10 Best Dirt Bike Cleaners Of 2022 [Ultimate Review And Buyer’s Guide]

Best Dirt Bike Cleaners

Cleaning stubborn dirt has been a great challenge to dirt bike riders for years now. Though there are plenty of dirt bike cleaners available in the market, knowing and selecting the perfect one means a lot. If you don’t know which wash is the best to cut through your dirt bike’s tough dirt and dust effortlessly, your quest drives you to the right place.

There is no point in worrying about dirt bike cleaners. Choosing the best cleaner needs in-depth research to help you choose the best cleaner for cleaning your dirt bike.  If you are still confused, don’t worry! I have run extensive research to make your job easy. 

However, if you would like to know my choice, I would recommend you Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner which is great to cut through your dirt bike’s grime efficiently in the least amount of time. 

If you have ample time, I would recommend you go through the 10 best cleaning product reviews that I have depicted throughout the article to help you get the best product cleaner for your dirt bike. Let’s jump into it. 

A Head To Head Comparison Of 10 Best Dirt Bike Cleaners:

The following table will show you a comparison of the 10 best dirt bike cleaners. Let’s take a glimpse at it –

Product Dimension (Inch)Weight (Pound)Product Link
Slick Products Off-Road Wash3.25 x 3.25 x 8.5 2.3 Check here
Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner3.94 x 3.94 x 12.21Check here
Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating‎9.5 x 2.5 x 2.51Check here 
Muc-Off Nano-Tech Motorcycle Cleaner‎3.54 x 3.54 x 9.45‎2.47 poundsCheck here
Muc Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate‎‎0.12 x 0.12 x 0.38 2.2Check here
Maxima Racing Oils 70-799202-2PK Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit‎9.5 x 8 x 3‎2.4Check here
Chemical Guys CWS20264 Off-road Wash9.06 x 5.28 x 3.62‎4.39Check here
Bike Brite MC441G Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner and Degreaser‎11.5 x 7 x 4.59Check here
Uni Foam Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit ATV Dirt Bike Chemical Cleaner UFM-400‎10.08 x 4.84 x 2.83 ‎1.85Check here 
Slick Products Off-Road Cleaning Kit Bundle for Dirt Bike‎39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 ‎220Check here 

10 Best Dirt Bike Cleaners: In-Depth Review

Here is the full review of the 10 best dirt bike cleaners. Let’s dive into it.  

1. Slick Products Off-Road Wash:

If you are a dirt bike rider, you are always to deal with dirt bike cleaning, right? Those are the days when you used to clean your dirt bike with soap or detergent. Slick Products Off-Road Wash brings to you the easiest solution as one of the best dirt bike cleaners. 

It is a high-quality cleaning product for off-road vehicles. This product offers you a safe, easy, and fast washing dirt bike cleaning solution. You can use this cleaning product especially if you have plastic, rubber, or metal surfaces. 

This foam-made cleaner helps you clean the stubborn dust and mud from the surface of your dirt bike while giving your dirt bike a  professional look. You need to mix one gallon of water with four to eight-ounce of soap for your off-road vehicles. 

Firstly, you need to do away with stubborn dirt and mud. Secondly, you need to remove the grime from your dirt bike. Finally, you can end up with a finishing spray that can protect your vehicle while giving it a classic look. 

Features & Benefits:

  • High-Quality Wash: Slick Products Off-road is a high-quality wash for off-road vehicles like dirt bikes. Being made up of foams, this cleaner works like a magic to wash your dirt bike from dirt and mud.
  • Easy Washing For Pro And DIY: It’s super easy to use slick products for dirt bikes. You can clean dirt bikes by yourself (DIY) or professionally with slick products. As this cleaner is made up of foams, you can experience doing away with mud and dust from your dirt bike or truck quite easily by using the dirt bike cleaner. 
  • Top-Notch Off-road Wash: Being an ace in quality, slick products off-road can remove dirt and mud from your dirt bike. Being a biodegradable cleaner, it doesn’t harm the joints and bearings of your dirt bike. 
  • Non-corrosive wash: Slick Products Off-road Wash is a non-corrosive wash that doesn’t harm plastic, paint, rubber, aluminum, and other metals. While it is non-corrosive, It’s also safe for all kinds of finishes. This cleaner can fight against dirt and grimes while washing your dirt bike wonderfully. 


