Dirt Bike Price: Choose The Right Bike According To Your Budget

Dirt Bike Price

Are you a dirt bike enthusiast just like me? Wondering what bike will be the best for you, and want to know about dirt bike price and its specifications? Then this article is just for you. I have also been a dirt bike fan since my early teenage days. I have been researching it since then.

If you are planning to buy a dirt bike or trying to sell the one you are currently using, you must know about the price range of dirt bikes. It will help you to choose the right bike that will match your budget. It will also help you to fix a price for your bike if you already own one and want to sell it.

Below I will be talking about dirt bikes and their prices for your convenience. So without further ado, let’s get into the article!

Dirt Bike Prices For Different Types & Models:

In the following paragraphs, you will learn about the prices of various types and models of dirt bikes along with some valuable information:

  • 2 Stroke Engine Dirt Bike Prices:

Recently the production of 2 stroke dirt bikes has decreased. Yet, some companies have not only managed to continue the process of making them, but they are doing quite impressive work with the designs and models. 

A producer like GasGas solely depends on manufacturing 2 stroke-dirt bikes. They can be named as the sole warrior in the fight to keep the 2-stroke-dirt bikes alive. Below I will be mentioning the prices of some bikes manufactured in different years.

Here is a table below to show you the prices of 2 stroke engine dirt bikes from various manufacturers:

2 Stroke Dirt Bike Model Dirt Bike Price 
Sherco SE 300 Racing$9500
KTM 250XC$9400
Beta 250RR$8800
Sherco SC 125 Cross Country$8890
Beta 125 RR$8000
GasGas XC200$8000
Husqvarna TE150$8600
GasGas TXT250 Racing$8100

The Price List Of 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes That Are Of Different Edition:

We all prefer upgraded technological stuff. Here are some more 2 stroke dirt bikes and their prices from different models and upgraded versions. These are a bit upgraded from the previous dirt bikes.

Dirt Bike Model Dirt Bike Price 
HONDA CRF250F$4500
GASGAS EC GP 300$10,500
BETA 300RR$9100
Yamaha YZ250$7499
Honda CRF250R$7999
Suzuki RM250$7900
  • 4 Stroke Engine Dirt Bike Prices:

In recent times, 4 stroke engine bikes have gained much more fame and attention than 2 stroke ones. They are more powerful and durable than the 2 stroke ones. They are also quite hard to manage. So before buying these kinds of bikes, you need to make sure that you know everything about them.

Here is a price list of 4 stroke dirt bikes that were manufactured in different editions. The dirt bike prices are as such:

Bike NameDirt Bike Price 
Honda CRF250R$8000
KTM 250SX-F$9000
Yamaha YZ250F$8300
Honda CRF250RX$8300
Yamaha YZ450F$9299

The Price List Of 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes That Are Of Different Edition:

Here is the price list of 4 stroke engine dirt bikes. These models mentioned below are of newer versions, and they are upgraded from the dirt bikes discussed previously.  The dirt bike prices are as such:

Bike Dirt Bike Price 
SSR SR450S$5000
SUZUKI RM-Z250$8,200
HONDA CRF250$5299

Now you know the price range of specially classified bikes as 2 stroke dirt bikes and 4 stroke dirt bikes.

  • Gas Dirt Bikes Price:

Gas dirt bike price range is very versatile. Gas dirt bikes are the kind of bikes that are not very popular in the dirt bike market. Their fuel system is gas-dependent. Below I will be showing a table consisting of gas dirt bike prices of different models and versions:

Dirt Bike Name Dirt Bike Price
RF ZOOME K1-110 $600
Pro-Hawk Enduro$1300
RF ZOOME K3-125$850
RF ZOOME S3-110$700
DB-36-250 APOLLO$1500
DB-36 250cc Apollo Deluxe$2000
Hawk Dirt Bike$1450
  • Electric Dirt Bike Price:

Dirt bikes have changed over time and time again. New models, variations, and designs have emerged. Among all the new additions, electric bikes have gained quite the attention. An electric motor runs them. 

