Can You Lose Weight By Riding A Dirt Bike?

can you lose weight by riding a dirt bike

Riding a dirt bike is enjoyable. But what if you lose weight without taking any extra effort while riding? Losing weight is one of the toughest jobs for those who’re stuck with traditional methods. Don’t worry as I’m now going to introduce you to a brand new method. 

You can lose weight by riding a dirt bike. Any typical rider can reduce 1 kg weight by riding his/her dirt bike for an hour in 20 days. An aggressive rider can reduce 1 kg weight if s/he rides his/her dirt bike for an hour in 13 days. 

In this post, I’m now going to explain the topic in depth. So read the whole article. 

Is There Any Correlation Between Dirt Biking And Weight Lose? 

You can easily contrast between the relaxation time and spending time riding a dirt bike. 

When you ride a dirt bike, you are way more tedious than usual because riding requires more effort than driving. 

Dirt biking is considered one of the most challenging sports; at the same time, it helps a lot to keep fit riders’ bodies and health. Dirt biking is also comparable to jogging and low-level endurance exercise. 

All these activities help you to burn some calories, which leads to the way of weight loss.  

Is Riding A Dirt Bike Good Exercise For Weight Loss?

Driving a dirt bike is not easy at all. Dirt biking is considered one of the most formidable sports worldwide. Though it’s hard, it helps in many ways, like increasing heart rate, body strengths, improving your endurance, and making it easy to survive in cold temperatures and strong winds. 

When dirt bikers ride, they have to think with their brains most of the time, face difficult situations, and make quick decisions. An average guy spent more than one hour riding a dirt bike. 

How Many Calories Does Riding A Dirt Bike Burn?

A Calorie is a unit of energy. When someone rides a dirt bike or moves their body, both require energy.  

The more interesting point is that a larger weight person needs more energy to move their body part, which means they burn more calories than the average weight person. Dirt biking is a great way to burn calories. 

In general, a dirt bike can burn 400 calories per hour. And extreme riders can reduce up to 600 calories per hour. 

Type Of RiderRiding Session(Hour/Week/Month)Riders’ weight Calories
Typical Dirt Biker1 hour110 Pound400
Typical Dirt biker1 hour130 Pound 472
Typical Dirt Biker1 hour190 Pound 690
Aggressive Dirt Biker1 hour130 Pound 600
Aggressive Dirt Biker1 hour190 Pound 1380

How Long Should I Bike For Losing Weight? 

30-60 minutes per day, 3-5 days in the week is the best possible solution to lose weight through a dirt bike. It would be better as a rider at the beginning of your journey if you start at a normal pace for at least the first 5 minutes. Then you can boost your riding speed. 

Dr. Michael Smith, Spinal Neurosurgery in New York City says that ‘ dirt biking, low-impact workout, is the same as cardio exercise which also helps to build strong legs, intense fitness level, polish up heart health and make yourself tighter for advanced exercise.’ 

He also recommended wearing a helmet when you’re riding.

How Many Calories Does Trail Biking Burn?

A heavyweight person would be able to burn more calories than the lower weight person. Here some more factors rely on fluctuating calorie burning.   

Bike size 

If your bike is bulky, most probably, you are on the way to lose more weight. A bigger bike requires firm control, which demands lots of energy. When a rider put on extra effort on the bike, that certainly burns extra calories. 


The terrain is also a considerable element for riding. All the surfaces are not the same. Some are plain, and the rest are bumpy. Local streets require low effort, and the hilly road needs extra venture. Where you put extra effort definitely requires additional calories to burn.


Faster speed means faster calorie burning. When riders try to gear up their bike, they use most of their brain, concentrate more, put extra effort to control every situation, which requires extra calories. Speed is definitely a massive factor in the way of burning calories. 


Longer distance biking burns more calories. Riding consistency makes your ride long distance, which requires long dedication. Harvard University research says that 155-pound persons can burn 298 calories for 12 miles per hour riding, which needs almost 30 minutes. 

But at the same time, if the same person rides 15 miles per hour, it will burn up to 372 calories. Distance is also a massive factor in calorie burning. 


If you are serious about burning calories, You have to put extra effort into whatever you are doing to lose fat and calories. So, when you are determined to burn calories through dirt biking, You have chosen the smartest way to get in touch with your goal. Now you need to determine how much effort you will put here. Putting extra effort will ease you to get closer to your destination. 

In general, per hour, a 100 lbs person burns 318 calories, and 200 lbs person burns 636 calories. It depends on the circumstance, where, when, and how much effort is put behind it.

How Many Miles Should I Bike A Day To Lose Weight? 

In the beginning, you have to determine how many calories you need to burn. To measure that, you have to calculate with your weight and time. 

If you are a 130 pounds person, by one-hour riding, you can lose up to 472 calories. So, it depends on your body weight, determination, and dedication. According to your weight, you can set a goal of how much time you want to spend. As a mediocre guy, you should ride on average 12-15 miles per hour.  

How Much Weight Can You Lose By Riding A Dirt Bike 30 Minutes A Day?

A 110 pound person can burn up to 400 calories by riding a dirt bike for 30 minutes in a day. Similarly, a 190 pound person can burn more than 600 calories. 

Final Verdict: 

Dirt Bike can help you on the way to lose weight. You have to be determined and persistent in your goal. On average, a 12-15 mile per hour dirt bike can burn more than 400 calories. If you continue this procedure five days a week for one month, you will definitely be able to lose weight up to 2 pounds.

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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