Do Dirt Bikes Need Insurance?

do dirt bike need insurance

Have you ever thought about what will happen if your dirt bike is stolen or damaged? What will you do when your dirt bike crash someones’ property or vehicles? The answer is simple: if you have dirt bike insurance, then the insurer will provide you the financial aid, otherwise, every penny needs to be paid from your pocket.

Suppose you’ve recently purchased a dirt bike to ride it  on for fun with your kids in the holiday afternoon or spending your leisure time with them. In that case, it’s incredibly important for you to consider insurance for your dirt bike. 

Dirt bikes insurance is optional when it is ridden on off-roads. But the majority of states need dirt bike insurance for on-road riding. Having a dirt bike insurance owner gets insurer coverage for legal claims. Dirt bikes insurance is completely different from the homeowners, cars, and even motorcycles insurance policy.

You may be cheated by the insurance broker if you don’t have the proper knowledge of the dirt bike insurance policy. So, consider reading this article from top to bottom to avoid every type of deception.

In this article, I will reveal everything about dirt bike insurance that you must need to know.  And at the end of this article, I will give you my personal opinion on whether you need insurance for your dirt bikes or not. Let’s start:

Do you Need Insurance For An Off-Road Bike?

If your dirt bike has never set wheels on national or any state’s road, at that time you are not bound to do insurance for it. You don’t need to register your dirt bike. It’s totally up to you what you want to do. You can go for an insurance policy or simply avoid it.

Warning: have it on your mind that you’re liable in that case if you make an accident.  

On the other hand, if you ride your dirt bike on the states’ highways, streets, or busy roads, make sure you register and insure your dirt bike. According to some state law, you require dirt bike insurance for both on-roads and off-roads riding. To avoid every kind of difficulty it is wise to consider an insurance for off-road bikes. 

Do Dirt Bikes And Motorcycles Have Similar Insurance Policy? 

Like motorcycles, dirt bikes also have two wheels and one engine. According to the law, dirt bikes are considered one type of motorcycles. But it doesn’t mean that they both are the same and have similar rules and regulations. 

Dirt bikes and motorcycles have so many differences. Dirt bikes are lightly weighted, ridden on the off-roads, and the safety system is not up to the mark. On the other hand, motorcycles are heavily weighted, eligible for riding on-roads, and have an excellent safety system. You can click this link to read my written article on the differences between a dirt bike and a motorcycle.

In the case of insurance policy, insurance companies provide different packages for both dirt bikes and motorcycles. But some companies consider dirt bike insurance under a motorcycle insurance policy. Generally, the premium of dirt bike insurance is cheaper than motorcycles.  

Is Dirt Bike Insurance Required by Law? 

Dirt bikes are generally considered as an off-road vehicle. It faces different challenges in the comparison of motorcycles that’s why they both have separate insurance policies. A dirt bike that is allowed for both off-roads and on-roads riding is considered a motorcycle and must be insured and registered. 

A dirt bike is designed to ride on raw soil, off-road and rugged terrain. Many of us unfairly believe dirt bikes are buckled by homeowners, cars, or motorcycles insurance, but it’s nothing but a mere belief. 

I’ve never seen such homeowners, cars, or motorcycles insurance companies pay for any dirt bike damage. Probably, you’re as well. That’s because you need to insure your dirt bike so that you can get rid of paying the bill out of your pocket. 

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Types of Dirt Bike Insurance That You Should Have Known Long Ago: 

There are hundreds of insurances for dirt bikes for the time being. That’s because it’s up to you how you’re going to ride your dirt bike. A dirt bike rider who only wants to cruise the back forty will need to contract different coverage than a rider who wants to ride the trails each and every day. 

However, I’m going to share with you a few types of dirt bike insurance based on many factors. Be aware of these!

  1. Property Damage Liability Insurance: 

This insurance is needed for those who ride on other’s property. The reason behind this is that it’ll cover all kinds of damages. Fencing, land, and vehicles, for instance. However, some insurance companies combine this policy with bodily injury policies. 

  1. Roadside Assistance: 

If there is the possibility of making a roadside accident, you should contact roadside assistance. This insurance policy will get you rid of losing money if your dirt bike goes under mud or sand. Even it’ll tote your dirt bike to a repair shop once it becomes inoperable.

  1. Bodily Injury Insurance: 

This dirt bike insurance policy covers fault accidents. If you have become injured with your body or any passenger of the ride, it’ll bear all the treatment expenses. Such as medications, physical therapy, hospital stay-cost, doctor visits, and funeral. 

  1. Medical Payment Insurance: 

This insurance policy will pay the medical bills after an accident. No matter whether you’ve made the fault or not. Once you caused an accident riding on a dirt bike, then you’ll never ever have to pay for dental care, medical co-payments, or home nurse care. Psychiatric visits and funeral expenses as well. 

  1. Collision Insurance Policy: 

This insurance policy will bear all the expenses if any tree, rock, bush hits your dirt bike suddenly. To avoid spending money from your pocket, you need to sign this insurance policy.

  1. Theft and Comprehensive: 

Everyone should take this insurance policy so that they can overcome the losses if their dirt bike is stolen. Apart from this, the comprehensive part will help you to save your bike from vandalism, water, wind, and fire. 

What Is The Importance of Dirt Bike Insurance? 