  • Biodegradable.
  • Non-corrosive to the surfaces like rubber and aluminum.
  • No lubrication stripping with the effect of the wash. 
  • Easy to do away with the stubborn grimes, dirt and muds.
  • Fast cleaning and lifesaver.
  • Scrub-free cleaner.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Needed Pressure washer.

2. Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner:

In the realm of dirt bike cleaners, Muc-Off MOX-904 is a wonderful addition that comes with state-of-the-art formula. This cleaning product has a massive cleaning capability that can remove or wash any grimes and dust by using nanotechnology while being friendly to your dirt bike finish. 

Being an environment-friendly cleaner, it is a contamination-free wash that can do away with stained oil, grimes, and grease from your bike’s chain while glittering your dirt bike as a fast action cleaner. 

The best part of muc-off wash is you can use this cleaner for all kinds of bikes. It is such a cleaning that can reach deep into the dirt on your dirt bike. As muc-off is a safe wash for all parts of your dirt bike, you need to rinse off the bike first. 

Then, you need to apply your nanotech spray on the dirt bike. Next, after spraying the bike, leave it for five minutes. Finally, you can cut through the dirt, oil, and grease hands down by washing. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Nanotechnology: Muc-Off is the only cleaner that is formulated with nanotechnology to facilitate cutting through the grimes and grease and oil from your dirt bike.

 It’s such a powerful technology that makes this product much more effective. The nanotech formula can break the microscopic dust and grimes hands down to make your dirt bike cleaning a cinch. 

  • Suitable For All Dirt Bikes: Muc-Off nano tech bike cleaner is suitable for all kinds of dirt bikes. With this nanotech cleaner, all dirt, grimes and oils can be cleaned quite easily. 
  • Safe For Dirt Bike Parts And Finish:

This cleaner comes in a fashionable pink color. While cleaning your dirt bike with Muc-off, you don’t have to worry about your bike’s finish. 

Because it’s such a cleaner that doesn’t harm your dirt bike finish, rather it’s conducive to your bike’s gloss and matt finishes.

  • Environment-Friendly: This concentrated wash is biodegradable. Even after cleaning your dirt bike with Muc-off, it isn’t harmful to your dirt bike parts. Being a biodegradable cleaner, it’s always environment-friendly and safe for humans as well.


  • Biodegradable
  • Conducive to matt and gloss finish and silicon friendly,
  • Not harmful for bike components and paints
  • Less Scrubbing
  • Classic finish without damaging the surface
  • Excellent, fast and effective cleaner to get rid of debris
  • Suitable for all types of bike frames


  • Expensive
  • No spray head with the cleaner

3. Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating:

Maxima SC1 high gloss coating is great stuff that makes cleaning dirt bikes a cinch. If you are a dirt bike rider, you can use this maxima brand cleaner. This SC1 high gloss coating is formulated for the dirt bike.

Using this cleaner, you can get rid of scratches and debris on your dirt bike. You can apply this coating on plastic surfaces on your dirt bike to make your old bike look like a brand new bike. 

To get rid of mud and dirt, you need to clean your bike first. Then you need spray on it to result in a brand new-looking dirt bike. Thus, the coating helps the cleaning dirt bike efficiently.

If your bike’s surface is of plastic, paint, and fiberglass, you can coat them with SC1 high gloss items to make your bike’s dirtiest surfaces bright. The most interesting part of SC1 coating is the water-resistant feature that makes it a lifesaver. 

This coating is a bit more expensive, but it’s quite effective to do away with scratches, grimes, and dirt. The effect of using this wash can last around a week for regular rides. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Water Resistant: Water can damage dirt bikes by causing iron and oxygen that result in oxidation. C1 coating is water-resistant that can protect the dirt bike from getting damaged by oxidation and grimes. 

The dirt easily penetrates dirt bikes to cause erosion with iron and oxygen. Because when you are riding a dirt bike, mud and dirt can come in close contact. But SC1 coating is absolutely a stunner to protect your dirt bike paint as it is a water-resistant coating.

  • Dirt And Mud Resistant: SC1 coating can resist dirt and mud from your dirt bike engine. This cleaning coat can prevent mud and dust from the plastic surfaces while making the cleaning process much easier. 

Being a powerful coat, SC1 coating protects your dirt bike from getting damaged by dirt and mud. 

