Can You Get A Title For A Dirt Bike With A Bill Of Sale?

can you get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale

Going to collect a title for your dirt bike with a bill of sale? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. It’s nothing but a piece of cake to collect a dirt bike title with a bill of sale once you know all the procedures.

You can get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale. Visit the local motor vehicle authority office of the state you live in and collect the application form. After fulfilling the application with the right information, attach the bill of sale and requisite documents they ask. 

In today’s article, I’m now going to write down everything related to getting a dirt bike title with a bill of sale.  So consider reading the whole article.

How To Get A Title For A Dirt Bike With A Bill Of Sale (4 Easy Steps): 

To get the title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale, you need to go through a complete process. However, you don’t need to tolerate too many troubles to get a dirt bike title from a bill of sale. You can quickly get it by following our simple four steps:

1. Visit the State’s Local Office: 

Firstly, you need to visit the local state’s motor vehicle authority office to get your dirt bike title. The procedures start from here. You need to follow almost the same guidelines as other vehicles to get a dirt bike title. 

The local motor office helps you by informing you what documents you need to get the title. They will also provide you a blank bill of sale and the appropriate title application.

2. Fulfill Your Documents: 

Now it’s time to fulfill the documents. You need to collect all of the required documents to get the title of your dirt bike. The requirements of documents are varying from state to state.

Your bill of sale needs to fulfill all of the state’s title regulations for further consideration. Usually, a bill of sale includes prices of the dirt bike, motorcycle engine number, buyers’ and sellers’ necessary information such as their contact, identify numbers, and signatures. 

Unfortunately, if your documents failed to pass the state’s motor vehicle authority’s approval, contact your seller immediately for more records.

3. Complete Your Title Application: 

In this step, you can complete the application for seeking the title of your dirt bike. The style of applying process also differs from state to state. 

You need to write an appropriate application, and don’t forget to attach the requisite documents. After your application, the motor vehicle authority will check it and justify your dirt bike title approvals.

4. Submit Your Documents to the Local DMV: 

This is the final step for getting your dirt bike title. You need to go to the local DMV with the completed title application and the bill of sale. 

Then submit it to them with the fees. Some states allow mail applications and online payment of the fees. When you complete all of the procedures, they will issue a new title in your name.

Though the title requesting procedures of dirt bikes vary from state to state, we can assure you that our mentioned above steps will be constructive for you to get the title quickly.

Can I Directly Get A Dirt Bike Title Without A Bill Of Sale By Avoiding Official Procedures? 

Suppose you don’t have too much time to complete all these steps for getting a dirt bike title without a bill of sale by going physically to the state’s office. Don’t worry; we have alternative options to get the title of your dirt bike without a bill of sale direct to your home address by avoiding all the tiresome official procedures. 

Nowadays, the application forms of dirt bike titles are available online in every state. You can apply online too for getting a title of your dirt bike without a bill of sale. Just go to the official website of your local state’s motor vehicle authorities. 

Download the application form of dirt bikes’ title and fill up this form with the required information. Don’t forget to attach the soft copies of your identification. When all are done, submit this form to their email address. You also can download and print this form. After filling it, send it by post to the address of the local state’s motor vehicle authorities office.  

By following these alternative ways, you can quickly get a title for your dirt bike without a bill of sale. When your application forms, get the local state’s motor vehicle authorities’ approvals, they will mail you the soft copy of your dirt bike’s title or send you the hard copy via post at your address. 

What Are The Most Common Documents You Need To Attach With The Application Form? 

Below we make a list of those common documents which are required to attach with the application form of dirt bike titles: 

  • Full Name, address, and Sign of the Owner.
  • Full Name, address, and Sign of the Seller. (If it’s a used dirt bike.)
  • Taxation information. 
  • Model and make. 
  • Manufacturing year.
  • Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Price of the Dirt Bike.

These are the most common documents that you need to attach with the application form of dirt bike titles. So, before purchasing a dirt bike, make sure that you have access to all of these documents. The state motor vehicle authority has the power to examine all of your papers because they are the issuer of your dirt bike title. 

Do Dirt Bikes Come With Titles?

Though we often talk about the title of dirt bikes, most of the dirt bikes come without the title. You will be surprised to hear that even the brand new dirt bikes also generally have no title. So, coming without a title is expected in dirt bikes, but nothing to worry about it. You can easily get along with other documents.  

