never afraid of  taking challenges on the practice track. Only then you’ll achieve glory.

By following these 9 tips properly, a regular rider could become a professional dirt bike racer. Start your journey, mate. Best wishes from me.

Is Professional Dirt Bike Racing A Sport?

Absolutely dirt bike racing is a sport. In fact, various dirt bike racing sports events are held across the county throughout the year.  30-40 professional riders take part in a dirt bike racing sports event. Participants are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the competition.

Some of the popular dirt bike racing sports tournaments in the USA are:

  • Motocross (MX).
  • Supercross (SX).
  • Grand National Cross Country.
  • Enduro.
  • Endurocross.
  • Harescramble.
  • Arenacross.

Do you want to read details about those dirt bike racing tournaments? Then click this link, I’ve already written an article on this topic. 

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Racing Competitions For The Professional Riders?

‘Motocross Championship’ (MX) is known as the best dirt bike racing competition. The first MX competition took place in 1924, and now it’s an international dirt bike sports racing event. Under this MX championship, different dirt bike racing sports events are held across the world every year. 

Below I list some of the best dirt bike racing sports events that held under the MX Championship :

1. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Motocross Championship: 

This dirt bike racing is hosted by several states of the USA every year. The tournament takes place from mid-May to late August. Only AMA’s pro license holder dirt bike racers are allowed for this tournament.

2. The FIM Motocross World Championship:

This dirt bike racing tournament is mainly hosted by Europe. However,  Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Australia also hosted these dirt bike racing sports events a few times.

3. The Motocross Des Nations:

This dirt bike racing tournament is hosted by different nations each year. Dirt bike racers from all over the world are welcomed to take part in this tournament.

4. The British Motocross Championship:

This is a dirt bike racing tournament held in 3 stages and took around 6-9 months to end.

You also can click here to see other dirt bike racing tournaments where a professional racer can participate.

How Does A Professional Dirt Bike Racer Make Money Every Season? (4 Earning Sources)

Though professional dirt bike racing, racer’s earnings depend on various factors, they still make lots of money by participating and winning different races. Here I explain how does a professional dirt bike racer make money every season:

1. Winning Prize Money From A Tournament:

Many types of dirt bike racing tournaments are organized in different states of the USA. Professional dirt bike racers get money for participating in the race, and the amount varies on their performance. Performance means the position where a rider finishes the racing. The First, second and third placed winners of dirt bike racers get the most proportion of the prize money.

Suppose, the prize money of a professional dirt bike racing tournament is $70,000 where 30 riders participate. In this situation, the price is most commonly distributed around the range.:

First winner$20,000
Second winner$10,000
Third winner$5,000

The rest amount of the prize money will be distributed according to the achieving position of dirt bike racers in the race.

2. Money From The Sponsors:

Most of the Professional dirt bike racers work with the sponsors. Dirt bike manufacturers’ companies are generally sponsored by professional dirt bike racers. A sponsor can be paid: 

  • a monthly salary,
  • racing dirt bikes,
  • travel reimbursements for their racers, 
  • and bonuses for winning a dirt bike racing tournament.

3. The Prize Money Varies On Dirt Bike Size Categories:

In a dirt bike race, there are different categories, and each category has separate prize money. For example, in a dirt bike racing tournament, a 450cc dirt bike racer will win $60,000. The winner will get $30,000 for winning the 250cc dirt bike category race in the same tournament. So, the earning of a professional dirt bike racer also varies on his/her participating racing category. 

4. Earning From Promotional Activities:

Top professional dirt bike racers are hired for performing in the advertisement or work as a brand ambassador of various products and services. Some of them also work in movies, series, or dramas. From there, they earn a massive amount of money. 

On the basis of these sources and factors, professional dirt bike racers make money every season.

How Much Does A Professional Dirt Bike Racer Earn In Per Season?

I have already briefly discussed those factors and sources that define how much a professional dirt bike racer can earn from a season. The earning amount of money varies from the dirt bike racer to the racer. A top, popular, and professional dirt bike racer can earn more than $2,00,000- $3,00,000 from various sources per season.

Different Professional Dirt Bike Racing Tournaments Winning Prize Money:

Across the USA, many dirt bike racing tournaments are held every year where professional dirt bike racers compete. Different dirt bike racing tournaments offer a different amount of prize money for the winners that increases year to year. 

Below, I make a table to present you the latest amount of prize money for winning different professional dirt bike racing tournaments:

Name Of The Dirt Bike Racing Tournament First Place Winner Will Get Around
Grand National Cross Country$5,00,000
Motocross (MX)$1,00,000
Supercross (SX)$15,000

Where Do The Bonuses Come From For A Professional Dirt Bike Racer?