I will be mentioning the prices of a few electric dirt bike prices below:

Dirt Bike Name Dirt Bike Price
KTM Freeride E-XC$10,500
Zero FX ZF3.6 Modula$9000
Zero FX ZF7.2 Modular$11,000
Alta Redshift MXR$7000 to $10,000
Alta Redshift MX$5000 to $9000
Alta Redshift EX$5000 to $8000
Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Lite$6800
Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Sport$8800
Electric Motion EM 5.7 Lite$6700
Electric Motion EM 5.7 Sport$9000

10 Of My Expert Pick According To Dirt Bike Prices And Features:

Now that you know the price range of some of the bikes. I will be describing some of my favorite bikes. I will be classifying my favorite dirt bike list according to many different types of dirt bikes. The classifications and the top picks are as below:

Here I will be talking about 3 of my favorite two-stroke bikes, 3 of my favorite four-stroke bikes, and 2 of gas and electric-dirt bikes, mentioning the price of the dirt bike.

1. Yamaha YZ250:

This is one of my favorite bikes. It has a great market value for its performance. The Yamaha YZ250 bike is powered by two-stroke engines that are operated by a 249 liquid-cooled system. It has many other features as well. 

A vast and incredibly hard powerband distinguishes this small engine. The bike boasts a lightweight and compact chassis that allows it to stay under 103kg for maximum maneuverability. 

The bike’s 48mm forks have been fitted with the Speed Sensor to separate the air or oil function. As a result, air will not enter the reservoir, and the bike’s suspension will be more stable. The bike company Yamaha has updated the YZ250 with more extensive and bolder graphics and sharper bodywork to make it more modern. Slightly wider footrests and an improved clutch adjustment are also available to riders.

So if you are planning to get a dirt bike, you can certainly look into this bike if your budget is around USD 7500.

2. Honda CR250R:

From the research I have done for dirt bikes, I have known that Honda CR250R is a well-known bike among all the dirt bike users, starting from beginners to experts. Its history goes back to 1978. So in a way, you can call it a vintage dirt bike. However, it kept upgrading its model and specification till 2007. 

This bike has a great demand among the riders. The 1996 model is the one that almost every rider dreams of! I have been fascinated by this Honda CR250R 1996 model for a long time.  Some other models are also awe-inspiring and pretty in-demand among the riders. 

There were many upgrades in this particular model of bike. Such as:

  • In 2000, they made the chassis (which is the skeleton of the bike) with the aluminum foil of the second generation. It made the whole dirt bike a lot less in weight. This also helped in the maneuver of the bike and made it fast.
  • In 2002, the bike had another change in it. It had an electric power valve installed in it. However, it wasn’t much of a wise decision. The motor of the bike didn’t comply with the change.

So if you have a budget that is around USD 8000, you might give this bike a thought.

3. Suzuki RM250:

Suzuki had introduced us to the racing model series as the RM series back in 1975. From then, they kept updating the models and features. It had its best years between 2003 and 2008. This might be one of the bikes that can be featured in the hall of fame section in the dirt bikes magazine.

If you are looking for a bike with an amazing engine that offers you speed and overall splendid performance, then this might be the one. But in some regions, it has been discontinued since 2008. But don’t be disheartened, you can still get the parts of it at a great price.

If you have a budget of around USD 8000 and the features mentioned above match your criteria, you may choose this dirt bike.

2 stroke engines are more efficient, producing more torque at higher RPMs. They have the ball in their court as they are light in weight, which also makes them faster.  These bikes that I have discussed are 3 bikes that are of 2 stroke engines. Stay tuned to get more scoop on the bike serving.

4. Yamaha YZ250F:

First released in 2001, this bike grabbed my attention at such an early stage of my love for dirt bikes. Yamaha YZ250F comes with not only a four-stroke engine but also it has four power valves. In my opinion, it is one of the best dirt bikes which has a four-stroke engine.

The chassis of this bike was first made of steel which made the bike a bit heavier. But later in 2006, Yamaha realized the need to make it lighter and later made it of aluminum. However, the previous frame had an aluminum subframe.  

This bike’s feature is a 2-gallon fuel tank so that you won’t have to worry about running out of gas while being on the road, and the filling jet is more modern. Currently, the market price is around USD 8300. So, if you have a decent budget, you should definitely go for this one.

5. Suzuki RM-Z 250:

My second most favorite bike is the Suzuki RM-Z 250. If you are wondering about buying a strong and robust bike, you should definitely choose this one. This has no significant weaknesses, in my opinion. Over time, it had modifications too. 