  • Extremely Durable: If the dirt bike is cleaned properly with the SC1 high gloss coating, your dirt bike’s paint will last longer. It’s highly recommended you use the cleaner after washing to get a better result. 

Though SC1 is pretty expensive it’s the best coat for plastic surfaces and you need to be mindful of this coating because it’s also flammable and can be a bit scary.

  • Fresh Scent: After coating this product on a dirt bike you will feel like the dirt bike is just purchased from the showroom. When your dirt bike restores a clean smell, it comforts your mind while riding a dirt bike. 

It’s always amazing to have a feel like a brand new dirt bike after coating with SC1 dirt bike cleaner. As the coat is not detrimental to your dirt bike components, you can have a go with this cleaner to experience something good. 

  • Restore dryness: SC1 high gloss coating keeps your dirt bike dry. Dirts and particles always appeal to the wet places on the dirt bike, but SC1 coating helps your dirt bike protect from getting damaged. 

It’s a cinch to clean your dirt bike when the surface of the dirt bike is dried and CS1 coating keeps your dirt bike always dry. 


  • Water-resistant 
  • Dried Surface
  • Mud and dirt resistant 
  • Suitable for all finishes
  • Fresh Smell
  • Lifesaver
  • Pretty easy to coat
  • Not harmless to coat on plastic and rubber


  • Take up a time to dry
  • Pretty pricey 

4. Muc Off 664US Nano-Tech Motorcycle Cleaner: 

Muc Off 664US is the only dirt bike cleaner that comes with state-of-the-art. It’s a nanotech formula that makes the dirt bike cleaning process super easy and effective. Due to this formula, muc off 664US brings a huge revolution as a cleaner to make your life easy and comfortable. 

What makes this cleaner exceptional from the other dirt bike cleaners is not only having the power to clean the dust but breaking the microscopic brake dust, grease, and oil with this nanotech muc off cleaner.

Muc off comes with three versions that start with one liter, five-liter, and twenty-five liters. You can purchase any amount as per your needs. While this nanotech cleaner is capable of cleaning your dirt bike grease and debris, it doesn’t harm your bike’s paint or surface. 

The best part of this cleaning is it is a spray that is free from harmful CFCs, solvents, and acids. So you can use this cleaner safely on any component of a dirt bike. As it is an off-road wash, you can use it for all off-road vehicles. 

The formula that is used for muc off dirt bike cleaners has a guarded trade secret. Most dirt bike parts are made of plastic but nanotech cleaner doesn’t damage the plastic surfaces. 

As muc off comes with a spray bottle or drum, you can refill the cleaner each time it’s finished instead of purchasing. Firstly, you need to spray on the dirt bike, then you can put your elbow grease to rub the parts and wash it to see the magic.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Environment-friendly: Muc Off being a biodegradable cleaner ensures your safety and dirt bike’s safety as well. This cleaner has no detrimental ingredients to damage any surface or living beings. You can use this cleaner to spark up your dirt bike. 
  • Different Sizes: With the State-of-the-art formula, muc off comes in three different sizes- one liter, five, and then comes twenty-five liters drum that offers you a flexible option. Using muc off cleaner can be pretty economical to reduce waste because you can purchase the products as your needs. 
  • Nanotechnology: Muc off being the only cleaner that uses nanotechnology enables you to break any visible or invisible dust particles from your dirt bike. It’s a revolution in the cleaning product world. So, I highly recommend you purchase this product for your dirt bike cleaning. 
  • Safe For All Surfaces: While muc off provides you with multiple benefits, it also ensures your bike’s safety. Being an environment-friendly cleaner, it is free from acid and other poisonous or detrimental metals. You can use this nanotech cleaner for all kinds of bike surfaces.  


  • Top-quality cleaner
  • Reliable cleaner ever for dirt bike
  • Biodegradable 
  • Easy to clean
  • Handy for all bikes
  • Time-saving cleaner
  • Effortless cleaner
  • Effective to cut through the brake dust 


  • A bit costly
  • A little scrubbing

5. Muc Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate:

Dealing with the dirt bike is a common problem for dirt bike riders. You might have been pissed off with your dirt bike that becomes dead due to debris, dirt, and mud. Muc-off-brand brings to you an effective solution with dirt bike cleaner concentrate.  

