Guest Post Policy

If you want to contribute to my blog, make sure you can meet the guest post policy.

  • Choose an informative keyword that is somehow relevant to both your website and mine. The keyword should be low competitive so that it can easily rank on Google. This is how both you and I will be benefited. (Win-win situation)
  • Then write an in-depth article about 1500 – 2200 words using LSI and related questions. Never send any re-written or copy-paste articles. (See the screenshots below form where you can find out LSI and related questions for optimizing.)
  • I hate AI-written content. So don’t submit any AI-written article.
  • After sending the article, my editing team will check it and then publish it if the article is publishable.
  • You will get a do-follow link for your website. I will never delete the link as long as I own the website. Note: if I sell the website in the future (maybe, I will hold it for a long time), whether the link will remain or not totally depends on the new owner.
  • Price: $100 (fixed) Please, don’t mail me if you cannot afford the price.
  • Payment method: PayPal and Payoneer.

So, want to guest post on this website? Visit my contact page.