This bike is known for some special features. Such as:

  • It has a perfect balance. 
  • This bike makes the turns a lot smoother.
  • It is ideal for trail road trips.
  • It ensures airflow while riding with a spacious air box.

The most talked-about feature of this dirt bike is its lightweight. Chassis made of aluminum and hollow square inside has reduced its weight more than any other bike. With the aluminum brackets, it has managed to reduce the weight even more. 

Overall, it is a rider-friendly bike. It is spacious so that the rider can move forward and backward easily. If your budget is around USD 8500, then you should go for this one!

6. Honda CRF250:

If you are a fan of the brand Honda, this might be a good choice for four-stroke engine dirt bikes.  This Honda CRF250 is more rider-friendly than other Honda bikes. The only draw to me is that their engine is air-cooled. I personally don’t like air-cooled bikes. But you might like it.

This version of the dirt bike has electronic fuel infusion in it. It also has an electric starter with a unique seating position, making them appropriate for trail trekking. Its body frame is a steel twin-tube which makes it a bit heavier. The brakes are double cylinders for the front, and for the back, it is a single-cylinder.

So, if the feature fits your desires and the budget also suits you, you may choose this dirt bike for yourself.

4-stroke dirt bikes deliver greater power and control to the road and allow users to customize their driving manner. They provide more consistent power, making them perfect for trail riding.  Here I have talked about 3 favorite 4 stroke dirt bikes of mine.


7. RF ZOOME K3-125:

This is one of my favorite dirt bikes. The specifications of this bike have impressed me. I will now tell you about the features of the bike so that you can choose for yourself! The features are as below:

  • The first and foremost thing about this bike is its fuel type. It runs on gas, so it is cheaper than the others.
  • The controls have both start switch and kill switch, which makes the management more effortless in the bike. 
  • It comes with a speed limiter on it, so the riders’ safety is assured. 
  • Its 200lbs weight capacity makes it a perfect ride for the adults out there.
  • The front and rear brakes are single-piston calipers.
  • The engine is 125cc which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. 
  • 33.07 inches seat height makes it a fantastic fit for a person of average size.

If the specifications mentioned above fit your choice and criteria, you might choose this dirt bike, and the dirt bike price would be around USD 1400.

8. DB-36-250 APOLLO:

DB-36-250 Apollo is another great name in the gas dirt market. If you are interested in the gas fuel system, you can look into this bike. There are many features of this bike that you may like. They are as such:

  • It has an extended and rigid footrest. Such a footrest ensures a non-slippery surface. This also allows stable and better control, and the unique design protects and guards your foot against the tires.
  • DB-36-250 Apollo has a high-performance suspension. Such a feature ensures a smoother ride to the rider. The quality of the motion of the bike is improved for the rider with an amazing handling performance.
  • The 4 stroke engine of this bike is a special feature. This single-cylinder air-cooled engine can give the rider one powerful riding experience, which comes along with smooth acceleration. This is a perfect choice for off-road riding.
  • The seating arrangement is a unique addition to this bike. This allows the rider a smooth and comfortable riding experience. It has a special cushion padded seat with a 36.6 inches height.

So if you have a budget of around USD 1500, you can give this a go.

Gas dirt bikes are such kinds of dirt bikes that run on gas. They are not talked about as much as other kinds of dirt bikes. But they too have a good collection of bikes. I have talked about 2 of my favorite picks of gas dirt bikes just now. You may choose any one of them if you like 

9. KTM Freeride E-XC:

KTM Freeride E-XC is a cross between a motocross dirt bike and a trial dirt bike. It has a removable Lithium-Ion KTM powerpack. This feature of the bike allows a rider to pack an extra battery or a pair of them while riding. So if you buy this bike, you don’t need to worry about refuels. You just need to pack extra Lithium-Ion batteries, and you are good to go.

This bike produces 24.5 max horsepower, which might sound a bit low to you, but this doesn’t affect the bike’s performance at all. The torque you can get from a KTM Freeride E-XC is pretty impressive. Also, it only takes 1.3 hours to 1.5 hours to recharge the battery completely. 

The price of KTM Freeride E-XC is around USD 10,500. This sounds a lot. But as it is known, with advanced technology comes an extra hefty price tag. But the electric dirt bike price will be more than the others; it is a well-established fact as it is fancier than the others. 

So, if you are fond of fancy items and budget is no issue for you, then you can surely give this a try. 