This cleaner can cut through your grease, stain oil, and other particles effortlessly from your dirt bike as a permanent solution. Muc off becomes a top-notch cleaner ever with its non-tech formula that enables the wash to clean the subtle particles on the dirt bike.

This concentrated form of muc off wash with nanotech formula can do away with the tiny dirt on your dirt bike. WIth five hundred ml of concentrated muc off wash, you can add some water to make it two-liter of wash to clean your dirt bike. 

Being an eco-friendly cleaner, this concentrated cleaner is always harmless for its users and the parts of the dirt bike. The ingredients that form this concentrated pink spray cleaner are free from contamination while making the dirt bike finish-friendly.  

As an award-winning cleaner, muc off is a durable and sustainable product to make your dirt cleaning a cinch. While cutting through the tiny dirt, this cleaning also makes sure there is no debris on the dirt bike with a bit of elbow grease. 

You can apply this nanotech cleaner on any rubber, or plastic surface without any damage. Before cleaning your dirt bike with muc off dirt bike cleaner concentrate, you need to first spray the dirt bike and then leave it for around five minutes and rinse it off with a microfiber or scrub brush and dry it with a rag to get a better result.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Fast And Safe Cleaner: Muc off nano tech cleaner concentrate is a fast dirt bike cleaner in the market. It’s a safe cleaner that you can use on your dirt bike’s spokes, rims, wheels, joints, plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, and rubbers safely. 
  • Alkaline Formula: This muc off cleaner concentrate is formulated with alkaline that protects your dirt bike components from getting damaged. Due to this formula, this wash is free from acids and harmful CFCs and solvents. 
  • Biodegradable: Before using a cleaning product, you need to know whether using this product can have any harmful side or not. As muc off is fully a biodegradable cleaner, it is safe for any objects and living beings. Besides, this cleaner concentrate can destroy any microscopic dirt with its nanotech formula.  
  • Refill Concentrate: This wash concentrate can be refilled once the spray is run out whereas recycling has a bad impact on the environment. So, you shouldn’t recycle the finished spray bottle that would save the planet and the environment as well. 


  • Best washing liquid for dirt bike
  • Less costly 
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Lifesaver 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Refillable  


  • Need a power washer

6. Maxima 70-799202-2PK Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit:

Maxima 70-799202-2PK is a two-pack combo kit designed for off-road vehicles. These two packs come with Maxima Air Filter Cleaner and  Fab1 Spray-on Air Filter Oil. This cleaner can deal with foams and fabrics while protecting your dirt bike from getting damaged with water.

With an air filter cleaner, you can cut through the grimes, oil, and dirt from your dirt bike and rinse off with water. This cleaner is super effective to clean foam and fabric components of your dirt bike air filters without damaging them.  

On the flip side, Fab1 is an ultimate synthetic formula used as an oil to clean the foams, fabrics, and air filter elements from your dirt bike. This oil spray is capable of blocking the passage of water, dirt, dust, and other detrimental particles. 

The air filter is an important component of your dirt bike like your nose. Air filter helps your dirt bike filter out the particles that are harmful to the dirt bike engine. Filtering out the unwanted substances through air filters amps up the performance of your dirt bike. 

But if your dirt bike’s air filter is unclean, the detrimental substances can reach the engine to damage your bike’s efficiency. That’s why the Maxima brand brings an air filter cleaner as an ultimate cleaning solution for your dirt bike along with the Fab1 oil. 

Features & Benefits:

  • High-quality Washes For Dirt Bike: Maxima Air Filter Cleaner and Fab1 Oil are two high-quality combo cleaners for Off-road vehicles especially for dirt bike air filters, foam, and fabrics. It’s the best cleaner in the market for an air filter cleaner. 

Both maxima branded products are super effective to do away with the grimes, debris, and dirt from the foamy or fabric surfaces of your dirt bike without causing any damage. It’s highly recommended that you use this maxima branded product to deal with your dirt as a fast-cleaning solution.