How Many Extra Benefits Does An User Get  For Having Title With Dirt Bikes? 

We all know that the laws for road bikes and dirt bikes are not the same. It can be baffling for the users to understand the rules and regulations about both. The title ensures the legal ownership of the owner of his/ her dirt bikes. 

It can be an asset for the owners of a dirt bike. The title provides a few extra facilities to the owners of dirt bikes. Here we explain a few points that will help you to realize the importance of having a title with dirt bikes:

1. Title Provides the Legal Rights of Owner: 

In some states driving dirt bikes without a title is illegal. If you live in such states, you must make a title for the dirt bikes. Titles are treated as the legal rights of the owner on the dirt bike. 

So, an owner needs to manage a title for his/ her dirt bikes. By following a few simple steps, an owner can quickly get the title for his/ her dirt bikes.

2. Title Can be a Strong Document for the Owner: 

A title can be an essential document for the owner, especially when facing any jurisdiction issues. If your dirt bikes are lost, then you can submit your title in the court as a document. 

Your title has been written with the full information about the bike. It can also help the real owner establish his/ her right in any ownership of proven cases.

3. Title Ensure Smoother Dealings of Dirt Bikes: 

If buyers have a title with his/ her dirt bike, it makes the overall dealing process more comfortable and smoother. It makes the deal more trustworthy. 

From the titles, a seller can get all the required information for dealings. Titles give confidence to the buyers for completing the sales. Generally, buyers get more money for a dirt bike that has a title. 

So, from both buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives, titles are crucial to complete a deal more smoothly between them. As a buyer, you search titles with dirt bikes to get additional documents for security purposes.

4. Title Gives a Clear Overview about the Details of Dirt Bikes: 

From a title, we get legal confirmations about the dirt bikes. However, title information and issuing processes are not similar for every state. 

Generally, we get title numbers, taxation details, the vehicle identification number (VIN), the dirt bike model, manufacturing year of the dirt bike, owner’s name and address, etc.; these common types of information from the title of a dirt bike.

Is It OK to Buy a Dirt Bike Without a Title?

There is not any earmarked answer to this question. The decision entirely depends on you. You can buy dirt bikes both with and without title conditions. Many dirt bike users use it without a title and think that there is no wrong with that. At the same time, those users have titles they felt would protect them from every type of further disturbances. 

If you know the owner very well and confident about the deal, you can surely buy a dirt bike without the title. Sometimes, dirt bikes without titles sell for a low price. So, those who have a budget crisis can purchase a dirt bike without the title. We can assure you that it doesn’t create any major issues if you buy a dirt bike without a title.

Can You Drive Your Dirt Bike With A Bill Of Sale?

You can drive a dirt bike legally with just a bill of sale. To be honest, if you have any kind of ownership proven document that includes both the identification of buyers and sellers, a description of the bike, the selling price, and the date of sale, then you face no troubles while driving a dirt bike on the allowed road. 

It is not necessary to have an operator’s license, liability insurance, or a title to ride dirt bikes. It wise to avoid dirt bikes riding through the parking lot or on the sidewalk and down the street. Riding in these areas is not legal for the riders of dirt bikes. So, try to avoid those areas while you ride your dirt bikes.

Do You Need A Title For A Dirt Bike In Texas?

Although it is not mandatory to have a title with the dirt bikes in Texas. But without a title you may face various problems. If your dirt bike is stolen or someone challenges you for its ownership, it is difficult for you to prove your ownership without title. That’s why Texas’s motor vehicle authorities encourage people to purchase dirt bikes with the title or at least register it in their own name to avoid any further hassles. 

Can I Get A Title With A Bill Of Sale In Ohio?

In Ohio, you must need a title to prove your ownership of a dirt bike. If you don’t have the title of your dirt bike, you need to apply for the new one. You can easily get a new title with a bill of sale in Ohio from the state’s motor vehicle authorities. To get this new one you need to show the bill of sale of dirt bikes and do other formalities.

Final Word:

In this article, we try to briefly uphold every necessary thing that you should know about dirt bikes and their title. We are very sure that our article will be useful for you to remove all the confusion. If you still have any feedback or queries, then don’t forget to comment in the box below. Happy Riding. 

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