10. ZERO FX ZF7.2:

If you are someone who is all about good looks on a bike and doesn’t care about the dirt bike price, then this stylish and modern ZERO FX ZF 7.2 is for you. An enormous powerful electrical motor powers this dirt bike. In my opinion, this bike has the highest speed compared to any other electric bike.

The torque level of this bike is insane. This has almost 78 ft-lbs torque. Thus, it ensures the speed of the bike and makes the riders’ journey smoother than ever. If there were a hall of fame for electric dirt bikes, this particular electric dirt bike would have had an honorable mention.

There are other features of this electric dirt bike. They are as such:

  • This bike has an integrated battery. 
  • It ranges 91 miles.
  • The torque is 46 horsepower.
  • It has both on-off road features.

With a price tag of around USD 11,000, you can get it from any dealer around you if you are planning to go fancy with your ride.

Electric dirt bikes are new in the market. They have created quite a sensation. The electric dirt bike price is still a bit more than the usual dirt bike price. Yet, some people are fascinated by the features of an electric bike. Some people like to collect fancy stuff and don’t need to worry about their budget. Here I have been talking about 2 of my favorites from the electric dirt bike collection. 

Overall, I have discussed 10 of my favorite dirt bikes and talked about the dirt bike price. If the features match your desire and your budget agrees with it, you can surely give these bikes a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dirt Bike Price:

There are many queries regarding the dirt bike and dirt bike price. I will try to answer them as briefly as possible to help you comprehend the matter. 

How Much Is A Dirt Bike For Different Ages?

Dirt bikes are available for people of different ages. The dirt bike price also varies according to that. So below, I will give you a chart so that you get a rough idea about the pricing:

AgeDirt Bike Price
12 Years Olds$2000 to $8000
14 to 18 Years Olds$2999 to $7000
13 Years Olds$1500 to $7000
Adults$600 to $11000

What Is The Cheapest Dirt Bike? 

As a beginner, everyone is scared to spend too much on a dirt bike. You don’t want to make a hole in your pocket and cry later regretting your decision. That is why it is always wise to get used to something cheaper and gradually level up to the more expensive ones.

The Hawk 250cc from RPS is one of the cheapest dirt bikes that I know. It is a durable option for beginners. As a newbie, your bike will crash, fall and get dusty, get scratched. In short, you will need to have a low-maintenance bike to endure it all. 

How Much Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Cost?

150cc dirt bikes are ideal for beginners who have gained a bit of experience or have a bit of knowledge about biking. It can be called the second phase of dirt biking. So if you are done getting your share of experience on dirt bikes and want to upgrade to a bit more, or if you’re going to start with a bit of upgraded power, then you can start with a 150cc dirt bike.

An average 150cc dirt bike would cost you around $1500-$5000.

How Much Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Cost? 

A 125cc bike is also known as a beginner’s bike. It is the most light-weighted yet powerful bike available in the market. A 125cc is an excellent way for people of all ages to start off their bike journey. Especially people with shorter heights are the best fit for 125cc bikes.

The price range of a 125cc dirt bike is around USD 3000 to USD 9000.

How Much Does A 250cc Dirt Bike Cost?

250cc bikes are for the experts. No beginners can afford to buy a 250cc bike for its complex manual functions. However, some bikes have been upgraded to be user-friendly so that even someone new at dirt biking can also use a 250cc dirt bike. But if you ask me or any other expert, no one would suggest that you buy a 250cc at the very beginning.

However, if you have gained enough knowledge and confidence simultaneously, you can check out some of the fantastic collections of 250cc dirt bikes. Their average price range is around USD 8000.

How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild Different Types Of Dirt Bikes?

The following table gives you a good idea of what it will cost to rebuild various types of dirt bikes: 

Dirt Bike TypesAverage Rebuild Cost
2 Stroke Engine Dirt Bike$500 to $1000
4 Stroke Engine Dirt Bike$1100 or more
Gas Dirt Bike$700 to $2000
Electric Dirt Bike$1300 to $1500


If you are someone new to the dirt bike world, you first need to know about the bike’s maintenance, power, durability, handling, etc. Then if the features match more than one or two bikes, determine your budget, then choose one.

On the other hand, if you are tight on budget, choose something cheaper that will offer the best in that price range. However, my providing price list varies according to the market rate, so it may change at any time.

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