Can An 11 Year Old Ride A Dirt Bike?

can an 11 year old ride a dirt bike

 Thinking of starting a dirt bike ride with your 11-year-old kid? If so, you need to know a lot about this. I started riding dirt bikes from the age of 10-11. As I’ve been riding dirt bikes for a long time, and I know a lot about this. I also know which dirt bike is best at any age and how to get started. 

Anyone at the age of 11 can ride a dirt bike. But kids need to follow the rules to stay safe while riding dirt bikes and find out which bike will be best for them. You need to know what CC dirt bikes are suitable for kids and whether it is legal or not.

In this article, I’m going to discuss at what age a child can ride a dirt bike and which bike is the best. So read on to know everything till the end.

Can An 11-Year-Old Ride A Dirt Bike On The Road? 

You must see the legal age limit of the country in which you live. Given the legal age of the country, your child should be allowed to ride a dirt bike on the street.

There is no age limit in the UK for riding dirt bikes on the road. Again, there is no such rule in America. However, if an 11-year-old is experienced in riding a dirt bike and knows all the rules, he can be allowed on the road.

But you must follow the rules of your country to get your child on the road with a dirt bike.

Where Can An 11-Year-Old Ride A Dirt Bike Legally?

Your 11-year-old kid can use different places to ride a dirt bike. If you want to teach him, the best place for him would be an open field or desert. You can also teach him in the backyard or on the street.

Every country has some rules about riding a dirt bike. That’s why You must ensure your child follows those rules. They need to know where the 11-year-old kids are supposed to ride the bike as well.

Are Dirt Bikes Safe For An 11-Year-Old? 

It is safe to ride a dirt bike at the age of 11. Advise Your child on all kinds of safety rules which keep them safe and teach them to ride bikes properly.

Your child can jump on the dirt bike at the age of 11. This is the perfect age to give your child a dirt bike. No matter whether it’s a truck or a bike, this is the right time to expose your child to possibilities on a dust bike.

Don’t leave your child behind even if you started at this age. They will learn by pushing and they will have many friends whose company they will enjoy very much.

Dirt bikes are not only for adults, kids can use them too. They can enhance their personal development by riding dirt bikes and create a sense of responsibility in them. But the right dirt bike should be chosen for your kids. 

What Is A Good Dirt Bike For An 11 Year Old?

Great dirt bikes can be accepted by all generations. Yet, some reliable bikes are different from others. Have a look at some of the different company’s dirt bikes and their features that are suitable for 11-year-olds kids:

CompanyNameFeatures OfDirt Bikes
SuzukiMade by a Japanese company, this bike is the most popular in the motorcycle industry. They make both two-wheeled and four-wheeled dirt bikes.
YamahaIt is also a Japanese company. They’ve been producing dirt bikes for some years and they’ve been ranked as the best producers for dirt bike trail riding.
BetaIt is an Italian company and they are in the top 10 brands as a dirt bike manufacturer.
Honda The company has been ranked as the largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959.
KTMThey make off-road motorcycles and they are one of the top companies in Australia.

What Is A Good Dirt Bike For An 11 Year Old?

Finding a dirt bike for your child can sometimes be difficult in terms of price. So here are 10 popular dirt bikes with prices:

Dirt Bike ModelPrice
Yamaha 6-Volt$99.00
Aosom 6V Kids$119.99
Honda CRF50F$1,549.00
Yamaha PW50$1,499.00
KTM 65 SX$5,049.00
Yamaha TTR-50$1,699.00
Suzuki DR-Z70$1,849.00
MotoTec 24V Electric$436.75
Kawasaki KX65$2,995.00
  Honda CRF110F$2,399.00

What Size Bike Does An 11-Year-Old Need? 

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dirt bike for 11-year-olds. First, you need to choose the right size bike. Dirt bikes for 11-year-olds will be 20 “in size and 4′-4.5” in height.

Always make sure whether or not the children feel comfortable riding the bike.

What CC Should An 11 Year Old Have?  

Many types of dirt bikes are very cheap. Revolutionary kid bikes are catastrophic, so refrain from buying them.

When kids reach eleven, they want a lot of adrenaline, energy, and a lot of powerful bikes. So make sure the bikes change from 70cc to 100cc. 

Which Things Should Follow When Giving An 11 Year Old Child A Dirt Bike?

Since the wide range of bikes is open for your child, make sure your child chooses the right path. The style of bike you choose may make a difference in the first ride and never come close to the bike. There are plenty of things to keep in mind when you buy a dirt bike for your son.

After all, don’t do something that your child hates. You must pay attention to its underlying protection. Choose the best and right cycle for the right age to keep your child safe. Here are some essential elements to keep in mind when looking for your child’s dirt bike.

1. Arm strength

Make sure your eleven-year-old kid can handle the wheel bars very closely. That will help you if you can hold the throttle properly and follow the straight path. 

2. Posture

Can children strengthen themselves while crossing challenging trails due to the problem of cold start? Another important consideration is whether or not your child can unite and start riding the dirt bike.

3. Power

Keep in mind that torque can be unreasonably high in certain places for small children. If you observe this condition, you will choose the right dirt bike, reducing the risk to your child.

4. Bike model

Make sure you choose the right dirt bike based on your child’s body, weight, and size. Each of these variables is important to protect your child’s health.

5. Value

Different types of dirt bikes are available at different costs. It is usually better to buy novices the low-cost dirt bikes. 

However, this does not mean that you should go for a cheap dirt bike. Find bikes that balance price and prove your great idea.

6. Ability to shrink

Make sure you can prevent snatching when selecting the wheel. Note how to gain skills for ground cycling.

7. Suspension

Significantly different periods are four-stroke and two-stroke. You will find battery-powered two-stroke dirt bikes for beginners.

5 Important Tips For 11 Years Old To Enjoy Dirt Bike 

Parents need to help their children get used to dirt bikes. Here are some tips you should know:

1. Need To Train On Straight Dirt Roads

First, learn how to go straight and steady before learning to rotate. Otherwise, they may fall and become frustrated.

2. Remove Training Wheels 

If you train first with the training wheel, your kids may be scared if you remove the wheels later.

3. Give your child The Right Size Dirt Bike. 

Give your child the right size dirt bike. So give them small, light and bikes that they can ride.

4. Give Your Child A Primary Education. 

Firstly give your child a primary education about dirt bikes. Try to teach the lessons slowly so as not to overload.

5. Practicing Front And Rear Brakes

Practicing front and rear brakes are essential for your kids. That will help them avoid stopping, slowing down, and smooth.

After all, they should never give up and you should always encourage them.


There is no age difference in riding a dirt bike. Anyone at any age can start riding dirt bikes. I have discussed many things about dirt bike riding at the age of 11. So read my article and know everything about it.

Md. Saifur Rahman

Dirt bike riding was a fascination for Saifur since he was a child. Later that fascination turned into a passion and his profession. Apparently, it may seem that tips and tricks are useless for bike riding sometimes, but you may find them really useful after reading his blogs. Saifur is a regular rider.

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