How Fast Is A 100cc Dirt Bike: Best Choice Of  Teenagers?

How Fast Is A 100cc Dirt Bike

The 100cc dirt bike is suitable for teenagers because it is not known for its speed.  You can buy a 100cc dirt bike for your child so that they can acquire basic knowledge about dirt bikes. I think the bike’s recommended guidelines should be followed to avoid any kind of risk. 

100cc dirt bikes can go up to a maximum speed of 45-65mph. This speed depends on the engine power, rider weight, experience, terrain, and suspension. The stroke of the engine also determines the maximum speed of the dirt bike. The speed of a 100cc dirt bike is perfect for new riders.

There are various models of 100cc Dirt bikes in the market and you should check them thoroughly before buying. Choosing a dirt bike for your child is not an easy task, but if you follow this guideline given by me, it will be easy for you.

How Fast Are 100cc Dirt Bikes From Different Brands?

The chart below shows the speed of 100cc dirt bikes of different brands. By looking at this, you can get some ideas about the speed of a 100 cc dirt bike.

Brands Of Dirt Bike (100CC)Potential Top Speed
Kawasaki 65 mph
Yamaha  45 mph
Honda65 mph
Pantera 50 mph
Speeder Republic50 mph

How To Speed Up Your 100cc Dirt Bike: 6 Key Factors 

The following points will help you determine the speed of your child’s dirt bike and the correct dirt bike.

1. Engine Size:

The 100cc dirt bike is suitable for children from 5 to 9 years of age because the engine is not very powerful so the little ones can easily control this bike. The smallest size of dirt bike available in the market is 50 cc. This bike is very useful for kids who have no previous experience riding a dirt bike.

A bike suitable for 100cc 50 MPH speed and kids can enjoy this amount of speed. This 100cc bike is even better and it is a bike useful for your child to learn throttle control. You can evaluate your child’s performance by looking at the technique of riding a 100 cc dirt bike. By looking at your child’s confidence and skills, you can decide if he or she can be taken to the next level.

Also, knowing these things presented below will give you an idea that this is the right time to go for a more powerful engine:

  •  When your baby will look for better suspension, stronger brakes, and bigger wheels.
  •  Whether they want to try motocross racing.
  •  Do they want to experience a manual clutch bike instead of an automatic bike?
  •  While riding the bike, the child’s legs come up to the height of his ears.

All of these features indicate that your child needs a more powerful bike. This dirt bike is quite difficult to control so it is advisable to gradually improve the size of the engine as slight changes can make a big difference for the riders. The improved engine size comes up with a good quality clutch and gears.

2. Check The Seat Height:

Since you will buy a bike for the little ones, you need to check the seat height of the bike before looking at any other features. For this, you can check your child by sitting on different types of 100cc bikes. If the foot does not touch the ground, it will put extra load on the suspension and bump while riding the bike. So, always give priority to the seat to make sure that your child is comfortable riding the bike.

Dirt bikes can have alternative suspension and reduction options, such as lowering the handlebars to reduce suspension that can help your child reach easily. The thing that comes with this is riding boots. It is recommended to wear riding boots instead of regular sneakers.

3. Pick The Right Wheels:

Bikes smaller than 125cc have a larger wheel and a smaller wheel. Both types of wheels have special advantages but larger wheels provide more stability and are compatible with smaller bumps. The smaller wheeled bike is lighter and is suitable for quick turns. Larger wheels weigh more than smaller wheels.

Usually, the front wheel of large dirt wheels is 19 inches and the rear wheel is 16 inches. And for small wheeled dirt bikes, the front wheel is 17 inches and the rear wheel is 14 inches. There are many differences between the two different wheels, the gear, the wheel arm, and the suspension.

The height of the dirt bike is different from the size of the wheel and the size of the frame. Therefore, let the bikes sit on different sizes to determine the right fit for your baby but it will help you.

4. Select The Engine Type:

A 100cc dirt bike usually has two types of engine: two-stroke or four-stroke. These differences directly control the speed of the dirt bike as the four-stroke crankshaft generates energy by moving twice. The four-stroke bike is suitable for smooth riding and eliminates tremors while running. The two-stroke engine generates more power, and it can give a higher power to the crankshaft movement weight ratio.

