Dirt Bike For Kids: Make Your Juniors’ Dream Comes True

dirt bike for kids

Wondering about buying a dirt bike for your kid? Or, have any of your kids come to you and expressed their desire to ride a kids’ dirt bike? In any of these cases, it is natural to feel confused. It is also normal to feel nervous initially, but let me assure you that you don’t need to be worried.

Dirt bikes are fun and adventurous for people of all ages. Even as a grown-up man, I still get fascinated by them. It is also true that not everyone can ride a dirt bike. Some kids take longer to ride a bike, and some fail to do it at all. 

As a parent, your duty is to know about the kids’ dirt bikes. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying a dirt bike for your kid. Even if you are planning to buy it later, you should know about it. 

Being a dirt bike enthusiast, I will now tell you everything that is needed to know about a kid’s dirt bike in this article below.

How Are Kids’ Dirt Bikes And Adult Dirt Bikes Differ?

There are many differences between an adult dirt bike and a kid’s dirt bike. If you know these differences, it will be helpful for you to choose a dirt bike for your kid. That is why I will be giving a brief discussion on the topics that are different for your convenience. The issues are as below:

  • Engines Are Smaller:

The engine of a kid’s dirt bike is smaller than an adult’s dirt bike. The engine of a dirt bike ranges from 50cc to 125cc. Some adults also use 125cc dirt bikes as beginners. 

  • Street Use Is Illegal:

Most of the kids’ dirt bikes are illegal to use in the streets, unlike adult dirt bikes. In a sense, it is quite good. You wouldn’t want to risk your child’s safety by letting them ride a bike on busy roads.

  • Overall Size Is Smaller:

Overall, one feature distinguishing a kid’s dirt bike from an adult one is its size. It is a visual difference that you can see with bare eyes.  

What Size Should Kids Dirt Bikes Be?

Not everyone is capable of riding dirt bikes of every size. Someone is tall, and someone is short. It can vary due to different ages also. Here is a table regarding a kid’s age and a suitable seat height for him/her:

Age Of KidsHeight In CMIdeal Seat Height 
3 To 6 Years Old 90 cm to 110 cm23 inches to 25 inches
5 To 8 Years Old120 cm24 inches to 26 inches
8 To 9 Years Old 133 cm25 inches to 26 inches
9 To 10 Years Old140 cm25 inches to 26 inches
10 To 12 Years Old143 cm26 inches to 32 inches
Kids Above 12 Years Old157 cm32 inches to 34 inches

These are the measurements of seat heights according to the kids’ age and size (as in height). This chart will be helpful for you. This will help you determine the bike’s size through your child’s height and age.

What Should Be The Size Of Your Kid’s Dirt Bike Engine?

While choosing the dirt bike for your kid, the size of the engine is an essential matter to keep in mind. Here I am presenting a chart of different engine sizes depending on the size and age of kids:

Age Of KidsHeight In cmDirt Bike Engine Capacity In CC
3 To 6 Years Old 90 cm to 110 cm50cc
5 To 8 Years Old120 cm50cc
8 To 9 Years Old 133 cm110cc
9 To 10 Years Old140 cm110cc
10 To 12 Years Old143 cm110cc or 125cc
Kids Above 12 Years Old157 cm125cc

This chart shows different engine sizes depending on different aged kids and different heights. It will help you determine the engine size for your kid’s dirt bike. 

What Should Be The Ideal Wheel Size For Your Kids Dirt Bike?

A bike greatly depends on its wheels. The wheels can be called the determiner of your whole riding experience. If the wheels are perfect, your riding experience will enhance. 

Usually, the kids’ dirt bikes are of small capacity ranging from 50cc to 125cc. These bikes come with smaller wheels. Sometimes they come with bigger wheels too. Both the smaller and the bigger wheels have good sides and bad sides. I will now discuss it briefly:

The smaller wheels are light and maneuverable, allowing the child to perform fast turns with ease. Nevertheless, when driving over a harsh corrugation, their rims are more readily bent. They are a bit heavy for big wheels, but they offer excellent stability and can quickly absorb small bumps, resulting in a smoother ride.