  • Heavy-duty Cleaner: Maxima branded air filter washer is capable of dealing with your dirt, debris, oil, grease, and dust. Being a heavy-duty cleaner, it can cut through your air filter foams and fabrics’ dust while keeping the components safe. The same goes for the Fab1 oil cleaner for your dirt bike. 
  • Synthetic Formula: Fab1 is formulated with synthetic elements that are suitable for all oily type foams and fabrics on your dirt bike air filter. While blocking the ways of dust, and other vulnerable particles, this Fab1 cleaner is capable of cutting through grime and dust particles due to its polymer additives. 
  • Water Resistant: Water can cause iron and oxygen to damage your dirt bike parts. But being a water-resistant cleaner, Fab1 oil can resist moisture that is threatening to damage your dirt bike by reaching to the air filter.  
  • Best Protector: Dirt bikes can cause damage due to oil leaking through air filters that can cause stains and debris. But the great news is Fab1 oil can be your ultimate protector to save your dirt bike engine, air filter, and spark plugs by stopping oil wash out.  


  • High-quality combo pack 
  • Fast And Secured Cleaner for dirt bike
  • Great deal
  • Durable
  • Pretty easy to clean


  • Cleaner’s Smell

7. Chemical Guys CWS20264 Tough Mudder: 

If you are a dirt bike rider, who else but you know better about the challenge to deal with tough mud that leaves your dirt bike in a bad situation.  That’s how you seek a permanent resolution to get rid of the dust, mud, and dirt from your dirt bike.  

Chemical guys brand brings you an exclusive CWS20264 Tough Mudder, a top-notch wash shampoo in the realm of cleaning products. This off-road wash shampoo can cut through your dirt bike’s mud, debris, and other harmful particles with less effort and time while glittering your dirt bike.  

This tough mudder washer is safe for the metal, engine, plastic, and glass of your dirt bike. Chemical Guys Tough mudder is a PH-balanced shampoo that protects your dirt bike’s coating.  With foam gun and bucket wash, this cleaner works best. 

This mudder shampoo has a lemon scent that makes it more user-friendly.  It’s an easy-to-use cleaner to get rid of the stubborn mud and debris from your off-road vehicles, especially the brake dust and the grimes that hide inside parts of your dirt bike. 

With a thick foam wash,  you need to spray this chemical guy-branded tough mudder cleaner on the dried dirt and mud on your dirt bike surface so that the paint doesn’t get damaged. Then you need to rinse off with clean water to glitter it and finally dry your dirt bike with a microfiber rag.

Features & Benefits:

  • Surface Release Additives: This Chemical Guy Muddy cleaner contains additives that release the surface to help the cleaning process of your dirt bike. While additives protect your dirt bike’s paints and coatings, it also prevents your dirt bike from any defect. 
  • PH-Balanced Formula: PH-balanced formula makes the tough muddy cleaner much more effective. This cleaner is capable of protecting the sealant coating and wax of your dirt bike due to the PH-balanced formula. 
  • Suitable Shampoo Wash For Dirt Bike: Chemical guys’ mud cleaner formulation is fully suitable for dirt bikes. This cleaner can cut through the microscopic dirt and dust to make your dirt bike like a brand new showroom product. 
  • Environment-friendly: The ingredients that form this cleaner are environment-friendly. Using this soap is equally safe for humans and any objects. Having no effect on using this product for users makes this product user-friendly. 
  • Safe To Use On Rubber And Aluminum: while being a non-corrosive cleaner, tough mudder soap can be used safely on rubber seals and aluminum surfaces on your dirt bike. 

But it’s highly recommended you read the warnings, cautions, guidelines, and instructions thoroughly that come with the product before using this product.


  • Best Quality Cleaner
  • Scrubbing free
  • Interesting aroma (Lemon)
  • Super Cleaner to cut through dirt and debris
  • Best deal
  • Easy to use
  • Protective


  • Dry Fast to leave some debris

8. Bike Brite MC441G Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner And Degreaser:

A dirt bike usually gets dirty after every ride and you need to keep it clean for making your dirt bike dynamic, but you find it hard to clean. You are not alone on the earth. Most people are confused about the right product cleaner to clean their dirt bikes.

There comes Bike Brite MC441G Spray Wash with an exclusive solution to do away with your dirt bike’s debris, grimes, and dust for good. This wash is capable of degreasing and cutting through grimes, debris, and dust from your dirt bike’s wheels, rims, spokes, engine, 0 rings, and bearings. 

Bike Brite brand’s Spray Wash Cleaner brightens your dirt bike’s inside and outside parts while protecting the existing paint from getting damaged. It’s a very useful cleaner that is designed with a PH formulation to protect it from damage while applying it to any objects.