There are multiple sources from where professional dirt bike racers earn bonuses. Usually, during races, professional riders have several options to display his/her sponsors’ logos. A professional racer uses a logo in his/her shirt, gloves, dirt bike, and helmets. 

Various companies are ready to sponsor professional dirt bike racers for the purpose of their promotion and advertising. Racers will receive his/her dresses, gloves from a garments company, racing bike, and helmets from a dirt bike manufacturer company. When you display a sponsor’s logos during racing, they’ll also give you the bonuses for it.

In 2014 professional dirt bike racer Ryan Villopoto’s annual income was $7,00,000. In this amount, he just makes 1,00,000 from the prize money of different dirt bike racing tournaments, and the rest of the 6,00,000 were coming from the multiple sponsors’ bonuses.

How Much Does It Cost To Participate In A Professional Dirt Bike Race?

A racer needs to spend a massive amount of money participating in any professional dirt bike racing tournament. There are some areas where rides invest money for preparing themselves. The dirt bike racing cost varies from tournament to tournament, racer to racer, and increases yearly.

Here I break down the approximate cost of racing a professional dirt bike tournament:

1. Dirt Bike:

It is the biggest investment for a professional dirt bike racer. Best engine capability dirt bikes increase the chance of winning the race. So, there is no alternative to invest money on a good quality dirt bike to get the expected result from a dirt bike racing tournament.

In the market, you’ll find various brands of dirt bikes of different price ranges. In general, if you purchase a two-stroke engine dirt bike, it’ll cost around $1,500. But they’re not up to the mark for winning a dirt bike racing tournament. 

That’s why, I suggest you invest money in four-stroke dirt bike engines. Though the price of it is a little bit higher, it’ll surely be a great investment for winning the tournament. In my opinion, a professional dirt bike racer should spend $10,000 to purchase a dirt bike.

2. The Cost of Maintaining And Repairing:

A professional dirt bike racer needs to spend a good amount of money for the maintenance and the repairs of his/her dirt bike on a regular basis. It is essential to keep your bike well maintained and completely fit for the racing because you can’t win a racing competition with a damaged dirt bike. The maintenance cost of a two-stroke engine dirt bike is higher, while the price of a four-stroke engine dirt bike is much. 

Changing the oil, air filters with inspecting the tires, sprockets, chains on regular intervals is a part of maintenance. If you find any pieces of machinery parts of your dirt bike aren’t working rightly, then go to a nearer workshop for repairing it quickly. 

The cost of maintaining and repairing a dirt bike is variable and depends on the use. In my calculation, before a dirt bike racing tournament, professional racers are spending around $600 in the sector of maintaining and repairing.

3. Costs Of Gas:

To run your dirt bike faster on the racing tracks, you definitely use standard quality gas into your dirt bikes. There are many brands in the market that supply different types of gas for dirt bikes.

Among these gases, you should pick the appropriate one because if you put the wrong gas in your bike, it’ll badly damage and degrade the performance capability of your dirt bike engine. The cost of standard dirt bike racing gas is $50, and you need to spend this amount after every trip. 

I’ve already written two articles on the dirt bike gas. Click here and here to read those two articles where I vastly explained this issue.

4. Cost On Safety Gears:

You should wear proper safety gear while participating in a dirt bike racing tournament. No dirt bike racing tournaments ,in fact, will allow you to take part in except enough safety gear. Proper safety gear protects and saves the racer if any unexpected accident occurs during racing.

As a result, you’re fully motivated, confident, and ready to give your best on the tracks without any fears. In my finding, a complete quality package of safety gear usually costs between $200-$400.

5. Entry Fees And Renewal Of Memberships:

Without entry fees, you’re not allowed to take part in any professional dirt bike racing tournament besides being a member of the racing association-for some racing tournaments. Generally, the entry fees of a dirt bike racing tournament in the USA is not less than $50. 

The renewal of membership at the regional, district, and national level cost nearly $200 per year. Being a member, you’ll get some additional facilities such as a scoop to practice on the racing track for the upcoming tournament. So, it’s not a bad deal at all.  

6. Other Miscellaneous Costs:

There are also some other unplanned miscellaneous costs such as a sudden party or go out for dinner with the other participants. Apart from these, some maintaining and repairing expenses of your dirt bike can also appear. These costs are coming without giving any notices. Hence, it’s ideal to keep around $150 as miscellaneous costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Race Dirt Bikes? 