You must evaluate your kid’s age as well as height while selecting a bike with large wheels or small wheels. You might want to try a small-wheeled bike if the big-wheeled motorcycle is a little too high for your child. I would advise you to start your child on little wheels and progress to larger ones as they develop and enhance their riding skills.

Recommended Dirt Bikes For Different Ages Kids:

After you are done determining the ideal bike capacity or seat height of your kid’s bike, you need to choose the right bike. Below I am introducing some of the bikes that are suitable for your kids:

Suitable Age For KidsDirt Bike Engine Capacity In CCDirt Bike Seat Height In InchesRecommendedDirt Bike
Kids Above 12 Years140cc34 InchesKawasaki KLX-140G
Kids Above 12 Years125cc37.8 InchesKTM-125 SX
Kids Above 12 Years85cc33.5 InchesSuzuki RM-85
Kids Above 12 Years140cc32 InchesKawasaki KLX-140L
10 To 12 Years Kids140cc31 InchesKawasaki KLX-140
10 To 12 Years Kids100cc30.5 InchesHonda XR-100
10 To 12 Years Kids110cc29 InchesKawasaki KLX-110L
10 To 12 Years Kids110cc26.5 InchesYamaha TTR-110E
10 To 12 Years Kids49cc27 InchesKTM 50 SX
9 To 12 Years Kids64cc30 InchesKawasaki KX-65
8 to 10 Years Kids49cc26 InchesHonda CRF-110F
3 To 8 Years Kids49cc22 InchesYamaha TTR-50E

These are some of the bikes that I think are the best choice for your child.

Related Questions Regarding The Kids’ Dirt Bikes:

7 Reasons Why To Buy Your Kids A Dirt Bike:

There are many reasons to buy your kids a dirt bike. One of the primary reasons is they themselves want it. The other reasons are as such:  

  1. It is a great source of enjoyment and fun.
  2. It is a non-violent source of entertainment.
  3. It is an excellent way of exercise which helps to gain good health.
  4. The safety equipment teaches the kids the importance of taking safety precautions. 
  5. The kids can learn the value of practice. 
  6. Dirt biking can be a great way to acquire good posture.
  7. It teaches the kids an essential life skill which is driving.

There are many more reasons to let your kid learn dirt biking. I just mentioned a few of the reasons above.

At What Age Should A Kid Get A Dirt Bike?

Kids are fascinated by dirt bikes from an early age. But the burning question is, at what age should they get it? 

You would be surprised to know that a kid as young as 3 can get a dirt bike. They can ride small electric dirt bikes. A 4-year-old kid is able to ride a 50cc gas dirt bike with the help of training wheels. After one or two years, he or she can get rid of the training wheels and start training on his or her own.

Are Dirt Bikes Safe For Your Kids?

If you have a child who wants to ride a dirt bike and own one of its own, you must be worried about its safety. It is natural to be anxious being a parent. 

Staying conscious of your safety is the primary thing while riding a bike, cycling, or even driving a car. Riding a dirt bike can be dangerous for your child if you do not choose the right bike for your kid according to its height, weight, and overall capacity. You should also remain conscious about protective gears. As a parent, you need to make sure your child is adequately geared up with safety equipment. 

If you can ensure proper guidance and don’t let your kid drive recklessly, then a dirt bike is completely safe for your child.  

Kids’ Dirt Bike Comparison: Gas vs. Electric

Gas dirt bikes and electric dirt bikes can be found in adult dirt bikes as well as kids’ dirt bikes. You may wonder which one is better? Here is a comparison chart mentioned:

DifferencesGas Dirt Bike For KidsElectric Dirt Bike For Kids
Fuel Efficiency Gas dirt bikes need more fuel than electric ones.Electric dirt bikes are fuel-efficient as they need electricity to recharge.
Beginners ChoiceGas dirt bikes are for mature kids.Kids of 3 years of age can ride an electric dirt bike.
Maintenance Gas dirt bikes are a bit costly to maintain.Electric dirt bikes are cost-efficient as they are easy to maintain.
Performance Gas dirt bikes have better speed and torque.Other than Tesla electric bikes, electric dirt bikes have lesser power.