Before cleaning your dirt bike with this washer, you need to select a shaded place first. Then you should use this cleaner if the dirt bike’s surfaces are cool. Now, you can spray the wash over the dirt bike. 

Then you need to wash the bike’s surfaces with water because the bike cleaner dries fast. After rinsing off your dirt bike, dry the surfaces with a microfiber towel that results in a bright smooth surface while cutting through the harmful particles.  

Features & Benefits: 

  • Super Washer And Degreaser: Bike Brite Cleaner is a highly rated super washer that can clean your dirt bike’s dirt, and debris while it works as a degreaser to cut through your bike’s grease, and stained oil to clean the surface. 
  • PH-Controlled: This is a PH formulated dirt bike washer that enables you to clean even the tiny particles that are harmful to your vehicle as a super-fast washer. 
  • Water Resistant: Bike brite cleaner is water-resistant that protects your dirt bike from getting damaged by water spots. Due to being water-resistant, this washer doesn’t cause iron.
  • Biodegradable: This bike brite brand’s cleaner is fully eco-friendly. While it is user-friendly, using this cleaner doesn’t cause any harm to any objects and humans.
  • Free Of Acid: While this cleaner is free of acid, you don’t have to worry about this product while cleaning. But you must wear a pair of hand gloves to keep yourself protected and safe. 


  • Excellent Effortless Washer
  • Good Deal
  • No Water Spot
  • Best Pre-Washer
  • Easy And Effective 
  • Suitable On Chrome, Plastic, and paint


  • Dry Fast
  • Some Elbow greases 

9. Uni Foam Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit ATV Dirt Bike Chemical Cleaner UFM-400:

As a dirt bike rider, you often seek a long-lasting solution to clean your dirt bike. When it’s about cleaning dirt bikes, air filtration comes to your mind first, right? The air filter is one of the most important components on your dirt bike that keeps your bike’s engine protected by extracting the detrimental particles.

There are many air filter cleaners out there for your dirt bike that may make you confused. To eliminate your confusion, the Uni Filter brand brings you a two-pack combo kit – Uni Foam Filter Cleaner and Uni Foam Filter Oil that are extremely effective to clean your air filter.  

Uni air filter amps up your dirt bike’s performance while protecting your dirt bike engine from getting damaged by dust and harmful particles. Both uni foam oil and uni filter cleaner are super-efficient to clean your foamy air filter.  

You can spray filter cleaner on the air filter surface and then leave it for a while to soak, wash and dry. Filter oil can cut through grimes, dust, and particles while making the airflow smooth.  

Features & Benefits:  

  • Powerful Agents: Uni filter brand’s cleaner and oil contain powerful agents that are capable of cutting through your dirt bike’s grease and dirt without damaging the air filter. 
  • Performance: Air filter cleaner and oil can keep your air filter clean to maintain the filtration process to make air flow free and smooth while amping up your dirt bike’s performance. 
  • Engine Protection: Through an air filter, a dirt bike emits its contaminated and harmful gas or particles that protect your dirt bike engine. If your air filter is dirty, it cannot extract the harmful elements that cause engine damage. 
  • Dirt And Grease Releaser: Uni filter brand introduces you to a 2 pack cleaner that can be very much capable of doing away with your dirt and grease. 


  • Good quality Foamy Air Filter Wash
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for any foamy air filter
  • Easy Filter Maintenance
  • Cinch to use


  • Liquid soap and hot water to wash

10. Slick Products Off-Road Cleaning Kit Bundle For Dirt Bike:

Cleaning a dirt bike is a daunting task if you don’t know how to clean dirt and mud. But if you know which cleaner serves your purpose best, you are on spot. There are quite a few best off-road washes available in the market. 

Among them, slick products brand introduces you to a good quality wash kit for cleaning your dirt bike’s stubborn mud and dirt. While cleaning your dirt bike, your main concern is whether the cleaner strips away your dirt bike’s paint and lubrication. 

This off-road wash kit is an effective cleaner to clean your dirt bike real quick while protecting the surfaces. This is a noncorrosive cleaner that is safe and easy to get rid of grimes, debris, and dust particles.   