There are tons of importance of dirt bike insurance. You’ll feel its hidden importance once you make an accident, your dirt bike is stolen by a thief, or any damage’s been done to your dirt bikes. If you have dirt bike insurance, the insurance company will bear all the compensation. You don’t need to pay a single penny from your pocket. 

This financial support in that uncertain situation will be beneficial to overcome the damages to your dirt bike. So, it will be a wise decision to purchase insurance for the dirt bikes. Dirt bike insurance will provide you financial aid when you need money badly.

Why Do You Need Dirt Bike Insurance? 

Here are the major pros of dirt bike insurance:

  • You can claim insurance when your dirt bike collides with another vehicle.
  • You can claim insurance if your dirt bike is stolen.
  • You can claim insurance if your dirt bike is damaged by an accident or fire.
  • With the dirt bike insurance, you also purchase peace of mind.

Why Don’t You Need Dirt Bike Insurance? 

These  are the major cons of dirt bike insurance:

  • You can’t claim your dirt bike insurance for any type of scratches.
  • If you ride your dirt bike in the neighborhood or such places where there is zero possibility to face accidents or damages, dirt bike insurance is unnecessary for those places.
  • You need to expend additional money on your hobby.
  • If you ride your dirt bike on your private property or track, that means you needlessly waste your money on liability insurance.

What States Require Dirt Bikes Insurance? (All 50 States Status)

In most of the state, it is not necessary to do insurance for your dirt bikes while riding them off-road. But when you want to ride it on the local highways, streets, or other on-roads, then you must need insurance for your dirt bike according to the laws of the majority of states. Still, in a few states, you can get along without any dirt bikes insurance.

Below I make a table that will present you the status of which states require dirt bikes insurance and which states don’t:

Serial NumberState NameState’ Insurance Requirement Status For The Dirt Bikes
12Indiana Yes
13Iowa Yes
29.North CarolinaNo
30.New YorkYes
31.New MexicoYes
32.New JerseyYes
33.North DakotaYes
34.New HampshireYes
39.Rhode IslandYes
40.South CarolinaYes
41.South DakotaYes
48.West VirginiaYes

Check the table thoroughly to know your state’s insurance requirements status for dirt bikes. 

What States Don’t Require Dirt Bike Insurance?

As of 2021, among 50 states, you need dirt bike insurance mandatory for street legal on-road riding in 45 states. It is optional to have insurance for dirt bikes in Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, Texas, and Washington.

How Much Does The Dirt Bike Insurance Cost? 

Actually, there is no specification of how much money you should consider ensuring a dirt bike. Because it depends on many factors. Such as your driving record, age, credit history, and the state where you live. Besides, how often you ride your dirt bike. However, the system of calculation is like a motorbike. 

Usually, the cost or premium of dirt bikes insurance policies is cheaper than motorcycles insurance. You can easily get an offer of dirt bike insurance from insurance companies under $100 each year. On average, the premium of dirt bike insurance monthly costs $8-$12 while yearly costs $96-$144.

To give you a basic idea of the cost of dirt bike insurance, below I make a table with the yearly and monthly premium of the USA’s 5 popular insurance companies.  

Serial NumberInsurer Company Name Yearly Premium For Dirt Bike InsuranceMonthly Premium For Dirt Bike Insurance
03Liberty Mutual$761$69
04State Firm$213$19

What Are The Common Types Of Dirt Bikes That Can Be Insured?

Here I listed the common types of dirt bikes that can be insured by almost every insurer company: 

  • Kawasaki KLX, KLR and KX Series.
  • Honda CR and CRF Series.
  • KTM XC and SX Series.
  • Yamaha TT, WR, and YZ Series.
  • Suzuki DR and RM Series.

These are the most common models of dirt bikes that you can insure in any company. 

Do Dirt Bike Insurance Offers Any Discounts? 

Yes, dirt bikes insurance also offers discounts like the homeowners, cars, motorcycles, and other insurance policies. You are eligible to get dirt bike discounts if you:

  • Have Goodwill On ‘Accident-Free Dirt Bike Riding.’
  • Complete A Course On ‘Safely Dirt Bike Riding.’
  • Installed ‘GPS Or Anti-Theft Device’ On Your Dirt Bike.  

These are the most common eligibility requirements that you require to get a dirt bike insurance discount. It will definitely vary from company to company.

Do You Really Need Dirt Bike Insurance? 

At the starting of this article, I’ve promised you that I will give you my personal opinion on whether you need dirt bike insurance or not. I’ve already made it clear through my writing. I am very sure you will get it.

In simple words, my opinion on dirt bike insurance varies from the purpose of use. If you want to ride it only on off-roads and neighborhoods, you can simply avoid it. But when you are a dirt bike racer or have permission to ride it on-roads, you should go for dirt bike insurance to benefit during an emergency. 

So, in my opinion, you may require or may not require dirt bike insurance. I will recommend considering all of the pros and cons of dirt bike insurance before purchasing it.

Final Verdict:

I’ve tried to share my existing experience with you as a dirt bike expert in a nutshell. Right now, it’s time to share your idea, thought, and experience so that people can get benefited from you. 

Also, let me know by commenting if you’ve any more questions that are related to dirt bikes. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. I’m going to ride a dirt bike on the beach with my kids for fun next weekend, you’re most welcome to compete with us. 

Happppppy dirt bike riding!!!!

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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