You can see the differences between an electric dirt bike and a gas dirt bike in the chart mentioned above. These factors will help you determine the right dirt bike for your kid. 

What Kind Of Dirt Bike Is Suitable For Kids?

Many dirt bikes for kids are available in the market, such as regular dirt bikes, gas dirt bikes, and electric dirt bikes. You might be wondering which one is more suitable for your kid. 

If your child is below the age of 4 years old, you would want to buy an electric dirt bike for him. Electric dirt bikes are safe and easy to maneuver. Kids aged 4 years or above can ride gas dirt bikes. A 50cc motorcycle is suitable for 6 to 8-year-old children. However, the loud and powerful 50cc can be a little frightening and intimidating to them at first. 

After the kids are trained well enough on low-powered bikes, you can upgrade them to higher-powered bikes.

How Do You Choose A Dirt Bike For Your Child?

There are many criteria that need to be fulfilled before buying a dirt bike for your kid. These help you to choose a dirt bike for your child. I will be talking about the matters now.

Before you buy a dirt bike for your child, the first thing you need to keep in mind is your child’s age. Then you need to match the bike size with your child’s age, height, and weight. I have already mentioned two charts above in this article that show you the perfect bike and engine capacity for your kid according to their height and age. 

Should You Buy A New Bike Or A Used Bike For Kids?

There are several shops in the market that sell used bikes. It is common among adults who want the best features but cannot afford the latest one. They often tend to buy used bikes. 

A new bike is undoubtedly a very good option. New bikes come with service warranties. They are in mint condition overall. But kids grow fast, and as their height grows, the old motorcycle becomes small for them. A need to buy a new bike emerges. That is why I personally think buying a used bike is healthy for your pocket.

Can You Increase The Seat Height Of Kids Dirt Bike? 

It is a commonly asked question if you can do something about the seat height. Kids tend to grow fast, and their size increases more quickly than adults. That is why it becomes necessary to change the height of the dirt bike’s seat. 

You can change your kid’s dirt bike’s seat height by installing harder seat foams. This will give you an additional 2 inches of height to your old seat. 

How Can You Ensure Safety Of Your Kids While Riding A Dirt Bike?

Your kid’s protective equipment and the surrounding area that you live in impact how and where they can ride their dirt bike securely. Different environments, such as the forests, mountain paths, or sandy beaches, offer an intriguing variety of turns, hurdles, and twists to keep you entertained. Many localities provide public tracts where your child can ride and socialize with other riders.

While dirt riding entails some hazards, it is reasonable for parents and families to be concerned about their children’s safety. You can lessen the danger of your children being injured in a variety of ways.

How Much Is A Dirt Bike For Your Kids? (Both New & Used)

Earlier in this article, I discussed some of my choices regarding kids’ dirt bikes. The capacity of those bike engines ranges from 50cc to 140cc. Their costs are different depending on their condition. New ones are a bit higher in price than the old ones.

A slightly used dirt bike can be found at around USD 700. The engine capacity of the dirt bike would be around 50cc. A new kid’s dirt bike will cost you about double the price. A 100cc or 110cc used kid’s dirt bike will cost you approximately USD 1000. Electric dirt bikes can be as high as $1400. Kids’ gas dirt bikes can be around USD 150 to USD 1200.

Final Verdict:

By reading the article above, you can simply select the best dirt bike for your children based on a variety of variables. The dirt bike size (in regards to the engine’s capacity, height, brand, and other factors) is the most significant aspect to consider in this respect.

It feels lovely to train and watch your child gain new abilities. Follow my site to know more about dirt bikes.

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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