To clean the dirt bike, you need to get rid of mud and dirt first. Spray on the mud and dirt on the dirt bike and leave it for a couple of minutes to soak that will loosen the particles and rinse off them. You need to get away with the grimes using a degreaser the same way and spray on the surface and let it soak then rub a little and clean with water to get a sparkle dirt bike. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-Corrosive Properties: Slick product cleaner has non-corrosive properties that make this cleaner a top-notch product. Due to being a non-corrosive cleaner, it protects your dirt bike from getting damaged by any particles. With a non-corrosive formulation, the slick branded cleaner can go with any surface harmlessly. 
  • Safe On All vehicle surfaces: This slick product brand’s wash kit is safe to use on any vehicle surface especially rubber, plastic, or aluminum. It’s also environmentally friendly for any objects and humans. 
  • Faster: With a power washer and foam gun, you can spray your dirt bike which will make your cleaning process faster. Then put a bit of elbow grease rinse off the dirt bike component and dry with a microfiber rag. 
  • Safer: As a slick product cleaner is non-corrosive, users can use this wash safely on any metal, aluminum, or plastic. 
  • Easier: Cleaning your dirt bike is pretty easy with the slick product. You can get rid of the grimes, mud, and dirt using this super easy liquid wash. 


  • Top Quality Cleaner
  • Good Price
  • Amazing aroma
  • Eco-friendly
  • Protectant to rubber and plastic
  • Restore Surfaces
  • Shine Protectant 


  • A little scrubbing 

7 Things You Need To Consider While Buying Dirt Bike Cleaners:

Cleaners are always handy to clean dirt bikes. There is a wide array of cleaners. Among them, it’s a big ask, which one is the best fit for your dirt bike? There are factors that you should consider while purchasing cleaners for your dirt bike. Let’s look at a glimpse!

  1. Innovative features: Before buying a cleaning product for off-road vehicles, you need to make sure if the product has innovative features or not. There are some innovative cleaning features like PH or nanotechnology formula that make your dirt bike cleaning ace. 
  2. Advantages: While buying a dirt bike cleaner, you need to know whether provided advantages serve your purpose or not. Knowing the advantages would help make a great deal. 
  3. Best features of a dirt bike cleaner: If you know what features should contain in a dirt bike cleaner, you can make your decision to buy the best cleaner for your dirt bike. 
  4. Warranty: Best quality cleaners always come with a warranty. So, while purchasing a cleaner, you should consider buying products that must have a warranty card. 
  5. Cons that might be harmful: Cleaners are of chemical ingredients. But if the cleaners are not biodegradable, they may be harmful to kids, adults, and objects. So, you must be mindful of whether the product is free of acid or not. 
  6. Worthy Product: If the product doesn’t serve your purpose, you throw your money around. So, you need to purchase a product that matches your product quality and its price. 
  7. Brand: Best brand provides the best products. A brand always ensures consumers’ taste, belief, choice, satisfaction, and freedom. So, you should think of purchasing the product that defines the traits of a brand. 

How Do You Clean Dirt Bike’s Grime?

With a simple green dirt bike cleaner and degreaser, you need to spray on your dirt bike’s dirt areas. Then you can agitate the surfaces with a microfiber rag and hard brush and wash off the dirt bike.  

How Can You Keep Dirt Bikes From Sticking To Mud?

With SC1 wash you need to spray your dirt bike to keep the dirt bike from sticking to mud while giving your dirt bike a glossy shine. After spraying, you need to rub a bit then rinse off with fresh water. Thus you can get rid of the sticky mud from your dirt bike

How often should you clean your dirt bike air filter?

Cleaning an air filter of a dirt bike is like keeping one’s nose clean. If your air filter is clean, it can emit contaminated particles and gas. Otherwise, the harmful particles or grease can reach the dirt bike engine to cause damage to your dirt bike engine. So, it’s highly recommended that you clean your dirt bike every 3 to 4 rides.  

Final Words:

I hope by now you know all about the 10 best dirt bike cleaners that will help you pick the best one for your dirt bike among them. 

The best cleaner ever that I recommend is Slick Products Off-Road Wash. This liquid wash is extremely effective to do away with debris and grimes from your dirt bike. While it’s being a non-corrosive cleaner, it’s safe for all kinds of finishes and it doesn’t strip away lubrication on a dirt bike. 

If your budget is low, you can go for maxima branded SC1 High Gloss Coating. While it is being budget-friendly, this cleaner is awesome to clean your dirt bike engine hands down.

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