Well, after sum up all of these above mention expenditures, the approximate cost of participating in professional dirt bike racing will be:

Expenditures SectorApproximate Cost
Dirt Bike$10,000
Maintaining And Repairing$600
Gas (After Every Trip)$50
Safety Gears ( Complete Package)$350
Entry Fees And Renewal Of Memberships$250
Other Miscellaneous Costs$150
Total Cost=$11,400

As you see in the table, the total approximate cost of participating in professional dirt bike racing is $11,400. In simple terms, if you participate for the first time in a racing tournament and don’t have a dirt bike, then you need to spend $11,400. But if you’ve owned a dirt bike, your cost is only $1,400. 

Notably, owned, you don’t require to purchase a new dirt bike for every racing tournament. Buying a dirt bike is a fixed cost. And other costs are variables that need to be spent for participating in every dirt bike racing tournament.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Professional Dirt Bike Racing? 

In the above part of this article, I present you with an approximate amount of cost that you require to participate in a professional dirt bike racing tournament. Though it costs a bulk amount of money, you can reduce this cost in several ways.

Below I discuss in detail how to reduce the cost of professional dirt bike racing: 

1. Being A Volunteer:

Many of the greatest professional dirt bike racers start their journey as a volunteer of a racing track. The cost of participating in a professional dirt bike racing tournament is too much for a newbie. They need to spend money on purchasing a new dirt bike, and it’s the highest cost. 

But being a volunteer, they can save money in many ways. A volunteer gets the opportunity to practice freely on the racing tracks and also take bits of help from the other experienced professional dirt bike racers or coaches.

2. Find Sponsors:

Sponsors are great sources for professional dirt bike racers to reduce the cost of dirt bike racing. Top professional riders get all money from the sponsors. A sponsor will help you financially by displaying their logo or using products. 

Some sponsors also give a bonus to the racers for winning a dirt bike racing tournament. Before going to an agreement with the sponsors, make sure you’ll read all the terms and conditions.

3. Shares The Cost With A Partner:

If you’re in a financial crisis, then find someone as a partner who also wants to become a professional dirt bike racer. Together, both of you can save a good amount of money by dividing every cost into equal two parts. You could also make more people as your partners and make the team reduce the cost of professional dirt bike racing. 

Besides, by exchanging and sharing both skills and knowledge, you’ll learn more effectively. But be careful when choosing a partner or teammate because the wrong person can ruin your dreams.

4. Practice In Such Tracks Which Are Free:

A lot of money needs to be spent on practicing for upcoming dirt bike racing tournaments. But there are also some places and tracks where you can take your preparation without spending any money.

Nearer open places, private properties, neighborhoods, parks, off-roads, and government dirt bike tracks are the available options where you can prepare yourself completely free. Choose such a free track to reduce your cost.

5. Win Some Racing Tournaments:

By winning some professional dirt bike racing tournaments, you can earn a good amount of money. This money will help when you participate in another dirt bike racing tournament. With these winning prize money and bonuses, you can comfortably maintain the cost of a few dirt bike racing tournaments where you’ll participate later. At the same time, it will also motivate you to win more professional dirt bike racing competitions.

6. Check Every Machinery Parts Of Your Dirt Bike Regularly:

Most of the time, minor machinery problems later become bigger and cost too much to fix them. That’s why, you should check every part of your dirt bikes on a regular basis and especially after ending a race. 

This regular checking will help you to identify the problems of dirt bike machinery parts earlier before it gets damaged badly. As a result, you can quickly change or repair these damaged parts and save your money from big spending.

By getting funds from these sources, you can easily reduce the amount of professional dirt bike racing. So, keep in touch with those people who have the authority to sanction you a fund. 

Who Are The Greatest Professional Dirt Bike Racers?

In the field of dirt bike racing, you’ll find some fantastic professional racers. By taking them as your ideal, you can start your journey to become a professional dirt bike racer. 

Here I list the world’s all-time best such as 10 professional dirt bike racers:

  1. Jeremy McGrath.
  2. Jean Michel Bayle.
  3. Joel Robert.
  4. Jeff Ward.
  5. Ricky Johnson.
  6. Bob Hannah.
  7. James Stewart.
  8. Roger De Coster.
  9. Stefan Everts.
  10. Ricky Carmichael.

By following their pathways, you can also be a great professional dirt bike racer like them.

Final Words:

Being a professional dirt bike racer, you’ll be able to earn a lot of money from various sources. So, follow my guideline, continue your hard work to become a professional dirt bike racer. If you still have any queries, let me know in the below comment box. 

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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