In other words, the power that a 65cc two-stroke engine produces is equal to 80cc to 100cc speed of a 4-stroke engine. You should select the engine depending on the track. Two-stroke engines are used for recreational riding, while Four-stroke engines are used where the tracks are bound and adequate stability is required.

5. Startup Picks: Electric Or Kicks Start

This 100cc dirt bike has an electronic startup with push buttons. It is easier for children to operate because it requires less effort to start the engine. Kick-starters, on the other hand, require more effort to start the engine, which is difficult for children.

The electric starter needs maintenance and therefore needs to be used regularly. Larger and newer models of Dart bikes nowadays have an electric starter and a kick start option.

6. Select Clutch: Automatic Clutch Or Manual Clutch

You get an automatic clutch on a 100cc Dirt bike and this automatic clutch helps kids learn steering and balance with it. In this way, they do not get confused during the change of transmission.

A manual clutch is always a good choice to get an idea about bike change and gain basic control of your child. Good quality dirt bike models have a manual clutch and the manual clutch is suitable for learning high-grade bike riding.

The manual clutch supplies gear manually and can be moved from one gear to another according to speed. Gaining these skills will not be a problem in the future when your child has the opportunity to ride 250cc or more dirt bikes.

What Steps Need To Be Taken To Move The 100cc Dirt Bike Faster:

Here, I will highlight some of the things that can make your bike speed faster than before. However, the most important factor in increasing the speed of your bike is weight. Here I will discuss how to reduce the weight of your 100cc dirt bike.

  • Be Thin Yourself:

Does that sound ridiculous? It works, if you are obese then you should try to lose weight so that you can be the best of the best. Very few things on the race track can determine your victory or defeat.

  • Titanium Screws And Bolts Replacement:

Replace the titanium screws and bolts by replacing the screws and bolts you have with your bike. Although titanium is a bit expensive, hopefully, you will be happy to see its benefits. All in all, I think you should make these changes.

  • Part Replacement:

People make simple replacements or changes as much as possible to lighten their dirt bikes. One of these is drainage replacement. These are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, they add some weight to your bike. And you can lose weight by replacing these with titanium.

Titanium extracts are lighter because they are not made of aluminum extracts. This titanium is very strong, which means that titanium extracts are of various, light and thin properties.

  • Do Not Fill The Tank Completely:

Fill exactly as much gas as you need to finish a complete race. Before the race, think about this and calculate how much fuel you need. I have said before that a small mistake causes a big loss on the race field. Remember, those who are wise and think before they act will win at the end of the day.

  • Racing Plastic:

This racing plastic is used to make your bike look beautiful. There are beautiful racing plastics on the market that you can use on your dirt bike. These colorful plastics are made in a light and minimalist way so that they do not weigh too much. These are very nice to look at and give your bike a mind-blowing shape.

Related Questions About 100cc Dirt Bike:

How Much Horsepower Does A Dirt Bike With A 100cc Engine Have?

A horsepower is a unit of energy that gives you an idea of how much energy contained in the lighting gasoline is applied to drive the wheel forward.

The average horsepower of a 100cc dirt bike can usually be 5 horsepower or more. The engine of this bike is strong enough to run at speeds of 45mph or more. This speed is suitable for your child.

What Does 100cc Mean On A Dirt Bike?

CC is a cubic centimeter which is a unit of volume. 1000cc is 1 liter (another unit of volume). So 100cc is 0.1 liter. The power of the engine is expressed by 100cc. This is the volume of a cylinder. It gives you an idea of ​​how much power your dirt bike can generate.

How Fast Is A 100cc 4-Stroke Dirt Bike?

A 100cc dirt bike can go up to a maximum speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour. Speed depends on how the bike engine is arranged. If your bike has an extra carburetor, the maximum speed can be up to 80 miles per hour, which is faster than the speed of a car on a normal road.

How Fast Is A 100cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike?

A 100cc 2 stroke dirt bike can go up to a maximum speed of 55 to 65 miles per hour. Its speed depends on the terrain, brand, and other factors. Needless to say, its speed is higher than that of a 4-stroke engine.


The details of the above 100cc dirt bike have been discussed. I hope you can choose the right dirt bike for your child by following these. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. I think, if we can make these changes, the bike will be more compact and more dynamic.

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